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The future belongs to China

Chinese genetically improved children will dominate America’s dysgenically bred diverse children.

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November 28, 2018 at EST am

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40-year-old journalist learns that his brain is old

I highly recommend this article, about a 40-year-old journalist who tried to learn chess alongside his 4-year-old daughter, but she got better than him.

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November 16, 2018 at EST am

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Amy Harmon articles update

Amy Harmon reports that in response to her previous article, a genetics organization has boldly and courageously denounced white supremacy.

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October 20, 2018 at EST am

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Amy Harmon follow-up article

Amy Harmon has a strange follow-up to her front-page article.

It’s hard to tell what she really believes, and what she thinks she needs to say in order to be a good liberal. Reading between the lines, scientists who study genetics know that they would be fired from their jobs for saying anything that’s too politically incorrect, and many are probably trying to obfuscate rather than clarify, and Harmon goes along with it.

But here’s an important admission:

But another reason some scientists avoid engaging on this topic, I came to understand, was that they do not have definitive answers about whether there are average differences in biological traits across populations. … What’s more, some believe substantial differences will be found.

Probably, more scientists, deep down, believe that substantial differences between races will be found, but they can’t say it because of political correctness.

I continue to be confident that with genetic sequencing of large numbers of people, combined with computer artificial intelligence to analyze the data in ways that are a lot more complex than just saying that a particular SNP gives a person +0.5 IQ points, the mystery of how DNA affects our behavior and intelligence will be figured out.

* * *

Meanwhile, a new study of twins from the UK shows that “genetic factors explained 57% of the differences in A-level exam results and 46% of the difference in achievement at university. They also found genetics accounted for 51% of the difference in whether young people chose to go to university and 57% of the difference in the quality of the chosen university.” (I don’t know what “A-level exams” are, so I don’t know if they are like the SAT which has a very high correlation with inherent biological ability, or more more like grades on classroom tests which are comparatively more influenced by the student’s non-biological learned attitudes about how much they should study for the test.)

It’s only a matter of time before we discover the genetic sequences that are causing these effects and we are able to predict a person’s IQ based on their genetic sequence.

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October 19, 2018 at EST am

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Comment on Amy Harmon article in the NY Times

I know for a fact that at some time in the past she read at least a few posts on my blog.

Regarding the issue at hand, I’m just going to restate what I’ve written plenty of times before. Before DNA sequencing was available, there was plenty of evidence that intelligence is a genetically inherited trait, and furthermore that different races have different average levels of inherited intelligence. The late Arthur Jensen’s books are a great source of information.

Many years ago, when I wrote about this on internet forums, I was mocked by leftists who wrote things like ‘show me these “genes”‘ with “genes” in scare quotes.

Well now, actual genes have been identified! Or more accurately, specific locations on genes that correlate with intelligence. It’s only a matter of time until we can verify through DNA analysis that those races we assume are genetically less intelligent* really are that way. (Although I am sure that time will be pushed out further into the future than required by the available technology because people don’t want to know the answer.)

*On average. For example, Barrack Obama is way more intelligent than the average white person, despite being 50% Kenyan.

* * *

This is my quick explanation of the meaning of intelligence. (To rebut those who want to obfuscate something that’s simple.)

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October 17, 2018 at EST pm

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Ashkenazi Jews mostly European

1. The maternal lineage of Ashkenazi Jews is European, not Levant or Middle Eastern.
2. Only 3% of Ashkenazi DNA is “ancient ancestry” from the Middle East.

Religiously, point #1 above means that nearly all Ashkenazi Jews are descended from converts, because Judaism is passed down maternally and nearly all of the maternal ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews would not have been original Jews from the Middle East or even from the Levant.

Also, I understand that people who hate Jews and hate Israel think this means that Jews should all commit suicide or something and give up Israel to the “Palestinian” Arabs, but then why shouldn’t white Americans and Canadians do the same thing?

* * *

Kosher Kowboy writes in a comment:

Lion I’d caution you that this article may be fake news/fake science with an anti-semitic anti-Israel agenda. Genealogy and genetics are a hobby of mine, so I’m quite familiar with a lot of the scientific literature on Ashkenazi genetics. Unquestionably, a large percentage of Ashkenazi mitochondrial DNA (passed down from the mother) is of European origin, probably Italian. If I recall correctly it’s about 80%. So, yes, that much is true. That said, the article also asserts that only 3% of Ashkenazi DNA has origins in the Levant/Eastern Mediterranean. I’ve only skimmed the paper they cite, but it smells like science with an agenda, and it runs counter to most of the other papers I’ve read on the subject.. What would be anyone’s motivation for saying that Ashkenazi Jews have essentially no genetic ties to Israel? ???? One data point… I’m Ashkenazi, and my paternal Y-DNA haplogroup is one common among middle eastern men, including “Palestinians” as well as, yes, you guessed it, Ashkenazi Jews

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September 6, 2018 at EST am

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We must first convince the Right

Commenter “map” writes:

The Left is a full-blown anti-White movement. They are not going to be convinced by [HBD].

