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Star Trek Discovery S02E02

Better than the first episode of the season, but I don’t like where they are going with the religious crap, nor do I like Pike’s weird interpretation of the Prime Directive.

They find a planet with fugitives from Earth. That’s NOT an alien planet, that’s a planet with our own people on it, so it would not violate any version of the Prime Directive I’ve ever heard explained to provide them with answers about Earth and technological support. I have no doubt that Captain Kirk would have done the right thing. And this show is supposed to take place before TOS and not during the more uptight and morally preachy TNG error.

Also, Captain Kirk would be pissed off at aliens passing themselves off as “angels,” and not in any way moved or awed by it. Remember the lesson of Who Mourns for Adonais? “Mankind has no need for Gods.”

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January 28, 2019 at 3:33 PM

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Only Trump (again)

It’s time to restate what I’ve written before.

Only Trump could have beaten Hillary Clinton. (By that I mean only Trump out of the other Republicans who were running in 2016: Cruz, Rubio, and most especially Jeb Bush because I assume that had Trump not interfered, Bush would have won the nomination. Perhaps Trump has opened the way for nationalist politicians in the future.)

Would Jeb Bush have won Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin? No way, because Jeb wouldn’t have been able to rally the prole white Rustbelt vote. And it’s extremely unlikely that Jeb Bush would have been able to win Virginia to make up for it; Clinton beat Trump by a 5.4 percentage point margin. Therefore, Jeb would have most certainly lost to Clinton.

The Republican Party before Trump was a weird coalition of anti-abortion evangelical Christians and rich people who wanted lower taxes for themselves. Neither of these two main Republican platforms were of much interest to the non-evangelical-Christian sort of prole whites who traditionally voted Democratic. Trump showed the way to reach the prole whites.

And Trump did it entirely by accident. I still subscribe to the Mr. Magoo theory of Trump. He won by being himself despite not having a plan or a governing philosophy or even knowing what he was doing. The prole whites bonded with Trump because Trump speaks there language. Literally. Trump’s manner of using hyperbole, bullshit and insults (which drives the elites in the mainstream media mad with rage) is how proles talk to each other. Where elite media types see a “liar” and a boor, the proles see a guy who talks just like their Uncle Bob or the guy who lives next door.

Trump doesn’t have a governing philosophy, but he does have a strange psychological makeup which makes him immune to what I would call persuasion or influence. He still lives by the attitudes he remembers growing up in the 1950s. He thinks that global warming is bullshit because there was no such thing in the 1950s. He thinks that transgender bathrooms and gay marriage are bullshit. He doesn’t care about abortion one way or the other because abortion was illegal in the 1950s and no one cared back then. He still eats his steak well done because presumably that’s how his mother cooked them in the 1950s, and he’s immune to the sort persuasion that convinced every other upper class person that well-done is the “wrong” way to eat steak.

But despite being immune to persuasion and influence, Trump still has a very strong desire to be liked. He felt very insulted that the Republican establishment refused to give him respect, and he has been trying to prove them wrong by being the most Republican Republican on issues like taxes and repealing Obamacare and appointing the most conservative judges. He said “repeal and replace Obamacare,” and the proles cheered because the reality on the ground is that Obamacare sucks compared to just getting a free healthcare plan from your employer that has a much lower deductible and more doctors in its network. But Trump was too clueless to realize that Republicans double-crossed him and didn’t care about the “replace” part, they just wanted to repeal the damn thing.

Trump has a genuine dislike of criminal behavior, and it’s the lawlessness of the border that he is passionate about, which is why that’s how he frames the issue of immigration, instead of talking about the economic or social consequences. When Ted Cruz had to become anti-immigration to debate against Trump, Cruz made the anti-immigration case a lot better than Trump did himself. (But it doesn’t matter, because Cruz wouldn’t have been able to win over the prole whites in the Rustbelt.)

