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How many illegal aliens are in the United States?

Officially there are only 11 million, but there is compelling evidence that the official estimate grossly understates the true number. According to this article, a former Bear Stearns analyst estimates 21-25 million based on the increase in the amount of remittances from the United States to illegal-alien home countries.

There are other even higher estimates.

This issue was discussed in Ann Coulter’s new book, and in fact that was the only especially interesting chapter of her book which is mostly a very long (but justified) rant which doesn’t say anything that hasn’t already been said at Steve Sailer’s blog.

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July 20, 2015 at EDT pm

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Mohammad Yousef Abdulazeez speculation

He had a job as an engineer at a nuclear power plant, but was let go because he failed a background check. Possibly, his frequent trips to Jordan raised flags. When I was working at a government contractor, one of my employees failed a background check and he had to be fired immediately, which is unfortunate because he was a nice kid and not a threat to national security.

There is no evidence that Mohammad Yousef Abdulazeez ever had a girlfriend.

Therefore, I attribute this to Islamic jihadist beta/omega male rage. His crappy personal life led him to become immersed in jihad and desirous to do something important for Allah.

* * *

Had some kid from a Christian/Jewish/Buddhist background turned to his religion for some greater meaning in life, he would never have gotten the idea that his religion wants him to kill people. That’s the danger of having Muslims living among us. Even if the majority of Muslims don’t take that jihad stuff seriously, it’s there in the Koran and literal-minded devout Muslims are going to keep latching onto it.

* * *

“Fakeemail” wants me to give him credit for suggesting the beta/omega male rage angle. Thank you fakeemail.

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July 19, 2015 at EDT pm

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Unknown motive

CNN said yesterday that the Chattanooga shooter’s motive “still remains unknown.”

When Dylann Roof killed a bunch of people in a black church, they found pictures of him with a confederate flag and then everyone knew right away that the motive was racism!

Mohammad Yousef Abdulazeez became a devout Muslim, posted some stuff about jihad on the internet shortly before committing the crime, but somehow, unlike the clarity we had with Roof, Abdulazeez’s motive remains a big mystery.

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July 19, 2015 at EDT am

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The insane price for a hospital visit

The $153,161.25 bill for treatment for a rattlesnake bite has been going around social media.

As you may know, very few people actually pay list price. The insurance companies have negotiated prices with all healthcare providers such that they only have to pay a fraction of the full retail price. Fifteen years ago when I worked at a medical device company, insurance companies paid as little as a fifth of the full retail price for our devices.

And most people without insurance don’t pay the full bill. Either they are illegal immigrants and they just disappear afterwards, or they are too poor to pay, and they file for bankruptcy if they have to. So why doesn’t the hospital charge a fair and honest list price instead of what seems like an unethically high markup? Because sometimes the bill does get paid, and probably one fully paid bill is a windfall that makes up for a dozen freebies.

So why do hospitals and other medical providers give away their services for free to people who can’t afford to pay? Federal law requires them to. That’s the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). If someone with a medical emergency shows up at a hospital emergency room, the hospital is required to provide treatment regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. You may be thinking, what kind of crazy liberal left-wing president would sign a law like that? The answer is Ronald Reagan.

(There are probably some other laws which also encourage insanely high retail prices; for example, favoritism to the uninsured may be interpreted as insurance fraud.)

One of the motivations behind Obamacare was to control spiraling out-of-control hospital costs by, in theory, ensuring that everyone would have insurance, and thus hospitals would be able to lower the prices to reflect the reality of the cost of treatment because they wouldn’t have to give away free treatment to the uninsured who would no longer exist. This hasn’t really happened because illegal immigrants don’t have Obamacare, a lot of people choose not to buy Obamacare (abetted by Republicans who insisted on taking out some of the enforcement teeth), many states have refused the Medicaid expansion that was supposed to make Medicaid available to more people, some people are too poor to pay the very-high deductibles of cheap plans, and general suckiness of the law which probably has other holes.

