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How anti-abortion people are legitimatizing unmarried teenage pregnancy

I’ve written about this topic before, but here’s a New York Times article the clearly demonstrates what’s happening.

An 18-year-old unmarried pregnant girl, the boyfriend who got her pregnant completely out of the picture and not named by the article, attends a small private Christian school, which is shaming her by not allowing her to attend the graduation ceremony.

Sounds reasonable to me considering that pre-marital sex is considered a major sin by Christians. This isn’t public school. Fifty years ago, she probably would have been kicked out. Fifty years ago, good Christian parents wouldn’t have wanted their pregnant unmarried teenage daughter to be seen in public and they would have sent her away somewhere and made her give up the baby for adoption. But no, that’s not what happens today, she continues to go to school with plans to become an unmarried mom, just like some girl from the ghetto.

But this modern leniency is still not enough for the anti-abortion people.

“She made the courageous decision to choose life, and she definitely should not be shamed,” said Kristan Hawkins, the Students for Life president, who tried unsuccessfully to persuade the administrator of Heritage Academy to reverse the decision. “There has got to be a way to treat a young woman who becomes pregnant in a graceful and loving way.”

So acting like a typical ghetto teenager means that she’s labeled as “courageous.” A great way to encourage more teenage sex and more unmarried teenage moms is to laud them for their “courageous” decision to commit the sin of premarital sex and then let nature take its course.

She said she felt that she was being treated more harshly than students who have been suspended for, say, underage drinking and lying about it.

Of course she should be treated more harshly! Drinking alcohol merely violates a secular rule, while premarital sex is considered, by Christians, to be a major sin against God.

Ultimately, and ironically, the actions of anti-abortion people are causing more premarital teenage sex which leads to more pregnancies and more abortions.

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May 21, 2017 at 10:43 AM

Proles love Trump, even prole Saudi Arabians

From the NY Times:

There was neither beer, nor tattoos nor women at the biker rally in Saudi Arabia’s capital on Friday night. But among the hundreds of men riding on roaring Harley Davidsons and sporting leather vests, there was overwhelming excitement about the incoming visitor: President Trump.

“We want to welcome Trump,” said Mohammed Alrasheed, 35, who had outfitted his motorcycle with a large green Saudi flag next to the Stars and Stripes of America and wore a helmet decorated with quarters, dimes and nickels.

That’s why I continue to believe that the foreign hackers who broke into John Podesta’s email did it because they are prole, and proles love Trump, and not because the Russian government was paying them.

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May 20, 2017 at 9:03 PM

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Muslim governments love President Trump

President Trump is hated by liberals for saying bad things about Muslims, but actual Muslim governments love President Trump. Even though Trump doesn’t bow down to them like the previous President.

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May 20, 2017 at 9:15 AM

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Trump told Russians that Comey is a “nut job.”

First reported by the NY Times.

(1) Who is leaking this stuff to the press? Why can’t Trump find the leakers and prosecute them for leaking classified information?

(2) Previous presidents used salty language, especially Lyndon B. Johnson, but the press never reported on it.

(3) Why is Trump saying this stuff when apparently the room is full of people who are hostile to him? Couldn’t he have taken the two Russians into a private room with just his topmost loyal staff members?

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May 19, 2017 at 5:38 PM

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Friday thoughts

James Comey seems to me like a passive-aggressive snake in the grass.

There’s nothing at all to the witch hunt, just a few people Trump hired who made money in ways that appear unseemly to outsiders, but for political insiders it’s business as usual, and if you sifted through Hillary Clinton’s staff with the same fine-tooth comb, you’d find the same types on her team.

Nevertheless, runaway special prosecutors have been known to dig up all sorts of unrelated dirt.

Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia presents good possibilities for positive press. No doubt it causes cognitive dissonance for Democrats that the Arab countries like Saudi Arabia are very happy that Trump is President, because they hated Obama. They don’t care about Trump’s “Muslim ban,” because they don’t let Jews and Christians immigrate to their countries, why do they care if the United States does the same to their people, as long as they can all get along diplomatically? The Middle East simply does not understand the do-gooder liberal ethic at all. They think they’re a bunch of chumps. They love to take advantage of those chumps, but they have no respect for them.

Earlier this week, the MSM was abuzz with Trump allegedly giving away too much Israeli intel to the Russians. You can’t form any opinion about that because people who hate Trump keep leaking stuff with the intent to harm him, so you can’t trust the veracity of any of that info. Unless the Israelis publicly complain about it, it’s not the business of liberal Democrats to scream for impeachment when no one knows what actually happened. I am sure that Obama shared intel with other countries when he felt like it, but no one ever cared about what Obama did because he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

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May 19, 2017 at 7:43 AM

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I predicted this

On November 26th I wrote that the MSM was trying to set Trump up for impeachment.

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May 18, 2017 at 7:46 AM

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Overwatch update

Once your Skill Rank declines below 500, they stop telling you how low it has gotten.

How can I be so bad at this game?

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May 16, 2017 at 11:04 PM

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Who killed Seth Rich?

The National Enquirer says the Russians because he knew about their DNC hack. Sounds like something out of the TV series The Americans. I don’t buy it for the simple reason that the deep state wants to pin the DNC hack on the Russians, so if the Enquirer story were true, they would have gone public with that.

