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Democrats’ bogus accusations against Trump

If the Trump-hating New York Times has an article that’s extremely dismissive of allegations that Trump is somehow in cahoots with Russia, then you know that it’s totally bogus, just a desperate attempt by Democrats to deflect attention from Wikileaks and now HRC’s private email server.

And regarding Paul Manafort, I definitely think he’s part of the corrupt influence-peddling culture of the government elite, but the Clintons have him beat by a wide margin. They made $250 million dollars allegedly giving speeches, but we all know that the people paying for speeches were really buying influence.

But Paul Manafort has very little to do with Trump. Trump never knew the guy until he hired him at a time when he needed an insider-type to make sure he didn’t screw up the possible floor-right at the convention (which never happened). And now Manafort no longer works for Trump. This is another example of how diabolical Democrats are trying to deflect attention away from Huma Abedin who, unlike Manafort, is super-close her boss HRC and has been working for her since 1996.

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October 31, 2016 at 11:40 PM

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650,000 emails on Weiner computer

Yes, 650,000 emails. Undoubtedly most of them relate to Weiner’s long career in politics, but there are also “thousands of emails sent to or from the private server that Mrs. Clinton used while she was secretary of state.”

The FBI has not actually read any of the emails (and they believe they need a warrant before they can start reading them), they just examined the “medadata.” In other words they just have a count of the number of emails that are sent from or to the domain, but that’s all they know.

We know that 33,000 emails were deleted from the Clinton server. I think there’s a very good chance that some of the thousands of emails found on Weiner’s are the deleted ones. We will find out whether or not all of the emails deleted were truly personal as claimed by Clinton’s team.

* * *

There is a rumor floating out there that Weiner gave the FBI permission to read the emails.

* * *

UPDATE: The FBI has a warrant to investigate the emails.

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October 30, 2016 at 5:31 PM

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How did Huma’s emails get on Weiner’s laptop?

Huma says she has no idea and that it wasn’t her computer.

Of course she could be lying. I’m sure Huma has lied about a lot of stuff to protect Hillary as well as her own involvement. But in this case, I believe Huma, because I don’t see any reason why she would want her emails to be on Weiner’s computer, and if she knew they were there she would have deleted them when she deleted her other emails.

Nope, I suspect that Weiner was surreptitiously reading Huma’s emails because he didn’t like being left out of the loop. Weiner was probably the IT nerd of the family, so when he helped Huma set up Outlook on her computers, he also set it up on his own computer so he would know what’s going on.

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October 30, 2016 at 9:21 AM

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Hillary’s incompetent IT staffer

This email revealed the phishing scam used to obtain John Podesta’s email login.

Any careful reading of the link would show that the domain is not but rather

That an IT guy who works for HRC didn’t catch that shows the kind of incompetent people she hires.

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October 29, 2016 at 7:31 AM

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Weiner to the rescue?

If Weiner’s phone contains copies of classified emails that HRC deleted from her own server after she received the subpoena, this could change the election! We can only hope.

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October 28, 2016 at 6:07 PM

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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The year is 1966. The animated special It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown appears on television for the first time. The plot is well explained at Wikipedia so there’s no need for me to repeat.

This was a simpler time when people didn’t expect a lot of action or much of anything else in their cartoons. Not much happens. I guess it’s supposed to be amusing because of the cute cartoon characters, and you’re supposed to enjoy the accompanying piano-heavy instrumentals.

The main gags are:

1. Charlie Brown is a loser: a beta-male before the term was invented. Lucy tricks him into kicking a football she pulls away. When Charlie Brown receives an invitation to Violet’s Halloween party, Lucy tells him it was a mistake, and he was on the list of kids not to invite. Charlie Brown is unable to cut two eye-holes into a sheet to make a ghost costume, so his ghost costume is full of holes. When they go out trick-or-treating, the other kids get candy but Charlie Brown only gets rocks. At Violet’s party, they draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth on the back of his head because his bald head looks like a pumpkin.

