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Lauren Sanchez

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Some have theorized that Bezos didn’t go for a younger woman because of commonality of interests. What would Bezos have in common with a woman young enough to be his daughter?

I actually don’t buy it. Sanchez strikes me as an aging gold-digger who’s all wrong for Bezos. The right woman for Bezos would have an MBA from an elite university or something like that. Nope, I think that Bezos was attracted to Sanchez because, even though 49, she reminded him of the hot slutty girls who wouldn’t have given him the time of day when he was in high school.

How Bezos wound up with her is that he doesn’t move in the right social circles to meet younger women, either younger gold-diggers or younger women from Ivy League colleges. And he probably doesn’t even have any “game.” Sanchez probably came onto him first (using three decades of acquired man-hunting skills), all he had to do was acquiesce to it.

It’s how Clinton wound up with Monica Lewinsky. In the White House, behind a wall of Secret Service agents there were very few eligible women that he came in contact with. Monica was who was available. Although, unlike I imagine happened with Bezos and Sanchez, I’m sure it was Clinton who put the moves on Monica. Unlike Bezos, Clinton was a huge hound dog in his prime.

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January 10, 2019 at EST pm

Jeff Bezos cheated on his wife

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With Lauren Sanchez, who is 49 years old and semi famous (local morning news/talk-show host).

Is that the best that the world’s richest man can do?

* * *

“njguy73” writes in a comment:

Am I supposed to have an opinion on this? The soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Bezos could take half of everything Jeff has and he’d still be on the Forbes 100. He doesn’t need to impress bozos like us with how hot his mistress is. He can throw it away on what he wants. Where’s the tears for the ordinary schmo who gets cucked and has to move back with his mom?

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

January 10, 2019 at EST am

Wall Street adopts the Pence rule!

As reported by Bloomberg:

No more dinners with female colleagues. Don’t sit next to them on flights. Book hotel rooms on different floors. Avoid one-on-one meetings.

In fact, as a wealth adviser put it, just hiring a woman these days is “an unknown risk.” What if she took something he said the wrong way?

Across Wall Street, men are adopting controversial strategies for the #MeToo era and, in the process, making life even harder for women.

Call it the Pence Effect, after U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who has said he avoids dining alone with any woman other than his wife. In finance, the overarching impact can be, in essence, gender segregation.

Yet women are still complaining, even though what they got is the natural result of #MeToo.

* * *

Here’s my personal experience:

A year and a half ago, I did a meeting with a female coworker with just her and me in a conference. In retrospect, knowing about the Pence Rule, that was a big mistake. Luckily, nothing happened, but in the future, I will only do phone meetings in a one-on-one situation.

I don’t have any other issues with #MeToo. In the past two years, no women have suggested that we eat lunch or dinner together, and none have asked to be mentored in any way. The benefit of being a loser at work is that women don’t want anything from you. #MeToo is mostly a problem for successful men.

I think that beta males actually benefit from #MeToo, because now male executives will prefer to hire a beta male instead of a hot babe, whereas before #MeToo the hot babe always got hired.

I still think I will go to the company Christmas party and get drunk on free alcohol.

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December 5, 2018 at EST pm

Thank you to whomever bought that camera

Looks like Amazon pays a 4% commission on digital cameras. I made enough money to almost pay for two SWPL-quality Manhattan lunches.

If I had a blog with a hundred times as many readers, I could almost make a living by hawking stuff at Amazon.

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November 29, 2018 at EST am

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Yes, pennies are useless

It was pointed out in the comments about the dollar coins that the penny is the most useless unit of currency.

Yes, let’s get rid of the damn thing, and round all transactions to the nearest nickel. Combined with a law that requires all bricks-and-mortar retail prices to INCLUDE sales tax.

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November 19, 2018 at EST am

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Amazon’s HQ2 stunt

I think this further cements the trend that there are only four metropolitan areas where there are any careers worth having: Seattle, Washington DC, New York City, and the San Francisco to San Jose region. (Plus maybe Boston and Chicago, or maybe those cities fade away in importance. Especially Chicago is likely to fade away. Boston still has Harvard and MIT going for it.)

* * *

People ask, “what about Los Angeles?” I think that city has only one notable industry, show-business, and it’s kind of prole if you’re not involved in that industry.

I think if you take Phoenix Arizona, and you triple the population, and you add a beach, and a massive amount of smog, you get Los Angeles.

The point is, I don’t think it’s a place where Harvard grads move to (unless they are writers with Hollywood connections). But it’s a fun metropolitan area to virtually drive around using Google Street View. I like Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

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November 13, 2018 at EST am

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The new McDonald’s experience

I walked in, and there was this section of eight huge self-service kiosks with touchscreens.

I was able to choose exactly what I wanted, and then pay for it with a credit card. I got a receipt with my order number on it printed real big so even someone with bad vision could easily see it. This was a massive improvement over the old method where I had to wait in a line and then give my order to a surly unhelpful cash register person.

Shortly afterwards, my order was called.

And it was only $2.18 for two hamburgers. Anything I might have cooked at home would have been a lot more expensive. How can they stay in business with prices so low?

The first hamburger was delicious in its own right, but I decided to experiment on the second hamburger by adding hot sauce to it. Yum! Spicy!

The only downside is that McDonald’s gives you the order in a bag with their logo stamped on it all huge. Nothing screams “PROLE!” more than a McDonad’s bag. So the secret to McDonad’s takeout is to bring your own bag with you. An npr totebag would be perfect for this purpose. No one would suspect that within the most SWPL of bags there was actually the most prole culinary treat.

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November 9, 2018 at EST pm

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Megyn Kelly

When the little guy gets fired, he really gets fired.

As far as I can tell, Megyn Kelly gets paid $69 million dollars for not having to do any work.

A bottom-level manager at a company would get screamed at and fired for losing ten thousand dollars, but the guys at the top of NBC lose $69 million and it’s no big deal.

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October 26, 2018 at EST am

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Is J.C. Penney next?

Their stock price (JCP) peaked above 80 in 2007, but yesterday it closed at $1.56. It didn’t get any boost from the Sears bankruptcy, just the opposite, even though there have been some news articles predicting a small increase in same-store sales from Sears customers. The company has been losing money since 2014. Stuck in long-term leases at failing malls.

I think that without anchor stores, mall traffic declines, and therefore the liquidation of Sears could ironically hurt other stores based at the same mall.

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October 17, 2018 at EST am

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Sears, Kmart bankruptcy

Who shops at Sears? I think it’s brand name that resonates with people over the age of 60, which is a declining market.

And who shops at Kmart instead of Walmart or Target? No one I can think of. Except that there’s a ratty gross Kmart at Penn Station that I buy stuff at from time-to-time because it’s there. Anything they sell at Duane Reade you can get at the Kmart at Penn Station for less money. Unfortunately, I guess this means it won’t be there for much longer.

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October 15, 2018 at EST am

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