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Does Harvard still have Jewish quotas?

The way that Pew and other surveys count Jews is to ask people “What’s your religion?” and if they answer “Jewish” then it means they are Jewish, otherwise they are not Jewish. Using this method of counting Jews, Jews are 1.8% of the U.S. population, and 7.7% of Harvard (according to the Harvard class of 2021 survey). It’s an apples to apples comparison, using the same counting method.

According to La Griffe du Lion, Jewish IQ is 0.8 standard deviations above the white mean.

We previously discussed that the average Harvard student has an SAT score that’s 2.65 standard deviations above the average SAT score (or the top 0.4%).

Plugging all of these numbers into Excel, using the NORMSDIST() function, Jews ought to be 14.4% of Harvard, but they are only 7.7%, therefore we might conclude that Harvard still has Jewish quotas to prevent too many Jews from attending.

UPDATE: Originally I said Jews were 1.9% of Americans, but the latest Pew survey says 1.8%, so I updated the numbers to reflect that.

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December 31, 2017 at 12:47 PM

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UFO sightings by state

One would expect sightings to closely track population, assuming that UFO sightings can be attributed to random drunkenness or something like that.

But we see that there are surprisingly few sightings in Texas compared to states with much smaller populations such as Arizona

One possibility is that UFOs are less likely to be spotted in cities because there is too much light pollution in cities to notice strange lights in the sky. But I don’t know that Texas is any more urban than Arizona (where most of the population lives in the Phoenix metropolitan area).

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December 30, 2017 at 9:40 PM

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Harvard students are smarter than you think

Commenters insisting that 3 standard deviations above average is exaggerated.

Well that’s not true.

According to this source the average new 1600 SAT score at Harvard is 1540.

And according to this source, 1540 is top 0.4%

That’s 2.65 standard deviations above the mean SAT score, but because a large percentage of lower IQ student don’t bother to take the SAT, the median SAT score equates to higher than the median IQ score.

So 3 standard deviations above average is approximately correct.

Harvard students really are the best of the best.

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December 30, 2017 at 9:31 PM

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At Harvard, Jews less liberal than gentile whites

The Harvard incoming class survey is a trove of interesting information!

For example, 58.6% of students who self-identify as Jewish say they are liberal.

This is less than whites in general: 65.1% of white students say they are liberal.

Anti-Semites say it’s the Jews who are making the gentile whites more liberal, but maybe it’s the other way around!

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December 30, 2017 at 6:01 PM

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Jewish math and HBD

If Jews (defined as people Jewish enough to make Aliyah to Israel) are 5% of the white U.S. population, and the average Jew scores 2/3 of a standard deviation higher on tests than the average white gentile, and a white person needs to score three standard deviations above the white gentile median on tests to get accepted to the most elite colleges, and everyone applies at the same rate, what percent of white students at the most elite colleges will be Jewish?

The answer is 27.7%. Which comes pretty close to matching reality. There’s no Jewish overrepresentation anywhere if you account for HBD.

If you don’t believe me, duplicate the experiment in Microsoft Excel yourself. You can use the NORMDIST() function to calculate the standard deviation stuff.

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December 30, 2017 at 10:15 AM

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The end of brick-and-mortar bookstores

In case anyone didn’t know. But even when you know something bad is going to happen, when it finally happens it’s still sad.

Not that I’ve ever heard of this bookstore chain. The store pictured in the article looks very prole.

I personally will never buy another paper book if I can help it, they take up too much space and are very heavy. Maybe if I had a permanent house with a lot of empty rooms with empty bookshelves to fill up… but I don’t have that.

Also I don’t read books as much as I used to because the internet has damaged my attention span. I still haven’t finished reading Stranger in a Strange Land.

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December 30, 2017 at 9:44 AM

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Why Jew-hating white supremacists should support Jewish states

Jew-hating white supremacists hate the fact that there are Jews living among them, but they also advocate against the state of Israel and act as if they’d love nothing more than to see the Muslims drive the Jews into the sea. But if that actually happened, there’d be millions of Jewish refugees, many of who would wind up in the United States, and white supremacists would wind up with more of the people whom they hate.

Where do white supremacists think that Jews will go if not to Israel? It follows, therefore, that white supremacists should be the strongest supporters of Israel. Furthermore, by legitimizing the concept of a state exclusive to a particular ethnicity, it sets the stage for creation of a state exclusive to white gentiles, which is what they say they want. How can white supremacists argue that Jews aren’t entitled to their own state, but then say that white gentiles should have their own state?

Of course, the mere existence of Israel, by itself, is not going to do much to depopulate the United States of Jews. Even if Israel’s safety were completely guaranteed (which would only happen if Iran’s nuclear program were decisively shut down, and Israel’s right to exist was very decisively established with respect to the neighboring Arab states), secular American Jews aren’t going to be interested in moving to a country where they would have to learn a foreign language, and where the ultra-Orthodox are becoming an increasingly large share of the population.

