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How do you convince your parents to play World of Warcraft?

Yes, the headline of this post may sound like a joke, but it’s not. A study showed that playing World of Warcraft has mental benefits for seniors:

Researchers from NC State’s Gains Through Gaming laboratory first tested the cognitive functioning of study participants, aged 60 to 77, to set a baseline. The researchers looked at cognitive abilities including spatial ability, memory and how well participants could focus their attention.

An “experimental” group of study participants then played WoW on their home computers for approximately 14 hours over the course of two weeks, before being re-tested. A “control” group of study participants did not play WoW, but were also re-tested after two weeks.

Comparing the cognitive functioning test scores of participants in the experimental and control groups, the researchers found the group that played WoW saw a much greater increase in cognitive functioning, though the effect varied according to each participant’s baseline score.

“Among participants who scored well on baseline cognitive functioning tests, there was no significant improvement after playing WoW – they were already doing great,” McLaughlin says. “But we saw significant improvement in both spatial ability and focus for participants who scored low on the initial baseline tests.” Pre- and post-game testing showed no change for participants on memory.

I believe it, because it makes sense that stimulating the brain in a way that’s novel to the study participants would have beneficial effects.

The problem is, how to I get my grumpy, senior-citizen, computer-hating parents to play World of Warcraft?

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July 5, 2016 at EDT am

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  1. You yourself have always said that “everybody else is doing it” arguments are the most persuasive.


    July 5, 2016 at EDT am

    • The problem is that other seniors aren’t doing it, and furthermore those arguments work poorest on seniors who don’t care what other people, especially young people, are doing.

  2. good comment from cuckstate that really exemplifies the TruCon mind:

    There are two main tests for conservatives in this cycle:

    1) Where does he or she stand on life?
    2) Where does he or she stand on Trump?

    The wrong answer to either of these questions forfeits my vote. Just that simple. No vote for Trump and no vote for anyone who supports Trump.

    Muh abortions and muh values. That’s conservatives in a nut shell.

    Only the polling front, Trump has gained 3 points on Hil in the latest SurveyMonkey poll. But this comes after some scandal free weeks. Hopefully the star thing doesn’t hurt him.

    Otis the Sweaty

    July 5, 2016 at EDT am

  3. It seems to me that Canadian researchers beat Americans to the punch, with this research:

    Furthermore, there was an emphasis from the Canadians, that video games might serve as a calming and therapeutic effect, for guys who are afflicted with mental issues like OMR.


    July 5, 2016 at EDT am

    • Video games are the epitome of PROLE!!

      Just because it comes from your precious Canada doesn’t de-prole it.


      July 5, 2016 at EDT pm

      • Oh ok, I knew that!


        July 5, 2016 at EDT pm

  4. So the Gains Through Gaming Institute announces that there were gains through gaming?

    Not going to pay for the study but it is interesting to note that there were 39 participants, probably evenly divided between control and effect groups. Inside of the experimental groups there were a range of cognitive functions (some “already doing great”! squee) so its possible that this whole effect is based on 10 people. Would be interesting to see the significance tests.

    Also interesting is that this 14 hours of WoW gaming cost the tax payer 3/4 of million and was part of the Obama Stimulus plan.

    Lion of the Turambar

    July 5, 2016 at EDT pm

  5. Maybe there’s some kind of game that’s more to their tastes?

    I wish my parents were still alive that I could play some games with them!!

    I’m sure they’d enjoy spending time with their favorite little lion cub if you found some agreeable activity.

    Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    July 5, 2016 at EDT pm

    • You are close to the correct answer which is knock up some broad, give them grandchildren and get the kid to do the heavy lifting.


      July 5, 2016 at EDT pm

  6. I used to love to play Settlers of Catan with my brother and mother.

    Mancala and mexican train dominoes were great fun with my late mother.

    Check out online Settlers (aka Xplorers). Free at

    Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    July 5, 2016 at EDT pm

  7. It is a little hard to believe WoW is better for the brain than chess or bridge.


    July 5, 2016 at EDT pm

  8. Complete beginners should start with Super Mario Bros.


    July 5, 2016 at EDT pm

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