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It has been brought to my attention that Rick Rosner, who may be the second-smartest person in the world according to IQ tests, and who repeated his senior year of high school multiple times so that he could get it right, has a new blog where he answers readers’ questions.

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August 7, 2014 at EDT pm

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  1. Obviously, if a person is clueless enough to repeat highschool senior year multiple times “to get it right,” he isn’t worth seeking advice from.


    August 7, 2014 at EDT pm

    • Even advice on how to enroll in high school, even though you are too old and already graduated from high school, is probably outdated. With computerized records, it’s probably a lot harder to fake that these days.

      Of course I’m way too old to pass as a high school student. Maybe I could enroll in CUNY and pass myself off as a loser in his 30s.

      Lion of the Blogosphere

      August 7, 2014 at EDT pm

      • What would the purpose of that be? To make observations of CUNY students among their midst? To give better advice to your readers?


        August 7, 2014 at EDT pm

    • What does getting HS right mean? Sleeping with lots of cute and hot young gals? Getting perfect SAT scores or grades? Getting high? Being class president? And, how would the school NOT know you were repeating grades? Did he attend different schools?


      August 7, 2014 at EDT pm

      • I’m pretty sure it would be for the girls.


        August 8, 2014 at EDT am

    • You got that right!

      Saskatoon Sammy

      August 7, 2014 at EDT pm

      • The first return to high school was for the girls (with no success, just like the first time). Had other reasons for other returns.

    • I’m not claiming to provide good advice.

  2. looks good. better than his tweets, which weren’t very funny.


    August 7, 2014 at EDT pm

  3. The current top post is on supplements and nutrition and is quite dumb. It is full of parroted misinformation. For example on calorie restriction and glycemic index. The animal models on calorie restriction and longevity have been ripped to shreds. The increase in lifespan is actually from reduction in exposure to toxins in their shitty lab grade food, and with nutritional profile problems in the food such as excess tryptophan and methionine and PUFA. Several of the supplements he’s on are clearly based in the “rate of living” theory of aging, which is totally bogus. That’s the idea that a slower metabolism and glucose utilization reduces oxidative damage and aging. This is exactly backwards. Animals within a species with the highest metabolic rate and CO2 production live the longest.

    I really would have expected a very smart guy who is devising a supplementation and diet regimen to have looked deeply into the details and figured this stuff out. Instead he’s clearly just taking some stupid but popular ideas and running with them.


    August 7, 2014 at EDT pm

    • His advice on cryonics is also quite stereotyped. He doesn’t attack it with the usual straw-men, but still says that vitrification may “damage” the brain (there’s no reason the brain may get more damage than a kidney), and he argues that cryonics patients won’t be revived until a very long time; I am not aware of a cryonics foundation that ever claimed the contrary.


      August 8, 2014 at EDT am

      • Huge reason that vitrification may damage the brain – the size and three-dimensionality problem. A human brain weighs about three pounds, while a kidney is a third of a pound. (Plus, they can’t vitrify human kidneys yet. They’re working with rabbit kidneys, which are of course much smaller. I’ve toured the lab where they do the work, so I’ve done at least a little homework.) With small, flat, nearly two-dimensional structures such as corneas, it’s easy to perfuse the entire structure simultaneously with the series of cryopreservants. With larger, thicker structures, it’s much more difficult to perfuse the whole thing simultaneously. You have to get to the center, not just the outer layers. And you have thermal stresses on the way down to vitrification temperatures and on the way back up.

        Would enjoy discussing cryonics further.

    • I may be misguided in some of my nutritional strategies – have certainly been misguided in other areas. Would love to hear better strategies.

  4. There’s no way this is the smartest man, or even the second smartest man in the world. Either he took some poorly constructed IQ tests or he’s a total liar. The responses on his blog are baffling or not particularly insightful.


    August 8, 2014 at EDT am

    • Have taken more than 30 IQ tests (which is a dumb thing to do). Some tests are well-constructed, and some could use more work.

      Notice that the title of my advice blog is “Dear Dumbass,” which might indicate a low degree of confidence in my advice-giving ability.

  5. It’s no coincidence that the worlds highest IQ man is also the worlds biggest loser. People with huge IQs have huge mental deficits in other areas and that’s not just talking about Aspergers many serial killers have high IQs. In fact high mathematical ability almost always comes with sub-par social skills. Kids like Rosner always pass through the education system labeled as eccentric geniuses, only to graduate having never learned social skills and always falter in adulthood. most of what counts in life and career is interpersonal skills and not I.Q, being an expert in something requires time not IQ, being a leader requires social skills not IQ, being successful in life and love requires emotional intelligence not IQ, think about someone finding his way to success in the real world, consider the Wall St. Journal’s list of the traits that recruiters look for in BUSINESS SCHOOL candidates:

    Communication and interpersonal skills

    Original and visionary thinking

    Leadership potential

    Ability to WORK well within a team

    Analytical and problem-solving skills

    Notice that all these skills are independent of intelligence.



    August 10, 2014 at EDT am

    • When thinking of intelligence in terms of “G”, some of the variation in each of the bullets you mentioned would be due to IQ. (Since you are unfamiliar with G, look it up.)


