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The Man in the High Castle

The main character, Juliana, is extremely, massively annoying. The other main character, Frank, is also annoying, mostly because he puts up with Juliana. And after ten episodes, we still have no idea what’s going on. (Except see spoiler in the next post.)

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The Star Trek episode “The City on the Edge of Forever” is much better than this series. (And is generally considered the best episode of Star Trek.)

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June 6, 2016 at EDT pm

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  1. Amazingly the book version of Juliana is even more annoying.


    June 7, 2016 at EDT am

  2. A pretty girl I was on a date with mentioned City on the Edge once. She gave a few vague plot points and mentioned that it was one of the ST episodes she’d seen and that it was very good.

    I told her the name and the writer (Harlan Ellison) and the key line (“Edith Keeler must die.”). She answered with an accusatory “ah ha!” “I knew it!” she said, “you’re a nerd.”

    Girls don’t like nerds. This one was certainly not going to sleep with me again after that.


    June 7, 2016 at EDT am

    • So…the whole line about her mentioning that episode…was a shit test?

      Pretty clever of her.

      Mike Street Station

      June 7, 2016 at EDT am

      • Indeed. It was an engineer heavy community. A girl needs to know how to avoid getting involved with a beta.


        June 7, 2016 at EDT am

      • With all their retarded “tests,” and access to a much greater variety of choice than the average man, women still typically do a terrible job of choosing partners vis a vis long-term happiness.

        Also, isn’t it kind of arrogant to think you can write off or judge a person based on very limited superficial information? How in the hell is a woman, who has never thought for herself, never gone against the crowd, never done anything without the support of her family and friends and random men, never gotten a job without affirmative action, in short who has been coddled her whole life by gynocentric society, capable of judging ME, a person who as actually lived and struggled?

        It’s like De Niro said in Heat, you always gotta be prepared to walk away in 30 seconds. In other words have no attachments. Unless you are married or have kids with her – in that case ideally you should have all of the incentives in your favor. I don’t see a lot of Filipinas divorcing their older, beta (comparatively) well off foreign husbands. And you know what, they generally seem pretty happy together.


        June 7, 2016 at EDT pm

  3. My wife and I watched the first episode. We were incredibly bored and decided not to go any further. I really just couldn’t connect with any of the characters.


    June 7, 2016 at EDT pm

  4. Speaking of Joan Collins, I met her at a party in the HH in 1984. She said to me, “I’m looking for a new pool boy.” At the time, I thought I was going to be a star trial lawyer. I probably should have taken the job.


    June 7, 2016 at EDT pm

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