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NBC to ruin the memory of St. Elmo’s Fire?

The original movie was about seven heterosexual white people.

How much do you want to bet that the NBC TV series will have minorities and homosexuals added to the mix?

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It’s actually quite a shame they would have to ruin this adaptation with SJW dreck. Because one of the problems with the movie is that they sort of squeeze what could be a 12-episode soap opera into a 1-hour and 50-minute movie. This made the movie hard to follow, and required at least a second viewing to fully appreciate everything that was going on.

So expanding the original story could potentially be quite interesting. But instead we are going to get a revised story updated to be politically correct with racial and sexual orientation diversity.

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November 25, 2019 at 2:29 PM

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  1. I’d bet my life savings. We just cant have all white casts anymore.


    November 25, 2019 at 2:49 PM

  2. Kosher Kowboy

    November 25, 2019 at 2:51 PM

  3. “St. Homo’s of Fire Island”

    Oswald Spengler

    November 25, 2019 at 3:22 PM

  4. I predict the mix won’t include any white heterosexual men. The token white will be a woman, or maybe a gay man.


    November 25, 2019 at 3:24 PM

    • Nah, they need a villain don’t they?

      I’ve started watching “the Mentalist” on prime. It’s not that old, but nearly all white. It actually seems odd. I also watch “the Rookie” on Hulu (it’s awful), and the main character is the only white guy! What s difference a few years make. One extreme to the other.

      November 26, 2019 at 7:27 AM

      • Actually I like The Rookie,” but it’s set in LA. how many white people are going to be around?

        Mike Street Station

        November 26, 2019 at 7:20 PM

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if the white heterosexual characters were themselves in the minority in the St. Elmos Fire remake.

    Oswald Spengler

    November 25, 2019 at 3:28 PM

  6. Turbulent social change comes in cycles. We last had it in the 60s and 70s and appear to be in its throes again. Helpful to remember that this too shall pass and sanity will return. Regarding the original St Elmo’s, isn’t one of the lead characters sexually ambivalent (in an understated way) for the better part of the movie? I never watched the movie, but remember reading criticism of it from about 10 years ago because the ambivalent character comes out as wholly heterosexual at the end of the movie.


    November 25, 2019 at 3:51 PM

    • “Regarding the original St Elmo’s, isn’t one of the lead characters sexually ambivalent (in an understated way) for the better part of the movie?”

      The Andrew McCarty character is a beta-male who has one-itis for the Ally Sheedy character, and it’s supposed to be funny that people think he’s gay and he’s offended by people thinking that.

      But eventually he proves his hetero-ness in a shower scene.

      The movie, does, however, have a minor character who is Jules’ (played Demi Moore) interior decorater, who acts stereotypically gay.

      Lion of the Blogosphere

      November 25, 2019 at 4:31 PM

    • ” Helpful to remember that this too shall pass and sanity will return.”

      I used to think so, too. But sanity never returned from the last time (60s and 70s). The nuttiness has only accelerated. That’s because it’s not organic. It’s being pushed by the msm and academia which has been permanently radicalized.


      November 25, 2019 at 5:10 PM

      • destructure

        November 25, 2019 at 5:11 PM

    • “Turbulent social change comes in cycles”

      A NAM world, post scarcity, post high IQ, and post mankind, as we know it.

      What are other turbulent social changes?

      Ok, what, who's this again?

      November 25, 2019 at 6:35 PM

      • What is turbulent about any of that, though? I see the current demographic decline as a recipe for stability.

        High IQs were a lot riskier, given the First and Second World Wars. I also think demographic decline is going to be particularly sweet for me. I might get to have servants one day.


        November 25, 2019 at 8:26 PM

      • Meriprolestan is a good textbook example of what the Medieval Muslim intellectual Ibn Khaldun said about the crumbling Islamic Empire, where Arabs were being displaced and replaced by non-arabs in the name of Islam. Citing the lack of drive, indulgence and propensity for luxury as their reasons, not to different from our current day WASPs.

        Ok, what, who's this again?