      August 10, 2014 at EDT am

    • Think I have decent if not outstanding social skills. Worked in bars for 25 years, where I met 750,000 people. This was good practice for brief social interactions. Have been a TV writer for 27 years (w/ six Writers Guild Award nominations and one Emmy nom). TV writing is highly collaborative. Not as socially gifted as many of the people in Hollywood, but can get by. Been married for 23 years. To sum up, freakish in some ways, but generally not some lonely freak.

  6. I followed his twitter account briefly after reading this post, then unfollowed it when I saw his pics of his disgusting, yellow toe-nailed feet. Gross.

    Dave Pinsen

    August 10, 2014 at EDT am

  7. This is freshest post with mostly negative comments about me that I’ve ever found, and it’s very exciting. Usually don’t find scathing comments until they’re a couple years old, and by then it’s not worth adding my thoughts. If you are interested in asking me directly about my being a loser, that would be awesome! Comment here, or tweet at me @dumbassgenius. Thank you!

    • I’m sorry my readers have been hostile to you.

      Lion of the Blogosphere

      September 3, 2014 at EDT pm

      • Thank you! Happens a lot – not just to me, of course – it’s the internet. And I provide plenty of ammo. Thought this might be a fun opportunity to see if my perceived suckiness could be reduced by chatting with people.

        Plus, if you and your readers have better ideas about supplements, nutrition and longevity than some of my incompletely researched ones, I’d like to know them.

      • lion, i am not sure you should be sorry. rick clearly loves the attention, and your readers are very smart, probably among the smartest on the internet — not necessarily in the “book smart” IQ test sense, but in the sense that they see past the MSM bullshit — which makes for a great debate with rick. also, i agree that personal attacks like “world’s biggest loser” are not appropriate, and yet the rest of affron’s comment is very good, and rick is a big boy, he knows he is not a loser. he is happily married, has 500,000 twitter followers — most of which he did NOT pay for! — and how many people get profiled by errol morris? rick is doing just fine.

        rick, it’s great to see that you have discovered the lion’s blog. like you, the lion is very smart jew who follows his own path and doesn’t just do what society tells him. the lion sees past the PC bullshit and writes some of the best stuff i’ve ever read online, along with paul graham, ran prieur, scott adams, roissy, danger & play, and krauser — the last three of which are manosphere blogs. are you familiar with the manosphere and the concept of the red pill? i would love to hear your thoughts on this concept and movement. finally, this tweet was pretty funny, you are getting better my man! a true mark of intelligence is the ability to adapt and improve.


        September 4, 2014 at EDT am

      • Rivelino –
        Thank you for the nice post! You say that most of my 500,000 Twitter followers aren’t paid for. Unfortunately, not true. A Twitter audit finds only 19% of them to be real, and even that is optimistic.

        Have enjoyed looking through the Lion’s blog (though, since I’m a standard L.A. liberal, some of the comments made my balls retract). Especially enjoyed the discussion about whether Serena Williams is juicing. Have known a couple guys and had a girlfriend who were naturally jacked to steroid-like levels, so it’s possible Williams isn’t. On the other hand, with a multi-million-dollar career at stake, the temptation would be overwhelming.

  8. Plus, if you can’t ask me or challenge me about my weirdnesses straight to my virtual face, then you’re all poopy-pants scaredy-cats. Bring it!

  9. Why are people so quick to break Rick’s balls? I generally have to know someone a while to truly appreciate how much I don’t like them… and vice versa.


    September 3, 2014 at EDT pm

  10. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Does your wife have a very high IQ? In your opinion, are long-term relationships possible between a very high IQ person and a normal IQ person?

    2. Do you have trouble carrying meaningful conversations with average IQ people? I don’t mean casual bar encounters or talking about the weather etc. but something more meaningful and relevant.


    September 4, 2014 at EDT am

    • 1. My wife is smart but not freakishly so. And she’s very non-eccentric (but tolerant). We have the normal sitcom structure – lunatic husband, down-to-earth wife. We’ve been married for 23 years and together for 28. We’ve been in couples’ counseling once a month for 15 years. So yeah, it’s possible with some work.

      2. Have worked in TV forever, so I’m around smart people who want to make jokes about hacked celebrity selfies. Meaningful topics don’t come up that much. Gotten used to keeping that kind of stuff in my head, because people’s eyes glaze over pretty fast. So not much opportunity to talk about meaningful subjects.

  11. Thanks for responding! A couple more:

    3. You say you are eccentric. In what ways, precisely? You post photos of yourself with various things on your head on Twitter, is it stuff like that? Are you also eccentric in “a beautiful mind” sort of way?

    4. Intelligent people are often drawn to mathematics. Did you like math in elementary and high school? Were you good at it? Have you ever considered doing something in which your intelligence will give you some kind of advantage (science, chess, online poker)?


    September 5, 2014 at EDT am

    • 3. Often come up w/ my own ways of doing things, which often turn out to be kind of weird. The tweets w/ stuff on my head is just intentionally dumb advance marketing of my book-in-progress.

      4. Like math, up to a point. (That point is differential equations.) Still like to think about math and science, even though I work as a comedy writer. Still hope to do something with it, though I’m old. Missed the golden age of online poker.

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