2. Linus has the Great Pumpkin confused with Santa Claus.

3. Snoopy imagines that he’s a World War I flying ace, and his doghouse is his airplane. He gets shot down by the unseen Red Baron and makes his way across the fields of France, stopping for a while to pretend that he’s an orchestra conductor while Schroeder plays the piano. Then he shows up at the pumpkin patch where Linus is waiting with Sally for the Great Pumpkin to appear, causing Linus to faint.

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October 28, 2016 at 5:41 PM

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Today I sold all of my stocks

Last month I sold half (on a poorly timed day) and today I sold the rest, so I now have no money invested in stocks.

The financial markets scare me with the S&P 500 Index being close to its all-time high (which was in August) and the presidential election coming up. My conspiracy theory is that the Illuminati are holding the market together to help HRC win the election, because everyone knows a market crash hurts the party in power: McCain had no chance after bad financial stuff happened in September.

If I turn out to be wrong, well here’s a public record, so you can make fun of me later.

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October 28, 2016 at 12:44 PM

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Why you should vote for Trump

I am disappointed by some long-time blog readers who are #NeverTrumpers.

Here’s a reminder of why the mainstream media elites HATE Trump:

1. He’s opposed to immigration.

2. He’s PROLE.

3. He doesn’t follow the rules of political correctness that the mainstream leftwing media uses to control our thoughts, but that’s really part of being prole. Have you ever listened in to blue collar guys talking to each other? It’s not politically correct, I assure you.

But the mainstream leftwing media elites are not allowed to say the real reasons for hating Trump. For starters, they would never use the word prole, which admittedly is a somewhat esoteric word outside of this blog, although I believe that thanks to me it’s catching in. But they would also never describe him as LOW CLASS. It has become politically incorrect to look down on someone simply for being LOW CLASS. Instead, you must look down on them for being fat, for eating the wrong foods, for speaking in a politically incorrect manner, for not going to college.

Most of the supposed psychological faults attributed to Trump, such as “narcissism” or not being able to keep his mouth shut are just prole behaviors. HRC is just as narcissistic as Trump if not more so, but she’s better at hiding it.

There won’t be any honesty from the mainstream leftwing media about why they hate him. This month, it has been all about allegations of Trump’s sexually in appropriate behavior, but when the same behavior came out of Bill Clinton it was dismissed as either a bunch of lies created by a vast rightwing conspiracy, or as Republicans just being a bunch of prudes about sex. It’s not like Trump is running against someone who has led a pure Christian life. HRC is married to Bill which makes her a co-conspirator in everything Bill has done. And by all accounts, HRC’s private off-camera personality is truly despicable.

Given the above information above about why the mainstream media elites hate Trump, why should you allow them to influence your thinking? This is why there are those who call mainstream conservatives “cuckservatives”: because they shamelessly pander to the very leftwing media that hates them anyway and will always support Democrats no matter how politically correct the conservatives behave.

Don’t worry, the country will survive a prole politically-incorrect president. Trump is not going to start a nuclear war because he’s prole. I’d be more worried about HRC starting a nuclear war. She’s a lot more confrontational with Russia. Does’t she remember what Obama said in the debate with Mitt Romney, that the 1980s are calling and they want their foreign policy back?

But will the country survive Hillary opening the borders to (even more) mass immigration, and appointing extreme liberal justices to the Supreme Court?

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October 25, 2016 at 10:15 AM

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What happened to Trump University?

Looks like the media completely forgot about Trump University.

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October 23, 2016 at 4:04 PM

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Honest Trump

The mainstream media is making a Big Deal about Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting the “outcome” of the election.

Despite the mainstream media meme that Trump is a big liar, Trump is actually not very comfortable with lying, so he gave an honest answer. Hillary lied. We know damn well that if there’s a close election in a swing state, that Hillary is going to contest it just like Gore contested Florida.

Do you remember when Jeb Bush and Kasich said during the first Republican debate, more than a year ago, that they would support the Republican nominee? Both liars.

I personally don’t think that Trump should simply concede to HRC if there was fraud committed to prevent him from winning. How could that happen? Remember, many on the left think that Trump is like Hitler, and if you could prevent Hitler from being elected Chancellor by violating the election laws, and thereby prevent World War II and the Holocaust, wouldn’t you do it?

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October 20, 2016 at 8:42 AM

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