        November 26, 2019 at 7:45 AM

  7. I hope they make it all angry trannies.


    November 25, 2019 at 3:53 PM

  8. Hollywood broke my heart. Then again, they break everyone’s heart.


    November 25, 2019 at 4:05 PM

  9. The chances of finding a group of white 20 somethings in DC is actually much higher than 35 years ago.

    Cow Of 2020

    November 25, 2019 at 4:46 PM

    • Maybe, but the Judd Nelson character would have to be a Republican staffer cause he’s white and heterosexual. No way he’d be a D staffer.

      Demi would be suing her boss that she slept with (IIRC) and probably Metoo him. And she would have written a a chickLit novel about taking Prozac b/c of her stepmonster.

      Mare would have been dumped for a Shiksa Goddess. Emilio would have served a short sentence for stalking. Rob Lowe’s working in real estate.


      November 25, 2019 at 8:17 PM

      • Or, perhaps Judd would engage in a throuple with his female member of Congress boss.


        November 25, 2019 at 8:20 PM

      • Young white heterosexual males who live in places like DC are mostly Democrats. I think he was actually a Republican in the movie. I suppose they could make him either. But yeah, it will be updated. No more romantic stalking.

        Cow Of 2020

        November 25, 2019 at 11:11 PM

    • Found this article to be interesting that blacks n Hispanics are being push out of Baltimore due to NAM detoxification (or gentrification), yet in the eastern parts of Baltimore, the Hispanic population grew due to higher income and educational attainment, where the White demographic are being displaced. The real bottom line is that blacks are being pushed far far away from civilization, while prole whites are usually left to rot (or left to their own devices). Now, Hispanics are of several flavors, it could be that Caribbean Hispanics (who are more co-genial with blacks) are the ones being displaced, while Mestizo Hispanics are the ones displacing the loser Whites. This seems to be the trend in America, as we wait for automation to be taken over by the White Elites.

      Parasitic landlords and real estate moguls do understand HBD clear and square or else our major cities wouldn’t have evolved into the current state we are in.

      Ok, what, who's this again?

      November 25, 2019 at 10:25 PM

  10. One thought I’ve had:

    It might be impossible to set stories with any real aesthetic value in contemporary settings now. Woke politics you can’t be honest about the characters. All stories with artistic credibility may need to be period pieces when America was solidly majority white.


    November 25, 2019 at 4:52 PM

    • This is why I only watch old movies from 80s and 90s. There are tons that I haven’t seen yet.


      November 25, 2019 at 6:36 PM

      • It’s a “best of times, worst of times” situation we find ourselves in. It’s easy to get older movies and books, but the new stuff dripping out is junk.


        November 26, 2019 at 1:15 AM

  11. The original St. Elmo’s Fire was a coming of age film.

    SJW Elmo’s Fire, the television series remake, will be a coming of rage story.

    Oswald Spengler

    November 25, 2019 at 4:57 PM

  12. This is why I’ve been grateful to have discovered the joys of earlier cinema (1920s-1980s). I’ve even been enjoying genres I used to have no real connection with, such as Westerns. It opens up a wide range of entertainment choices. Yes the pacing is different, some actors use the ‘transatlantic’ accent, and viewing in B&W take some adjustment, but it’s well worth it.

    jack cade

    November 25, 2019 at 5:12 PM

  13. If SJW’s Fire follows the “get woke, go broke” pattern, the series will be lucky to last a full season.

    Oswald Spengler

    November 25, 2019 at 5:17 PM

  14. In the upcoming movie about Mr. Rogers, the white journalist has a black wife. Of course, the love interest even in Joker, which is very anti-woke, is black. The last filmed adaptation of Nutcracker, which takes place in an obviously Russian-inspired environment, was mostly black, with the incompetent, mediocre Misty Copeland as the Sugar Plum Fairy.

    Because of slavery and Jim Crow, we can’t have nice things anymore.

    That said, I didn’t realize that St. Elmo’s Fire was directed by Joel Schumacher, who is a notorious pederast. So they would only be bringin’ it out the closet.