So it’s more likely that the leak to the Enquirer is intentional misdirection, because as implied by a recent FOX 5 report, Seth Rich himself leaked the emails to WikiLeaks (according to Julian Assange, the leaks did not come from the Russian government or a state party), and he was killed by pro-Hillary anti-Trump deep-state forces because he knows the leak had nothing to do with the Russians. However, the weakness with this conspiracy theory is that the the murder happened in July, back when everyone thought Trump had zero chance of beating Hillary, so was it worth risking getting caught committing murder just to preserve the Hillary campaign strategy to deflect the DNC hack onto the Russians?

Or maybe you believe it was just random NAM violence? NAMs who didn’t bother to take “his wallet, gold chain, credit cards or a sizeable amount of cash,” perhaps because they suddenly got worried about getting caught and ran away immediately after killing him by shooting him twice in the back. Sometimes NAMs just kill for fun and not for any pecuniary motivation. But if it’s just random NAM violence, why is there allegedly a cover-up and why aren’t the DC police cooperating with the private investigator hired by his family? The private investigator claims that a source inside the police department told him “Rod, we were told to stand down on this case and I can’t share any information with you.”

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May 15, 2017 at 11:56 PM

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How to avoid a cyber-attack

In case you don’t already know:

1. Use Windows 10. The big cyber-attack that the MSM is talking about takes advantage of a flaw in earlier versions of Windows. Upgrade your OS already!

2. Install the latest Windows updates as they become available. Make sure your computer is set to do this automatically. And yes, the Windows updater is buggy. If it’s not working, fix it by disabling the Windows Update Service from services, then reboot your computer, then delete everything in “C:\Windows\Software Distribution,” then set the service back on (to “Manual (Trigger Start”).

3. Use an anti-virus program! I use Avast because it’s free. I haven’t had a virus infestation, that I know of, since I started using it.

4. When you surf to strange websites, it’s advisable to use a browser where you have all plugins disabled. Buggy plugins, especially those from Adobe, have been known to allow viruses to infect your computer by just visiting a web page. (You should also turn off third-party cookies, even though I don’t think this is a source of malware infestation. But why let third parties track what you’re doing?)

5. Use the uBlock Origin adblocker to protect yourself from “malvertisements,” the most common source of malware infestation (along with phishing).

6. To avoid phishing: uBlock Origin and Avast will sometimes block phishing attacks, but you can’t count on it. You have to be aware of signs that give away fake sites from real sites, and what happens in Windows when something tries to install software (never install any software unless you know what you are installing).

A mistake that John Podesta made is that he clicked on a link to go to “Google” that came in a suspicious email. Never do that! If you are going to change your Google password, then go there by typing Google into your browser address bar, never do it from a link in an email! Same rule applies to your bank accounts, etc.

7. Make sure your email password is really secure. Never use it at any other site, and make sure it’s not something that a password-guessing program could guess.

* * *

This post seems to be very similar to something I previously wrote.

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May 14, 2017 at 2:40 PM

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The Trump Russia conspiracy theory

If Trump had a secret agreement with Putin, or other officials in the Russian government, that in exchange for hacking into Democratic emails he would do stuff to benefit Russia after he becomes President, then you’d have a good case to impeach Trump.

But that story is ludicrous and there’s absolutely no evidence for it.

That there are some people who worked for Trump who had previously had dealings with Russians is absolutely meaningless and completely non-suspicious. Russia is no longer an enemy of the United States. The Cold War ended 25 years ago. U.S. citizens are free to visit Russia and talk to Russians, just as they are free to talk to people from any other nation in the world, with the possible exception of Iran and the Islamic State.

Do liberals who are making a big deal about the Trump-Russia thing really believe that no one involved in a presidential campaign should have ever talked to anyone from another country? How would an administration ever conduct any foreign policy if no one in the administration has ever left the United States or ever talked to a foreigner?

If anyone is likely to have insufficient loyalty to the United States because he had too much contact with a foreign country, that would be Obama who spent a good part of his childhood growing up in Indonesia.

Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech he gave in Moscow. Does that mean that the Clintons are also secret Russian agents? And right-wing websites have documented additional connections between Russia and the Clintons.

On the side of who did the hacking, no one has ever presented proof that it was directed by the Russian government. As far as I can tell, because the CIA thinks that Putin doesn’t like Hillary Clinton, and because there are clues — but nothing super-definite — that the hackers are Russian, this automatically means that it was a Russian government operation.

I still consider it a likely possibility that hackers in Russia, acting independently from the Russian government, were Trump supporters because they liked him better, and they enjoyed making mischief and reading about it in the world’s newspapers.

Liberals are clearly into the Russian conspiracy because they can’t believe that Trump won the election without nefarious help. If liberals had only bothered to leave Manhattan for a day and take the ferry to Staten Island, they would have seen Trump lawn signs all over the place and realized that Trump was very popular with people who don’t live in Manhattan.

Furthermore, I don’t see much evidence that the email leak made any difference to the outcome of the election. The liberal-controlled media did a great job of ignoring it. The only people who knew much about it before the election were people who read right-wing websites, and those people were voting for Trump anyway. The announcement from Comey a week before the election, that Anthony Weiner may have had classified emails on his laptop computer, objectively had a much greater impact because it was all over the mainstream news.

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May 14, 2017 at 1:00 PM

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