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NPR chart on occupation and parental income

A reader directed me to this NPR article comparing household income during childhood to adult income.

What does it tell us? It tells us that “police officers and firefighters” make good income for people who come from prole backgrounds. That “doctors,dentists and surgeons” come from a much lower social class than “lawyers and judges”. And that “designers, musicians, artists, etc.” come from a background similar to computer programmers and accountants, but they make a lot less money than them; less money than “janitors, maids, etc.”

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March 24, 2014 at 10:18 AM

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City beginning to fall apart because De Blasio is mayor?

A 14-year-old black youth shoots an innocent Hispanic man on a city bus in Brooklyn.

Is this because De Blasio ended the stop-and-frisk policy, and now the ghetto youth feel emboldened to carry guns once again?

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March 23, 2014 at 8:35 AM

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Lighthouse Hill

There’s a Wall Street Journal Article about Lighthouse Hill. I’d like to vouch for Lighthouse Hill being the classiest neighborhood on Staten Island. “Real-estate brokers say home values in Lighthouse Hill generally are topped on Staten Island only by Todt Hill, the much larger neighborhood to the north.” Todt Hill has too many rich guidos and even Mafiosos. On Lighthouse Hill, the homes may be more modest, but it’s that understatedness and secludedness that makes Lighthouse Hill the only place a top-out-of-sight person would be comfortable living on guido-infested Staten Island.

The guy who was the chairman of the Stuyvesant High School English Department lived on Lighthouse Hill. I visited his house because I knew his son. It was the most un-guido family I had ever encountered in my short life. In Staten Island, the land of prole Jews and Catholics, it was my first encounter with a British-descended Protestant household. His son is now a medical doctor, and the daughter is a clinical psychologist who is married to a lawyer/executive at a quasi-governmental organization in Washington DC.

* * *

Even though he was just a public school teacher, he was at the time the most prestigious public school teacher in the entire New York City school system because he was the head English teacher, the most prestigious subject, at Stuyvesant, the most prestigious public high school. Although in retrospect, maybe English teacher Frank McCourt was more prestigious because after he retired from Stuyvesant he became a best-selling and critically acclaimed memoirist.

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March 22, 2014 at 6:47 PM

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Valuable news about race in the NY Times

This NY Times article has valuable information about race that you should read for your personal benefit.

It seems that some minorities have bigger racial chips on their shoulder than you could possibly imagine. To avoid getting accused of “racial micro-aggression,” which might be considered racist behavior (which is the most evil behavior possible), you must learn from the article.

You must never, never, never mention race in any way when in the presence of someone who is not white. Otherwise, even the most innocuous comment could be considered a “micro-aggression” and you could be determined to be a racist, which could cause you to be fired form your job or expelled from school or other organizations. So just don’t do it. Don’t mention race. Don’t talk about race.

Minority members occasionally lament that there’s no honest discussion about race, but no white person, as far as I know, has ever gotten in trouble for withholding his honest opinions and observations about race. Don’t fall for this trap. Don’t mention race. Don’t talk about race.

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March 21, 2014 at 1:46 PM

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If owning Crimea doesn’t benefit Russia, why should I care?

According to analysis by mainstream media, the annexation of Crimea will be costly for Russia because Crime is poor and has no natural resources that Russia needs. Russia will have to spend billions of dollars on its acquisition for no economic benefit.

So it seems to me that the annexation of Crimea is not about Russia trying to become a more powerful superpower, but rather about the emotionality of helping ethnic Russians rejoin with Russia.

If this annexation doesn’t benefit Russia economically, which means it doesn’t hurt us Americans because it doesn’t benefit our rival, why should I be opposed to it? Why should Obama be opposed to it?

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March 21, 2014 at 10:10 AM

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Bloomberg’s anti-smoking law, the greatest regulation

I was thinking this morning how none of the clothes I wore yesterday at a bar reeked from cigarette smoke after I came home. Before Bloomberg banned smoking in bars and restaurants, they would have smelled something awful.

This was one of the greatest regulations ever as far as improving my quality of life while having no measurable negative econmic impact. And it totally disproves one of the lynchpins of libertarianis that no good can ever come out of a government regulation.

What other government regulations might improve the lives of the AVERAGE person? I would like New York City to require landlords to provide personal washers and dryers in every apartment where the rent is more than $2000/month. I think that would improve the quality of my life quite a bit.

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March 21, 2014 at 10:03 AM

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Older Malaysian pilot was a nerd

Read about Zaharie Shah’s internet activities. The guy was a big nerd who was a fan of atheist videos. I can’t imagine this guy being a terrorist. He “watched videos about twisting balloons to make pirate swords, bears, cats and, not surprisingly, helicopters.” Terrorists aren’t into that sort of stuff.

People assume that Shah was the hijacker because he had a flight simulator in his home so he would have used the flight simulator to practice evading radar and landing at abandoned airstrips. But I think he had a flight simulator because he was just into nerdy stuff, like nerdy computer programmers who have super-powerful computers at home so they can work on open-source coding projects in their spare time.

The younger pilot must have been the hijacker. Maybe he put poison in Shah’s coffee and then took over the plane.

* * *

The co-pilot was described by his grandmother as “religious” and by an Imam as a “good Muslim” who attended religious courses.

Thus the co-pilot sounds a lot more likely to be a jihadist.

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March 20, 2014 at 3:31 PM

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The Republican Party problem

Commenter Mark writes:

One Asian female coworker I knew started crying one day at work because a Christian there was making fun of her Buddhist beliefs. An Asian woman I dated said Christians were always trying to convert her and she didn’t like it. They don’t really like blacks that much and normally wouldn’t be part of a political coalition with them but the Republican Party is identified with an overbearing and intolerant form of Christianity in their minds.

This demonstrates how the Republican Party is turning away non-Christian voters, thus preventing the party from being a successful and election-winning coalition which would include non-Christian whites and Asians.

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March 20, 2014 at 9:19 AM

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The new apartheid

According to NY Times op-ed, “Of 3,200 children’s books published in 2013, just 93 were about black people.”

Is this because book publishers are discriminating against black writers? I suspect that there are thousands of bobo whites who write children’s books hoping to get published, but that it’s not a popular hobby among black people. Just a guess.

According to the op-ed, this causes black children to have low self-esteem (because they don’t read any books where the characters are like themselves) and the result is all of the social problems we know about such as poverty, low test scores, crime, etc.

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March 20, 2014 at 9:13 AM

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Lion is a week ahead of CNN

A week ago, I wrote about the possibility that flight 370 enocuntered a “Ripple/bubble/vortex/etc. in the space-time continuum.”

Tonight that was discussed on CNN. Maybe they didn’t get that I was joking about that.

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March 19, 2014 at 11:42 PM

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