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Michael Brown autopsy results

The autopsy does “not support witnesses who have claimed Brown was shot while running away from Wilson, or with his hands up.”

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October 22, 2014 at 10:25 AM

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Is Romney a dark horse for 2016?

Although I previously prediced that Mike Huckabee would win the Republican Nomination, I wasn’t considering the possibility that Mitt Romney could run again. But that’s all the talk for the last month, that Romney is the only possible Republican who could beat Hillary, and has a commanding lead in the latest Washington Post-ABC News Poll.

I’m not sure why everyone thinks that Mitt can’t run again because he lost in 2012. Nixon lost in 1960 and that didn’t stop him from eventually becoming president.

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October 22, 2014 at 9:24 AM

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New York Times free advice for Republicans

The New York Times offers Republicans free advice.

The NY Times says that the Republicans’ “harsh talk on immigration” will cause a “backlash after the election” by “alienating Hispanics.”

I am sure the NY Times has their best interests at heart, because the NY Times loves Republicans.

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October 21, 2014 at 11:03 AM

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Men open fire with guns after losing at beer pong

A teenage girl was shot. Daily Mail has photographs of the perpetrators.

Contrast this to the Pumpkinfest “riot” in which no guns were fired (except for tear gas guns fired by the police).

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October 20, 2014 at 3:52 PM

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Pumpkinfest “riot”

JerseyGuy asked me to write about the Pumpkinfest “riot” in Keene, New Hampshire.

Initially I thought I was watching a bunch of guidos from New Jersey, except that there aren’t supposed to be any guidos in New Hampshire.

Unlike real riots in minority communities, it doesn’t look like there was any intentional violence committed by the prole whites, although some people were accidentally hurt by the exuberant hurling of beer bottles.

I think this was police overreaction to rowdy partying. Twenty years ago, police would have broken up rowdy parties using much less confrontational tactics, and there wouldn’t have been a riot.

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October 19, 2014 at 12:49 PM

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Ebola is cruising

A lab supervisor from Dallas has had his or her vacation ruined, although we should remember that until everyone suddenly became paranoid this week, the person was approved to travel:

Tom Skinner, a spokesman for the CDC, said that at the time of her departure on the cruise, the lab supervisor had been among those only required to monitor themselves for any signs or symptoms of Ebola infection.

“At the time that she left, she wouldn’t have been required to seek permission to leave,” he said. “She would’ve just been required to self monitor.”

I wonder if the CDC is going to buy her another vacation?

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October 17, 2014 at 10:42 AM

CDC said Amber Vinson could fly

Some commenters continue to doubt, but it’s confirmed that the CDC gave her the green light to fly:

“She reported she had no symptoms and a slightly elevated temperature, and she was allowed to go about her travel,” CDC spokeswoman Barbara Reynolds told News 8. “Honestly, I cannot tell you why that decision was made.”

I know people wanted to be mad at her, but she wanted to travel to visit her family before her wedding, and the CDC said should could fly, and Obama said you can’t catch Ebola even if you want to catch it (or something like that), so it’s hard to blame her when smarter people than her seemed to give her the green light.

I personally think it really sucks that she was happy and preparing for her wedding, and now she has to face the possibility of a horrible death because of Obama and CDC incompetence.

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October 16, 2014 at 3:02 PM

Is Africa doomed?

What I learned so far about Ebola is that the disease isn’t very contagious before the infected starts showing symptoms (although I certainly wouldn’t want to test that by swapping body fluids with someone infected), but in the later stages of the illness the disease is extremely contagious, and even healthcare workers in Spain and the United States following safety precautions can catch the disease.

Until a week or two ago, I think that people thought that those black African healthcare workers must be really stupid to be catching Ebola from their patients, and that it couldn’t happen in healthcare systems run by smart white people. This racism was implicit throughout the highest levels of Western government. I guess we learned our lesson. Black African healthcare workers aren’t as inept as we thought they were. They may even be smarter than our white-run healthcare system. In Africa, they use chlorine bleach solutions to cheaply but effectively rinse their clothes and kill the Ebola germs, but we didn’t bother to use that precaution and look what happened.

In fact, black African healthcare workers deserve the highest praise for their bravery in going to work even though it’s so dangerous, and doing the best they can under the circumstance.

Unfortunately for Africa, the disease has now spread beyond what their healthcare systems can handle and beyond what our minimal U.S. Army intervention will be able to provide. In the future, Ebola patients will die at home where they are extremely likely to infect everyone else in the house with them, and this is going to increase the transmission rate of the virus beyond what it already is. It’s hard to see how Ebola can be stopped unless they institute some very harsh quarantine requirements: forcibly separating Ebola patients and placing them somewhere to die a painful death. Or perhaps a quick mercy killing followed by sanitary cremation. But attempts do this would likely lead to riots which could make things worse instead of better. And the United States would try to intervene and stop any quarantine methods that liberals view as too harsh.

So it looks pretty bad for Africa.

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October 16, 2014 at 11:40 AM

CDC told nurse Vinson she was OK to fly

Several commenters have been blaming the nurse, Amber Vinson, for flying.

However, the real story is that she called the CDC and told them she had a 99.5 fever, and they told her it was OK to fly.

This nurse, Nurse Vinson, did in fact call the CDC several times before taking that flight and said she has a temperature, a fever of 99.5, and the person at the CDC looked at a chart and because her temperature wasn’t 100.4 or higher she didn’t officially fall into the category of high risk.

This looks like yet another government screw-up and not the fault of the nurse. Maybe it’s because Obama said that you can’t catch Ebola from sitting next to someone on a bus.

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October 15, 2014 at 8:52 PM

I watched the first episode of Welcome Back Kotter

Mr. Kotter is 26 years old and is married. If this show were being made today, Mr. Kotter would be single because 26-year-olds aren’t married today, especially if they are so poor that they can only afford to live in a rundown studio apartment.

The Sweathogs are ethnically diverse. The 1970s was when Hollywood and the mainstream media began to teach us about the importance of diversity. Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington is black and Juan Epstein is Puerto Rican and Jewish. Vinnie Barbarino is Italian and Arnold Horshack is a white of unknown ethnic origin.

If this show were being made today, Arnold Horshack would probably be Chinese, but Asians weren’t on the radar in the 1970s.

If this show were being made today, Mr. Woodman would probably be a black woman, because they would want to show a minority woman in a position of authority. People might interpret Welcome Back Kotter as racist because it perpetuates stereotypes of white men in charge of minorities. Of course, the show wouldn’t be as funny with a black female vice principal, because black women aren’t as funny as Jewish men.

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October 15, 2014 at 5:36 PM

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