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David Katz: mentally ill or not?

This article has the most detailed explanation of Katz’s problems that I’m aware of.

Richard Katz, a NASA engineer, asserted that his ex-wife had “an obsession with using mental health professionals and in particular psychiatric drugs to perform the work that parents should naturally do.” He said she routinely gave false information to mental health care providers.

It’s possible that Katz’s problems can better be described as having an extreme high-N personality, but that’s not something that the mental health system currently believes in. However, I don’t know as much about Katz as I know about Elliot Rodger who was kind enough to leave behind a detailed autobiography.

* * *

More here:

He also attended the University of Maryland previously, but was not a enrolled this semester, university President Wallace Loh said. He enrolled beginning in September 2014, and majored in environmental science and technology, a university spokesman said. He did not live on campus.

Natalie Gill, a former teaching assistant and graduate student at the University of Maryland, said Katz struggled and kept to himself when he was in her class in the fall of 2015. She said the picture of him going around online “with no smiling” reminded her of “how he looked all the time.”

“I knew the other students very well, but he did not open up the same way as the others did,” Gill, 27, said. “I pulled him aside and asked if there was anything I could do to help and he basically had no reaction to that.”

Sounds like social anxiety.

* * *

I would say that the mother also has a high-N personality, but for her that didn’t manifest as extreme social anxiety, but she engaged in other neurotic behaviors like calling the police for trivial issues. Exaggerating her son’s mental problems sounds like a case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

If she couldn’t handle her son, and her ex-husband wanted custody, there was an obvious solution there that she refused to avail herself of.

* * *

CNN also obtained police records that show 26 calls for service to the police from the Katz family home in Columbia, Maryland, from 1993 to 2009, for issues ranging from “mental illness” to domestic disputes. At least two of those calls involved Katz arguing with his mother, though none of the reports provided to CNN show any physical violence.

We see that the mother called the police for frivolous reasons (attention-seeking behavior). If she couldn’t handle her son, she could have let his father give it a try, but she never did that.

I’ve decided that I agree with the father, that the mother exaggerated the kid’s problems because she herself had mental problems, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, which did harm to the kid who might have turned out a lot more normal if his more mentally stable father had been able to parent him. Being subjected to mental health treatment he didn’t need may have, ironically, contributed to his depression and anxiety.

As for why the kid was so into video games, boys have a natural desire to compete with other boys for status. But the kid was too ectomorphic to compete in sports, and too shy for in-person socializing, so videogames were his only outlet.

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August 28, 2018 at 9:20 AM

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Star Trek TOS, season 1: “Court Martial”

The next Star Trek post will discuss “Shore Leave,” and then “”The Squire of Gothos,” and then “Arena.” I am now watching the episodes in production order instead of the airdate order used by Netflix.

* * *

Worst episode of Star Trek so far. They say that “Spock’s Brain” is the all-time worst episode. I say that this one is a contender, but surprisingly there are some reviews on the internet which are actually positive.

Before I trash this episode, let me point out some positives:

1. William Shatner, playing Captain Kirk, shows us how real alpha males behave when being accused of a crime. He never, for once, wavers or shows the slightest doubt, hesitation, or nervousness in saying that he’s innocent, he didn’t make any mistakes, and the computer is wrong. And at the same time, he’s putting the moves on his MILFy ex-lover. A beta-male would be too worried about the trial to have time to think about shacking up with an ex-girlfriend. If he had one at all. As Doctor McCoy said to the MILF, “All of my old friends look like doctors. All of his look like you.”

2. There’s a lot of diversity. (Female prosecutor, black Commodore, an Indian guy, and an Asian woman.) Normally, diversity is a bad thing in TV shows, but in this case (1) it predicts the future of TV as well as society (female prosecutors were very rare in 1966 but are as common as male prosecutors in 2018), and (2) it actually makes sense in the future context. At least everyone is human. In a TNG episode, there would have been a bunch of alien diversity on top of the human diversity.

Now for why this episode sucks so bad:

1. The whole story is based on Kirk ejecting an “ion pod” before he calls for red alert. What the heck is an ion pod? It’s never explained at all, and during the entire episode I am wondering what the heck Kirk even did in the first place.

2. Someone dies just about every episode. Why is Star Fleet suddenly concerned about this death?

3. To answer question #2, maybe it’s because the dead man is a Lieutenant Commander, the same rank as Spock. You mean, the ship had a third-most senior officer and we’ve never seen him before until this episode? How does that make any sense? Anyway, Starfleet valuing senior officers more than low-ranked red-shirts shows that justice isn’t equal in the future.

4. The only people who can alter computer records, which includes a video of Kirk pressing the wrong button, are Kirk himself, Spock, and the Lieutenant Commander guy? You mean skill with hacking computers and editing videos with Adobe Premier Pro is required to become a senior officer? Very unlikely. In any organization, I guarantee you that the guy who is most skilled with Adobe Premier Pro is NOT the CEO or anyone else in the C-suite.

