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Robocalls: Has Andrew Yang been reading my blog?

A while back, I wrote:

Why doesn’t Donald Trump do something about this?

Why can’t we create a system where it’s impossible to spoof caller ID?

Why can’t phone service providers figure out that a huge number of robocalls are coming from a certain entity and put a stop to it?

But Andrew Yang talks about the issue on his website:

It’s ridiculous that companies can call us all day every day pitching us unwelcome services, particularly when the calls are automated. Our time is the most valuable resource we have. Companies need to value our time the same way that we do. If you call me you’d better be human.

You may say, no way is he reading the blog, this is just an obvious problem. Andy politician with common sense would address it.

But if it’s so obvious, why has no other politician besides Andrew Yang ever mentioned the issue? Donald Trump has ignored the issue. He obviously doesn’t read my blog. Is Andrew Yang the only politician with common sense?

* * *

Andrew Yang actually hasn’t addressed the technological and legal issues. That the calls come from outside of the United States, they spoof caller IDs, and our telecommunications network, for whatever reason legal or technical, is unable to stop them. But at least he mentions it as a problem for government to solve.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

March 18, 2019 at EDT pm

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  1. “But if it’s so obvious, why has no other politician besides Andrew Yang ever mentioned the issue?”

    I was just reading an article in The Week that answers your question.

    “His is the most detailed platform I have ever seen from any candidate in a primary election. It is also far and away the most interesting. You could spend hours perusing this website. Under the “Policy” tab there is a series of headings that direct you to Yang’s position on everything from tort reform to the regulation of artificial intelligence. It is certainly an eclectic range.”

    “What is fascinating to me about Yang is not that he has bothered to think carefully through dozens of issues that millions of ordinary Americans worry about and devise solutions to them, but the fact that none of his opponents have done so. Why do these people even want to run for president? Certainly not because they have any ideas about how they could help the rest of us.”


    March 19, 2019 at EDT am

    • Yang is an extremely intelligent and grounded guy.

      The problem for me is that he believes in Puerto Rican statehood.

      True, he’ll never become president, but I don’t like that.

      Still, he’s a fantastic protest vote.

      His book is excellent, although I do think he oversells the driverless car thing.


      OT, speaking about automation disrupting the economy, how many people here would be willing to go to a robot phlebotomist?

      I was thinking of this because Elizabeth Holmes is so much in the news nowadays. The problem of drawing blood would be solved if one could go to a robot phlebotomist at a kiosk, place your arm in a pillowed cuff, and then a robot which can sense exactly where your vein is, inserts a needle with robotic precision into the skin, and draws blood. That to me would solve the problem of blood drawing.


      March 19, 2019 at EDT am

      • I’m against PR statehood as well. I think most PR’s would be against it as well. Which is why they always vote it down.

        Yang also just came out against circumcision. He wants an initiative requiring doctors to tell parents it’s not medically necessary. I agree with him. Doctors and hospitals shouldn’t be pushing superstition as medicine. I suspect they see it as a quick way to make a few hundred extra bucks on births.


        March 20, 2019 at EDT pm

      • I think many doctors are actually convinced that it’s a health thing but whatever. Eric Klopper convinced me that the studies are flawed.

        That said I don’t think it’s wise for a Presidential nominee to take a stand on this. I mean, circumcision?

        OTOH, I do think Presidential candidates should take a stand on boys beating the shit out of girls in school athletics.

        Why is Spain of all places even more insane than the US?


        March 20, 2019 at EDT pm

      • “True, he’ll never become president, but I don’t like that.”

        Meant to write, care about that.


        March 20, 2019 at EDT pm

  2. There is no legal or technical problem. It’s not a problem in Canada. For some insane reason the FCC simply hasn’t seriously moved on this.

    In theory you can sue the spam callers for something like a few hundred dollars a pop, and this was supposed to be the solution. There are guys making a living doing this. They get on the “do not call list” and then answer every robo-call and talk to operators as necessary to identify the actual firm involved. Then they file suit in small claims court and eventually collect. There just aren’t enough people bothering to do this for it to control the problem.


