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Ghislaine Maxwell photo was taken by her friend Leah Saffian

Did I not write, yesterday, that the pictures were taken by a friend a not some random person who happened to spot her? And that the friend likely used a cheap digital camera? In fact, other sources say that EXIF data in one version of the photos say it was taken with a Canon Canon PowerShot SX530 HS.

The Daily Mail article, however, does NOT tell us WHEN the photos were taken, or explain the photoshopping. I still go with the explanation that the photos were taken some time in the past and Ghislaine was not in Los Angeles last week. If she’s SMART, she’s in France and not in the United States.

It is said that the friend, Leah Saffian, sent the photos to the NY Post. We don’t know if she did that on her own or if Ghislaine asked her to do it.

We don’t know to what extent the NY Post is complicit. Talk about fake news.

Regarding the Daily Mail headline that the photos were “staged,” I disagree with that. I think that her friend just took them when they were hanging out together sometime in the past, sometime well before last week, and then the photos were utilized to try to deceive people into thinking she’s currently in Los Angeles. After photoshopping to add the Good Boys poster. Plus there is additional really sloppy photoshopping seen in one of the photos that is not explained.

But at least we can credit a tabloid in the United Kingdom for doing some real investigation that no newspaper in the United States is interested in doing.

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August 20, 2019 at EDT am

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  1. Is there any credible rumor that she’ll be charged with anything?

    Poor old gal, her life of crime is over, but she still has assets and if she doesn’t get arrested, she’ll escape “suicide.”


    August 20, 2019 at EDT am

  2. Not directly related but this telling article illuminates on the extremely bizarre skeleton’s in GM’s family’s closet, including the bizarre and mysterious death/suicide of her brother in law/proven conman Al Seckel (GM’s older twin sisters are extremely successful and made bank during the early dotcom era. And one of these sisters fell for this conman).

    This Seckel was a bigger conman than Epstein, but without the looks, charm, connections, or women.

    And of course, who pops again? Slick Willy. Too bizarre to even paraphrase:

    “His (Seckel’s) daughter, Elizabeth Seckel, has built on her father’s work in optical illusion by pioneering something called “mirror box therapy.” Seckel brought her method, sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative, to Haiti after the earthquake in 2012 to help recent amputees with their phantom limb pain.)”

    Clinton Foundation also floated GM’s phoney charity, if you recall.

    Seems like the entire family…father, brothers (were tried for financial wrongdoing but came out on the other side), GM, etc. has been involved in crimes and cons and questionable associations…since always…

    Neil Haversham

    August 20, 2019 at EDT am

  3. That still doesn’t explain why she looks so terrible in one photo but airbrushed to the hilt in the other. What is the poorly photoshopped detail you mention?

    The obama campaign had some weird photoshop details in pictures of him with his family of origin. IIRC there was even a photo with an incongruous third hand.


    August 20, 2019 at EDT am

  4. isn’t there a good chance that she’s dead? Rather than just hiding? If she knows that much about Epstein (and she must), wouldn’t there be people who wanted to permanently quiet her?

    Amused Observer

    August 20, 2019 at EDT pm

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