And finally, let’s get around the Wall and the government shutdown. Trump genuinely wants a Wall, but because he’s Mr. Magoo and not a smart strategist, he let Republicans in Congress play him on that, giving them their pet issues of Obamacare repeal (which failed by one Republican vote) and a huge tax cut for the rich, but letting them ignore immigration, until one day Trump realized that if he couldn’t get a Wall with Republicans controlling the House, he would never get a Wall with Democrats controlling the house.

All that said, imagine the disaster if Trump hadn’t been around and Hillary Clinton became President instead? Hillary would have appointed an extreme liberal to replace Justice Scalia, and we would now have an extreme liberal Supreme Court which would have meant the end of the United States as we know it. We see how liberal judges are thwarting every one of Trump’s executive orders. A liberal Supreme Court would have decided that enforcing our borders violates the Constitution (because it’s racist and the Constitution prohibits anything that’s racist).

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January 28, 2019 at 10:23 AM

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The Orville S02E05 “All the World Is Birthday Cake”

I was very disappointed with this episode, the weakest so far of the season, and perhaps even the series.

They make first contact with a new planet. Why does everyone on this planet speak English? OK, I get that The Orville is an homage to Star Trek, and in Star Trek aliens always speak English, and the reason is that if aliens spoke a foreign language that no one in Star Fleet could understand, then they wouldn’t be able to have all those episodes with cool stories about Riker and those guys getting into all sorts of trouble with alien races.

Another problem with the alien planet is that it appears to have a single government and single culture (a monoculture) for the entire planet, which happens every single planet they come across. The only planet we know of with intelligent life, that is our own planet, is balkanized with many governments and many cultures, so it’s logical to assume that most other pre-space-faring planets would also be like that. But once again, they are copying Star Trek.

So let’s get to the REAL problems with this episode.

It’s totally believable that an alien race would have stupid beliefs that our obviously false to those not indoctrinated in the belief system. So it’s believable that the planet could have astrology as their religion, but it’s absolutely NOT believable that people who appear to have the same level of technology as 21st century Earth would not be aware that planets in other solar systems would have different solar years and their sun would not be in the same part of the sky at the same time. And if the other solar system was far enough away, the sky would be totally different and they wouldn’t see the same constellations.An no one from the Orville even tries to make any of these arguments.

When dealing with an advanced alien species, putting their people in prison seems like a bad idea, even if you find them disgusting or repugnant. People rational enough to create an advanced civilization would be rational enough to know that the smart thing to do would be to not antagonize aliens. Telling Captain Mercer to take his people off the planet would make so much more sense. And once again, I never even heard Mercer say “why pay money to keep them in prison, we’ll just take our people off your hands and we’ll never come back.”

So I couldn’t get past all of the stuff in this episode that doesn’t make any sense. Big thumbs down.

* * *

However, I liked Ted Danson as an admiral. And it’s intriguing that hired an actress with a prole Rustbelt accent to replace Alara. That’s Jessica Szohr, and I couldn’t quite recognize her under all the alien makeup, but I now remember that she played a prole girl on Gossip Girl.

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January 26, 2019 at 11:49 PM

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Who wants to work on Trump’s 2020 campaign?

I certainly don’t. The deep state wants to put in jail everyone who helps Trump. They’ll find some crime you did in the past (most people have cheated on their taxes at some time), or manufacture a process crime. We no longer live in a free Democracy.

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January 25, 2019 at 12:38 PM

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Roger Stone indictment

There’s absolutely nothing in this indictment about real crimes committed with respect to Donald Trump’s campaign. This is all about Mueller punishing anyone who is perceived as having helped Trump become President, and creating the perception for the public and the mainstream media and the Democrats in Congress that Trump is surrounded with criminals and thus Trump, by association, must be a criminal himself and should be impeached.

How the Mueller scam works is that people are made to FEEL guilty even though they didn’t commit any prosecutable crimes, so they spin things or tell what they think of as little white lies to put themselves in a better light, and then Mueller interprets that as lying or obstruction of justice.