    March 19, 2019 at EDT am

    • This was going to be my question. Are telemarketing calls a problem in other countries? If not, why not?


      March 19, 2019 at EDT pm

  3. I like that his platform is full of lots of small things that are high-impact, in addition to his big grand crazy ideas. His platform even says we need to get people hanging out in malls again.


    March 19, 2019 at EDT am

    • oh, that’s another problem I have with him. Being an 80s kid, he has a sentimental attachment to malls. He is not old enough to remember when malls were public enemy number one, and the project was to get people back to Main Street.

      I say deconstruct malls, recycle their materials, plow them under, and get people back to Main Street.


      March 19, 2019 at EDT am

  4. OT:

    I just wanted to add some more info on the NZ shooter.

    The link argues that, at 8:56, the shell casings that are exiting the rifle as it is fired, are actually disappearing into the air.

    I checked the footage provided against my own copy of the video. The evidence is dead on.


    March 19, 2019 at EDT am

    • Map, please don’t. This is nonsense. Stop embarrassing yourself.

      Mike Street Station

      March 19, 2019 at EDT am

    • Shell cases, not shell casings. Only stupid LEOs and TV and movie people call them casings.


      March 19, 2019 at EDT pm

  5. Another Yang proposal is to block circumcision. At least he’s original.

    Black Death

    March 19, 2019 at EDT am

    • Not “block” it, but educate against it.

      Lion of the Blogosphere

      March 19, 2019 at EDT am

    • I don’t have a strong opinion on circumcision. Being circumcised is not among the 10,000 worst things that have happened to me. I’d probably be slightly against it for my own boys, if only because of the remote possibility of serious complications.

      BUT — I sure do hate anti-circumcision activism. Like anti-vax, it’s a movement that seems to cross both right and left. But one thing about anti-vaxxers is that, although they’re wrong, they’re at least not telling me how to raise my children.

      I knew a woman once, a single mother of a daughter, no relationship with her father, far-left feminist, yet ending male circumcision was the issue she was most passionate about. No men in her life, but this was the hill she wanted to die on. It just bewildered me.


      March 19, 2019 at EDT am

  6. Here it is:

    The Democratic candidate revealed in a little-noticed tweet last week that he was against the ritualized practice of cutting a newborn’s foreskin. But in an interview with The Daily Beast, he said that if he were elected he would incorporate that view into public policy, mainly by pushing initiatives meant to inform parents that they don’t need to have their infants circumcised for health reasons.

    Here’s what the American academy of Pediatrics has to say:

    Although health benefits are not great enough to recommend routine circumcision for all male newborns, the benefits of circumcision are sufficient to justify access to this procedure for families choosing it and to warrant third-party payment for circumcision of male newborns. It is important that clinicians routinely inform parents of the health benefits and risks of male newborn circumcision in an unbiased and accurate manner.

    Parents ultimately should decide whether circumcision is in the best interests of their male child. They will need to weigh medical information in the context of their own religious, ethical, and cultural beliefs and practices. The medical benefits alone may not outweigh these other considerations for individual families.


    So their position is not so different from Dr. Yang’s. But who really cares? Is this issue of such burning importance that it should come up in the next presidential campaign? Imagine the headlines – “Yang and Sanders Square Off In No-Holds-Barred Debate over Circumcision!” Or “Yang Proposes to Block Immigration of Circumcised Males.” This guy sounds like a nutcase to me.

    Black Death

    March 19, 2019 at EDT am

  7. YANG GANG 2020

    Two in the Bush

    March 19, 2019 at EDT am

  8. Doesn’t Yang also want a government censor to fine people who produce news stories which the government doesn’t like?


    March 19, 2019 at EDT am

  9. We get robocalls all the time but they never say anything.

    Stupid business model if you ask me.

    Mrs Stitch

    March 19, 2019 at EDT pm

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