5. Because the Lieutenant Commander hacked the video, this caused Spock’s chess program to become less good at playing chess. Huh? How does that work? Maybe people believed that in the 1960s, but it doesn’t hold up at all 52 years later.

6. Captain Kirk has the worst lawyer in the history of the law. Let me explain all the ways that he sucks as a lawyer:

a. He only uses books, not the computer, to do legal research. That’s pretty unlikely even in the year 2018. I doubt that any paper law books will exist at all in the 23rd century, except in museum displays and as antique collectibles. The lawyer gives some reason for using books that doesn’t make any legal sense at all.

b. McCoy and Spock both testify for the prosecution, and the lawyer doesn’t even bother to ask them any questions, even though they are both sticking up for Kirk and would have rendered testimony very favorable to Kirk if asked the right questions.

c. The prosecutor asks long leading questions to her witnesses on direct examination. Doesn’t that violate Starfleet courtroom procedure? Why didn’t the defense attorney object?

d. The lawyer is surprised by the video evidence presented by the prosecution. Didn’t the lawyer do any discovery? Maybe he should watch My Cousin Vinny instead of reading a bunch of three-hundred-year-old books.

e. After the lawyer calls Kirk to the stand (who gives great testimony because he’s an alpha male), the prosecution responds with the video of Kirk pushing the button while there is still a yellow alert. The fact that the prosecution only was able to present this video after Kirk testified indicates that under the Star Fleet rules of evidence, it was only admissible to rebut Kirk’s testimony. Because the video was the most damning evidence against Kirk, allowing Kirk to testify and thus allowing the video to be introduced was the worst lawyering mistake in history.

The correct defense strategy would have been to question McCoy and Spock, and then, of course, not call Kirk as a witness, and argue that the prosecution didn’t prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, given the compelling testimony from McCoy and Spock.

f. The lawyer says that they have to beam aboard the Enterprise because Kirk has a right to confront his accuser, his accuser being the computer. This is a completely bogus legal argument. Didn’t his old books explain that the computer evidence would be a business record and not a witness? He surely had the right to call in an expert witness to explain how the computer evidence could have been tampered with, but he never did that, adding to his failings as a lawyer. However, the judge bought it, indicating that in the future no one knows anything about how a trial is supposed to work.

7. In the video, it shows that Kirk has three buttons on his captain’s chair, labeled “Yellow Alert,” “Red Alert,” and “Eject Ion Pod.” How dumb is that putting a button that kills someone right next to the Red Alert button? I can imagine a future episode where Kirk rests his arm on his chair’s armrest, accidentally hitting the button. Oops, killed another officer by accident!

8. Kirk’s ex-lover is allowed to be the prosecutor for this case. What kind of kangaroo court is the Federation running? Why didn’t she recuse herself?

9. Kirk gets into a fistfight with the murder victim, who isn’t actually dead because he faked his own death, and Kirk’s shirt gets ripped in the process. Ignoring the unlikelihood that the defendant in a murder trial would be allowed to wander the ship by himself in search of his own victim, there is clearly a problem with Star Fleet uniforms being defective. Starfleet must have gotten what seemed like a deal on cheap uniforms from the Ferengi, but got ripped off because they were made from sub-standard fabrics.

Just kidding about the second part of #9, the ripped shirts are hokey but add to the charm of the original series.

* * *

“Mike Street Station” writes in a comment:

You could hardly have expected that the writer of the episode know either law or computers.

I could forgive the writer for getting some stuff about computers wrong, but I most certainly DO expect a writer in the 1960s who is writing an episode about a criminal trial to know how a criminal trial works in the 1960s. I am 100% certain that there were writers in the 1960s with basic legal knowledge who could have been hired to write the script.

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David Katz

“Significant medical problems and healthcare needs” add to the mystery.

So far, I have heard nothing about Katz having a college degree or having any sort of career (other than playing videogames which he wasn’t making a living wage from doing even though he won $10,000 once). It’s strange that he would not have any college degree even though both of his parents are well educated. Did his mysterious health problems prevent him from having a normal life?

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August 27, 2018 at 9:48 AM

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The nuclear family problem

Interesting comment from “Peter Akuleyev”:

Most people are in fact not good parents because the American-style nuclear family is a recent evolution in an industrial society and doesn’t work well, especially for people of African descent or Native American descent. Hilary Clinton may be a fatuous ass but the sentiment “it takes a village”, or at least an extended family, is the natural biological way to raise children.

I will add to this that the nuclear family worked better when women were stay-at-home moms. The nuclear family is pretty bad in an era when women are supposed to work at jobs while raising children.

Most black women with children are unmarried and still live with their own mothers or other family members, so they are living in an extended family, but without the support of the father’s side of the family.

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August 27, 2018 at 9:40 AM

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Airpod updates

Strange that wireless earbuds evoked such contention in the comments.

