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Girls S06E06 “Full Disclosure” **spoilers**

Hannah is pressured to tell the father (the Pakistani water-skiing instructor) that she’s having his baby.

Jessa comes to visit Hannah after she learns from Adam that she’s pregnant. Hannah is still pissed at Jessa so it doesn’t go well. I think this was an especially poorly written and acted scene.

Since the beginning of the series, Jemima Kirke (who plays Jessa) sure has disfigured herself with a lot of disgusting tattoos.

Marnie’s druggie ex-husband has become too dysfunctional to perform as a musician.

Ray and Shoshanna do not appear in this episode.

Yes, it’s a pretty short synopsis, but this episode didn’t inspire me to write much.

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March 20, 2017 at EDT pm

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  1. Overall, do you think the show is overrated or underrated? I’d say overrated, but I think Douthat has a point about it’s unintentional impact in exposing the corrosiveness of liberalism.


    March 21, 2017 at EDT am

    • As a show, I’d call it under-rated. As a “cultural event,” I’d call it way over-rated.


      March 21, 2017 at EDT pm

  2. Judging by the coming attractions, Hannah tells Swarthy Invader Guy about the baby. I wonder if they are going to “get together” in a multi-culti love fest so Lena Dunham can show how progressive she is. I would guess this, except that the show also seems to be setting Adam up for getting back with Hannah. He seems to want to already, though she blows him off.

    Maybe we will get the ultimate female delusion conclusion and have Adam and Swarthy fighting over Hannah! Oh, how hamsters across America will whirl!

    Agree on Jessa and her tats. Really awful.

    Lena took a cheap shot this week at New Jersey MILFs. Marnie’s mom and that friend of hers (who is pretty MILFy but a total idiot) are shown as tacky and lame. Hell, even Marnie mocks them. Marnie meanwhile remains impossible, Desi is a total wreck.

    Very disappointed at no updates to Shosh or Ray, the best things on the show. Though we did get a decent amount of Elijah, who is also enjoyable. I liked that scene with him playing the scene in the store.


    March 21, 2017 at EDT am

    • Good points. Hannah is a manic pixie girl that is 50lbs overweight with a cute face and femme voice.

      Two guys fighting over her is not impossible. But not two good looking guys, not when she is broke and a future single mom, and not one who has a super hot blonde girlfriend with a sexy posh English accent.

      I think Lena knows this so she imposes that really stupid haircut on Adam to make the gap in looks smaller.

      We will see, but there is an reactionary undertone to the show and Lena generally prefers satire and realism over SATC female escapism.


      March 21, 2017 at EDT pm

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