But what is the Republican solution to the EMTALA problem? I have heard absolutely no proposed solution from any prominent Republican. They only talk about repealing Obamacare without providing any solution to the EMTALA problem.

It’s my opinion that if the federal government requires hospitals to give away services for free, than the federal government should be required to reimburse the hospitals. It’s only fair. And there should also be a law requiring hospitals to charge fair prices. Emergency healthcare is simply not something that can be bargained for fairly by patients, because the patient is facing a life-or-death situation and is at the complete mercy of whatever the hospital wants to charge, and in many emergency cases the patient isn’t even conscious to make any decision at all.

Either that, or repeal EMTALA. Knowing that you will die in an emergency unless you have health insurance would provide a pretty strong incentive for everyone to be insured, and the people who die will have low future-time-orientation and won’t pass on their genes to future generations. Of course, Republicans, despite their free-market talk, are way to wimpy to support the option to repeal EMTALA. Republicans don’t really have any plan at all, they just stick their heads in the sand and deny that there was any problem that Obamacare was trying to fix.

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July 18, 2015 at EDT pm

Immigration purity

A legitimate complaint some commenters have had about this or that politician is that they are only opposed to illegal immigration but they love legal immigrants.

I agree that we have too much legal immigration and that we need to reverse it as soon as possible, but realistically, how can we expect anyone to be opposed to legal immigration when one can’t even object to illegal immigrants without being labeled as “racist”? An important first step to changing mainstream opinion on legal immigration is to stop the illegal immigrants from coming here, and to deport those illegal immigrants who are here instead of giving them free education and free healthcare.

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July 18, 2015 at EDT pm

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Fox News Poll

There was some misinformation in my previous post. According to the Fox News poll, Trump is in first place, but Scott Walker and not Jeb Bush is in second place!

Also, the Fox Poll asks:

36. Recently, presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. He said Mexico is quote, “sending people that have lots of problems…They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Setting aside how Trump worded his comments, do you think he’s basically right on this, or not?

70% of Republican respondents answered “Yes, he is” to this question!

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July 17, 2015 at EDT pm

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Lion endorses Donald Trump

A year ago I would never have believed this could happen, but it appears that the two front-runners for the Republican nomination are Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.

Of course, for many years I’ve known, and readers of this blog have known, that what the average American thinks about immigration is far to the right of what the elites of both of our political parties are pushing. But until now, no politician has made this their number-one campaign issue.

I may have previously called Trump a bozo, but he’s our only hope to end our nation’s insane and suicidal immigration policy. The worst thing that could ever happen is if Jeb Bush became president, because he’s behind amnesty for illegal immigrants and he would probably be able to get the Republicans in Congress to go along with it. With Hillary Clinton as president, the same Republicans in Congress would put up the same fight they’ve put up against Obama.

At least Donald Trump is a smart bozo who graduated from Wharton and has had success in running real estate companies.

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July 17, 2015 at EDT pm

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Devout terrorists

It is reported that “The man authorities say killed four U.S. Marines when he attacked two military sites in Chattanooga, Tenn. was a practicing Muslim who reportedly showed signs of becoming increasingly devout in recent weeks.”

Becoming devout before committing jihad happens a lot. Demonstrating that something about Islam encourages jihadist violence.

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July 17, 2015 at EDT am

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Terrorist wrote about Islam

The terrorist, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, created a blog and wrote some stuff about Islam last week.

Looks more and more like Islamic terrorism.

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July 17, 2015 at EDT am

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Everything is gluten free

I’m seeing “gluten free” on all sorts of foods, such as ice cream and pasta sauce. Anyone who actually knows what gluten is knows that it’s only found in wheat flour, so it couldn’t possibly be found in those products. Do the food manufacturers think that Americans are morons?

That’s a hypothetical question. Obviously the answer is yes, and they are probably right.

(One might also ponder that there really isn’t anything to do with pasta sauce besides put it on pasta, and pasta contains mucho gluten.)

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July 16, 2015 at EDT pm

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