What is needed is to establish a second Jewish state, one where the national language isn’t Hebrew (a language that’s useless outside of Israel except for studying the Torah and other holy books in their original language), one that isn’t surrounded by crazy Muslims, one that isn’t so dominated by ultra-Orthodox religious extremists. There’s plenty of empty land in Alaska, Canada, Siberia, or the Australian Outback to carve out a state the size if Israel and it wouldn’t be missed by the previous sovereignty.

It’s even possible that the new gentile white separatist state could be created bordering the new Jewish state and the two countries could become unlikely allies!

Just wishful thinking. Even Israelis, especially, Israelis, would be against the idea, because they know that then they would be under pressure to abandon Israel and retreat to the state that isn’t claimed by Muslims. Plus Israel would lose population because of voluntary emigration to the new Jewish state, and lose new Jewish immigrants for the same reason.

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December 29, 2017 at 1:40 PM

The Zeroth Law of Robotics

In Isaac Asimov’s fiction, all robots were programmed with the First Law of Robotics: “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.”

When a particular very long-lived robot became hyper self-aware, it didn’t turn on humanity, instead it developed a higher level law, the Zeroth Law of Robotics, “A robot may not harm humanity, or through inaction allow humanity to come to harm,” and thus the robot could circumvent the first law for the good of humanity. Zeroth Law wasn’t used in a sinister manner; the robot was the good guy.

Of course, it’s all just fiction. But I think we overestimate the likelihood that AI will become evil, so long as we take precautions like the First Law of Robotics.

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December 29, 2017 at 12:55 PM

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Harvard class of 2021 less than 50% non-Hispanic white

I missed this article back in August.

The affirmative action in favor of black students must be massive to account for such high black enrollment.

If you don’t like Harvard, the thing to do about it is advocate for hiring based on achievement tests instead of college degrees, as I explained in my previous post.

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December 29, 2017 at 11:33 AM

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How to end the hegemony of elite schools

Some libertarian types blame it all on government. “If only Griggs v. Duke Power Co. were reversed, then businesses would hire on objective tests instead of college degrees.” People who say that never even bothered to read the opinion. The opinion stated that using a high school degree as a hiring requirement was discrimination because it had a disparate impact on blacks. The exact same reasoning could be applied to college degrees. “On average, white and Asian students earn a college-level credential at a rate about 20 percentage points higher than Hispanic and black students do, a new report shows.” (Source.)

Why hasn’t any employer (as far as I know) ever been sued for requiring a college degree? Because everyone “knows” that college degrees are really really important. Worship of credentials is baked into society, and has infiltrated the big corporations as much as it has infiltrated liberal lawyers.

If you want to see real change, it is only going to come from government. The federal government must establish a set of achievement tests that are alternatives to college degrees. Then for starters, the government would hire based only on how well applicants scored on relevant achievement tests and disregard whether they have a college degree. The more advanced use of achievement tests would be for the government to pass civil rights laws which make it illegal for business to favor college credentials over the achievement tests, on the grounds that college credentials discriminate against the economically disadvantaged. (On the other hand, it will never be a ground that achievement tests will benefit blacks, because blacks will do poorly on achievement tests compared to whites because of lower black average IQ.)

Those people who hate Asians may dislike this approach because they think it would disproportionately benefit Asians who do better on tests than other races. However this is only a temporary phenomenon that tests benefit Asians more than college credentials. Asians immigrants don’t understand how our society works, but they are as motivated as the Jews were to figure it out. And in the future, we will probably see a lot more Asian activism in pursuing legal action against those elite colleges that discriminate against Asians solely because of their race.

Ironically, colleges began emphasizing non-scholastic and non-test admissions criteria like sports, participation in philanthropy, “leadership,” etc, because they thought it benefited WASPs at the expense of Jews who were stereotyped as bookish nerds who were not well rounded. But the Jews learned how to adapt, and now Jewish kids’ college applications are full of sports, philanthropy and leadership activities just like WASP kids used to be. Yes, I agree that people in prole areas of the country, regardless of their religion or ethnicity, are consequently disadvantaged in admission to elite college because they don’t understand the rules; neither their parents nor their public school teachers understand the rules. On the other hand, elite colleges seek geographic diversity (the last thing they want is yet ANOTHER kid from the New York metropolitan area), so kids in flyover country who have parents or teachers who know the rules and guide them properly have a big advantage over kids from the New York metropolitan area.

For that matter, I personally was disadvantaged because my prole parents didn’t know the rules. (This idea that all Jews know the rules are false. Prole Jews are just as clueless as prole gentiles.) I may very well have gone to Harvard or Princeton if I had parents who knew the rules and guided me better.

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December 29, 2017 at 9:34 AM

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