Once upon a time, Apple products used to rub me the wrong way, probably because of the synergy between the smugness of people used them and Apple putting its big Apple log on everything in a manner that would be prole if any other company did it. And that was before I even realized that Apple was pushing SJWism. Before I even knew what an SJW was.

But I realized the superiority of Apple after trying my first iOS product. I’ve also tried Android devices and they suck in comparison.

Now it could be that because I used Apple first, my view of Android was tainted. I don’t know. The first relational database server I ever used was Informix, but then the company I worked for switched to Microsoft SQL Server, and my impression was “Wow! This is so much better than Informix!” That was probably in 1999: the old days, when Microsoft made the best stuff.

I couldn’t get into using a Mac. Ignoring the operating system, the MacBook Air is the best designed computer I’ve ever owned, but I can’t get into the operating system. One day I will replace it with a Windows notebook computer.

Some people say that I should boycott Apple because of their politics, The only OS competing against Apple in smartphones is Android, which is owned by the other liberal tech monopoly which recently banned Infowars from YouTube. It’s true that Google makes a lot less money from Android than Apple makes from iPhones and other iOS products, but when you use Android you still make Google a more powerful monopoly. It’s impossible to boycott the monopoly of Android and Apple and still live a normal life.

Going back to specific issues with the Airpods:

Could you lose one because it falls out of your ear? I’m sure it’s possible, but they are the same shape as the wired Earpods, and those have never fallen out of my ear except when I used them while lying in bed.

Are there better headphone out there? I personally could never get into the earbuds that you have to shove into your ear canal, and all of the competitors that supposedly offer better sound quality are of that sort. So no thanks. I also have never found big heavy over-the-air headphones to be very comfortable. I can’t stand wearing them for more than a half hour at a time. The Apple Airpods I could wear all day without noticing them. Comfort trumps sound quality, at least for me. YMMV.

The little white shafts sticking out of the Airpods serve a purpose, it’s a battery, an antenna, and where the microphone is located. Each side has a microphone, and it uses smart 3D noise canceling so that it can pick out your voice from the din of surrounding noise. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. At least one person I talked to on the phone preferred the sound quality of the Airpods over a JBL Flip 4 used as a speakerphone.

The Airpods also work seamlessly with other Apple products. As soon as you take one out of your ear, what you’re playing stops playing. As soon as you put it back in, it starts playing again. You can also see what percent battery charge they have left by going to the speaker selector in iOS.

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Facebook censoring mainstream conservative newspaper columns

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August 26, 2018 at 11:26 PM

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Beta-male rage in Jacksonville FL

Normally I wouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly, but it was at a video-gaming tournament.

But why shoot up his fellow nerds?

* * *

Another witness, Javaris Long, told the Tampa Bay Times that the suspect was “nerdy” and got mad because he lost, so he went to his car, got his gun, came back and “started blasting everybody.”

* * *

UPDATE: I agree that David Katz is an ugly looking guy, plus very ectomorphic. That would undoubtedly cause him to be disgruntled because girls would reject him.

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August 26, 2018 at 6:25 PM

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Apple Airpods

These things are great. The elites running our media now say that you are supposed to spend money on “experiences” (like expensive restaurants and vacations) and not “things” (like wireless earbuds), but they are clearly wrong. I’ve only had them since Friday, but I anticipate that they are going to make my life a lot better. I didn’t realize what a pain-in-the ass wires were until they were removed. The technology that makes these things so small and light is amazing. You hardly notice you’re wearing them.

They only thing bad I can say about them is that they work less well with my PC than they do with Apple products. The audio works with my PC, although it’s slightly more difficult to get them to connect, but the microphone doesn’t work. And the range doesn’t seem to be as long with the PC.

Well worth $160.

* * *

Regarding sound quality, I can’t say they are any better or worse than the wired earpods that are included for free with an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

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August 26, 2018 at 2:28 PM

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Scott Morrison

Australia’s new prime minister. He’s anti-immigration. Even as the elitist wolves from the MSM and the Deep State circle around Trump in Washington, the anti-immigration movement gets more powerful worldwide.

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August 24, 2018 at 4:52 PM

In South Korea, kids go to school to learn videogames

Choi Min-ji, a bespectacled 16-year-old, commutes for more than an hour and forks over 500,000 won ($440) a month to attend three-hour-long weekly sessions at GameCoach Academy, a slick outfit in a run-down industrial district. K-pop blares 24/7, and the hallways are emblazoned with glossy championship certificates. GameCoach specializes in three of the most popular esports games: Overwatch, League of Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (for all its success abroad, Fortnite hasn’t captivated the Korean pro circuit). Choi, one of the school’s 120 aspiring pros, considers himself lucky. “Times change, and I think dreams change too,” he says, ¬fidgeting. “I’ve always liked games, and I might as well be successful in my life by playing games. It’s something my parents now agree on.”

Sounds like more fun than violin lessons. And $440 for 12 hours of instruction is a pretty reasonable price.

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