    November 25, 2019 at 7:07 PM

    • Wow, I never realized that either. The guy who gayified the Batman movies.


      November 25, 2019 at 9:47 PM

    • I took the thing with the black girl in Joker as a homage to Robert Deniro, who has jungle fever in real life and had a black girlfriend in the king of comedy.


      November 25, 2019 at 9:48 PM

  15. As a black man, I find movies like St Elmos offensive due to the lack of black oscar winning roles in the movie. In my opinion all movies should have black casts with a token straight white person as the villain or enemy.

    The Philosopher

    November 26, 2019 at 6:36 AM

    • I agree. In fact I propose a ban on white male actors for the movies, for oh, two years, so Hollywood can detoxify white supremacy.

      And I would find it hilarious! Oh your username is slipping.

      Mike Street Station

      November 26, 2019 at 7:25 PM

  16. Here’s the first 25 of Rotten Tomatoes’ critics’ top 100 films list.

    Modern woke critics apparently have no intelligent frame of reference when it comes to judging great movies.

    RT’s critics actually think Black Panther is the greatest movie ever, along with Ladybird at #2,

    There’s some pretty funny omissions and juxtapositions here:
    Black Panther uber alles of course – Above: Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, The Third Man, etc.
    BlackKlansman and Get Out at #5 & #6 Mad Max Fury Road at #7

    Goodfellas; one of the greatest films of the modern era isn’t even on the list. The Godfather
    is #32 and The Maltese Falcon is #44.

    1. 97% Black Panther (2018) 489
    2. 99% Lady Bird (2017) 379
    3. 98% The Wizard of Oz (1939) 116
    4. 100% Citizen Kane (1941) 84
    5. 96% BlacKkKlansman (2018) 414
    6. 98% Get Out (2017) 361
    7. 97% Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) 410
    8. 100% The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) (1920) 51
    9. 100% Modern Times (1936) 57
    10. 99% The Third Man (1949) 80
    11. 98% Moonlight (2016) 365
    12. 98% Casablanca (1942) 83
    13. 93% Dunkirk (2017) 440
    14. 93% Wonder Woman (2017) 439
    15. 98% It Happened One Night (1934) 57
    16. 97% La Grande illusion (Grand Illusion) (1938) 66
    17. 98% Inside Out (2015) 357
    18. 99% Eighth Grade (2018) 294
    19. 97% Coco (2017) 330
    20. 95% A Quiet Place (2018) 364
    21. 98% E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) 128
    22. 97% Spotlight (2015) 359
    23. 100% All About Eve (1950) 67
    24. 98% Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) 50
    25. 99% Selma (2014)

    Nedd Ludd

    November 26, 2019 at 8:38 AM

    • This list is very credible and very smart! Finally we are getting the recognition we DESERVE

      The Social Justice Warrior

      November 26, 2019 at 9:15 AM

  17. What I find annoying is when black actors appear in period pieces, for example black actors in Elizabethan England. Or even in England at the time of King Arthur.

    Here is an article claiming that this sort of thing is historically accurate:

    They bring up “Cheddar Man”.

    Some of us are old enough to remember when there when there were no black people in British Columbia (though their were native Indians and a very small number of Asians.) I can remember the first time I saw a black person was on a train to Seattle. He worked on the train. I remember him offering me a Mandarin orange. I refused to take it, and stared at him in a sort of horrified awe. I was probably about 3 or 4.


    November 26, 2019 at 10:05 AM

    • That is pretty funny. Was he an old man? Do you think he knew you had never seen a black person?


      November 26, 2019 at 3:58 PM

      • I don’t recall thinking of him as old. This would have been about 1958. I remember my parents encouraging me to take the orange, but I wouldn’t take it. I probably embarrassed my parents. He probably did know.


        November 27, 2019 at 12:07 AM

  18. Lion, if you want content for days, catch up with The Watchmen. It’s got every SJW trope imaginable.

    Mike Street Station

    November 26, 2019 at 7:27 PM

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