This is correct. We must first convince the mainstream Right of the truth of HBD, not the Left.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

August 18, 2018 at EST am

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HBD Truth is the only way to fight SJWs

Let’s imagine if blacks, on average, were as equally intelligent as whites, on average. This is what SJWs believe, and what they severely punish anyone for being the least bit skeptical about.

But if it were true, then there is something massively wrong with our society. That blacks have such low educational and economic achievement despite being equally as intelligent as whites would demonstrate that there’s something evil afoot that’s preventing them from succeeding.

In the early days of the civil rights movement, there was the assumption that if blacks were given equal education, if we abolished racism, and if we enacted affirmative action to give blacks an extra push until they could equalize with whites, then all of the inequalities would come to an end. However, that was clearly proved to be wrong. We did everything we were supposed to do to end inequality, but inequality just didn’t end.

And if you continue to believe that that it’s the gospel and unassailable Truth that blacks are just as intelligent than whites, then it’s only logical to look further and further afield to find the “real” reasons for why inequality continues. This eventually leads to microagressions, police just doing their jobs, and all sorts of even more crazy explanations.

And Republicans are evil. Despite the Truth that blacks are just as intelligent as whites, yet they lag so far behind in educational and economic attainment, and Republicans just don’t care about it or think it’s a problem, that makes them evil.

The only way for Republicans and conservatives to stop being evil is to embrace the truth of HBD. Scientific truth is not evil, it’s just the way it is.

Ironically, the so-called “alt-right” themselves are the biggest roadblock to disseminating the truth of HBD. With all of their Jew-hating and Nazi imagery, it only makes it impossible for regular mainstream people to accept that they might have any beliefs that are actually true. Every time an alt-right moron does a Nazi salute, it just spreads the message that if society adopted our beliefs, the result would be another Holocaust. Unfortunately, even the very guy who coined the term “HBD” and who used to be its biggest mouthpiece is now blogging at an anti-Semitic website.

* * *

I’ve decided that this post is not a debate about the truth of HBD, so all comments denying HBD will henceforth be deleted, just as the MSM would delete any pro-HBD comments.

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August 17, 2018 at EST pm

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The black billionaire who believes in IQ tests

Robert Smith, the richest black person in America (richer than Oprah Winfrey) takes over software and technology companies, and he’s a strong believer in IQ testing.

Applicants to Vista companies, from the entry to the senior-executive levels, are subjected to a timed standardized test.

Testing, Smith says, helps his companies find talented people—people the competition has overlooked because their résumé lacked certain credentials or because of the inherent biases of managers. Smith describes Vista as a pure meritocracy, where high performers succeed regardless of their background, race, or gender. He likes to tell rags-to-riches stories: senior employees who began as a mail-room worker, a roofer, a shelf stocker.

And then the article presents this bogus counterevidence:

Another reason the mid-century vogue for testing came to an end: The tests just weren’t effective. William Whyte once persuaded a group of corporate presidents to take some of the assessments popular at the time. None of the executives scored high enough to be hired by their own company.

That naively assumes the executives were the best people, rather than incompetents who were good at office politics (or even backstabbing people to get to the top).

* * *

Some additional info from the Wall Street Journal:

Former employees say cost cutting is critical to Vista’s model. Some of the companies Vista takes over are located in markets with a high cost of living, such as Southern California or New York City. To tamp down wages and other costs, Vista will relocate part or all of the company to a less-expensive city such as Dallas. Many employees won’t make the move, allowing Vista to hire cheaper replacements. Vista often keeps a company’s headquarters in place and encourages it to expand in lower-cost markets.

Most of the people Vista hires score highly on the cognitive test. Often they are young employees with less-impressive credentials or experience. These HPELs, as they are known, may have gone to state universities and be willing to do a job for $75,000 that an Ivy League graduate in a high-cost market would demand twice as much for.

Vista takes the tests very seriously, using proctors or observing test-takers by video to make sure no one cheats. The test’s purpose, says an executive at a former Vista portfolio company, is to “level the playing field” among employees. The executive says he told a manager who was upset about having to take it that all of his subordinates would be doing so as well.

Former employees say low scorers aren’t fired, but they are less likely to be promoted.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

July 24, 2018 at EST am

Father of 43 children found beaten to death

43 children! Obviously his genes are what’s currently being selected for.

I would guess that he was beaten by the boyfriend/husband a woman he had sex with.

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July 16, 2018 at EST pm

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