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Smollett in the MSM

NBC News:

“The FOP is outraged by the decision to drop charges against Smollett, but not surprised,” the union said in an emailed statement to NBC News. “Since Kimberly Foxx has taken office, she has transformed the prosecutor’s office to a political arm of the anti-police movement. We renew our call for a federal investigation of her role in this case and expect the media to conduct a thorough investigation.”

The mysterious involvement of Kim Foxx and the Obamas was only a local Chicago story and on right-wing websites until now.

Or maybe not. I don’t see this in any other non-Chicago MSM.

An column in the Chicago Tribune:

“Foxx expunged it all,” said a top Chicago police official. “The media’s really not focusing on that. What does it mean? It means you’ll never see the (police) interviews or read the notes.

“The case has been expunged. I can’t even tell you if Jussie Smollett was ever arrested or charged,” the official said. “Charged with what? Faking hate crimes? Indictments, what indictments? She wiped him clean.”

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March 27, 2019 at 8:41 AM

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  1. Trevor Noah and James Corden are critical of the Smollett exoneration. They’re as MSM as it gets.


    March 27, 2019 at 1:38 PM

  2. Smollett to sue Chicago for false arrest and more, maybe, says his mouthpiece.


    March 27, 2019 at 5:03 PM

    • It’s bullshit, they’ll never do that.

      However, Smollett’s total lack of contrition is why the police are so pissed.

      Lion of the Blogosphere

      March 27, 2019 at 7:09 PM

  3. The FBI is now investigating the circumstances surrounding the dropped charges.

    As far as I know, the FBI is still investigating Smollett for mail fraud as well.


    March 27, 2019 at 8:26 PM

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