Stone never should have voluntarily testified before Congress, and if he was subpoenaed then he never should have said anything besides “I invoke my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.” And of course he should have lawyered up, because once you have a lawyer then all communications between you and investigators have to go through the lawyer, and the lawyer won’t be suckered into feeling guilty because lawyers assume all of their clients are guilty anyway. All lawyers know that their clients’ most dangerous enemies are not prosecutors or police, but rather their clients’ own loose lips.

I urge Trump to pardon Stone ASAP. If anyone is deserving of a pardon, it’s Roger Stone. But I predict that Trump won’t do that because Trump has continuously demonstrated that he’s afraid to use his veto power to help victims of the witch hunt. Liberals call Trump “authoritarian,” but actually he’s the most powerless president of my lifetime.

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January 25, 2019 at 9:22 AM

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Computer science an increasingly popular major

The New York Times reports that the number of computer science majors more than doubled between 2013 and 2017.

1. This invalidates the theory of certain blog commenters that everyone goes to college to major in bogus majors like women’s studies (which in reality is an extremely rare major). There is actually widespread, if not universal, acknowledgement by college students that they should be concerned with the marketability of their degree.

2. Perhaps the reason for this sudden increase (which I actually was surprised to learn about) is that the problem of young people getting saddled with student debt but with no corresponding high-paying job is becoming more widely known, and there’s a new rush to major in something practical.

3. The fact that people are going to college for vocational reasons goes completely against the liberal ideal of college as a humanist place where minds are expanded, and you can self-actualize by studying the world’s greatest works of literature, philosophy, etc. What college students really want is to major in something like plumbing or HVAC, but less blue-collar.

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January 24, 2019 at 11:56 AM

College, part 5 (getting into the cost issue)

Traditionally, Americans saw college education (especially humanist liberal arts education) as a luxury for rich kids and not any sort of necessity. In America, people were judged by what they could contribute and not by their degrees.

Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) dropped out of school after the fifth grade.

Abraham Lincoln, a successful lawyer before becoming a politician and then President, only had one year of elementary school education.

But that was in the 19th century. In the 21st century, good luck with having any sort of career success without having formal college degrees and then graduate school degrees. And because of this modern reality, parents, and young people, feel compelled to spend any amount of money necessary in order not to be left behind.

At the same time, there are a lot of misinformed choices being made. For most people, not having a degree at all is a better choice than attending a crappy for-profit school and getting sacked with loads of student debt. And unless students are able to get into an elite school like an Ivy League or equivalent, there’s no benefit to paying more money for a private school or out-of-state tuition above the low-cost local education available from public colleges and universities.

Why isn’t there anyone responsible working to get information out to the public to prevent young people and their parents from making bad choices? I guess part of the answer is that the mainstream media is so worried about people making the “wrong” choice of not attending college at all, they are afraid of saying anything that might discourage someone from attending college, any college, any degree, at any cost.

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January 23, 2019 at 3:30 PM

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Catholic cucks

Notre Dame University is covering up murals depicting Christopher Columbus. Must click on link to see the scope of what they are doing.

Shame on them! This is disgusting. Columbus has always been admired for ushering in a new age of discovery.

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January 23, 2019 at 10:30 AM

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Wrong, MAGA hats are not “racist”

According to the Huffington Post, MAGA hats are inherently racist, and shouldn’t be worn in public.

This is one of the most anti-free-speech things I’ve ever read from a supposed news organization. Yes, people can wear the President of the United States’ campaign paraphernalia in public. It’s protected free speech, and it’s inherently not racist to support the person who voters elected to be President.

If people are offended by seeing MAGA hats in public, then they should lock themselves in their homes so they don’t have to see other people’s free speech.

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January 23, 2019 at 10:12 AM

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Viral high school students video Twitter scam

Wow, looks like the video alleging racism on the part of Catholic high school students on a class trip was promoted by a fake Twitter account powered by an army of bots. It wasn’t just a case of a video accidentally being discovered.

Who was behind this disinformation campaign? The Russians again?

(Thank you, “destructure,” for bringing this to my attention.)

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January 22, 2019 at 4:36 PM

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