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Stupid pro-gun people

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Stupid pro-gun people said in blog comments said that the Amber Guyger incident proves that everyone actually needs a gun. If only Botham Jean had a gun with him, he could have shot and killed Guyger first, thus saving his life!

As if it makes sense that you should always have a gun right next to you while you’re sitting on your couch and watching TV. Even then, she had her gun drawn and he was just sitting there with ice cream, so she would have shot first and killed him anyway, and then the presence of the gun would have been used as justification for her “self-defense.”

I think a saner takeaway from this incident is that you should keep your door locked all the time.

A second takeaway is that you should get a high-paying career so you can afford to live in a place where you don’t have prole trigger-happy cops as neighbors.

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October 2, 2019 at EDT am

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Amber Guyger found guilty of murder

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She walks into an apartment that’s not hers, and she shoots and kills the guy who lives there. Her defense is that she thought it was her own apartment.

This sounds like a reasonable outcome. Walking into someone’s apartment and killing them, there should be some sort of appropriate punishment for that.

This story also demonstrates why the wet dream of some pro-gun people, that everyone should be armed all the time, is such a bad idea. Even a trained police officer was trigger-happy.

This story probably wouldn’t have been national news not for the fact that she’s white and the victim was black.

* * *

I agree that because she’s white and the victim is black, the prosecutors probably went extra hard on her.

But the prosecutors have a valid argument that pointing a gun at someone and pulling a trigger is an intentional act and not an accidental manslaughter.

Her defense that she was “terrified” strikes me as bullshit. She’s a cop, she’s not supposed to be terrified of every suspect she comes across.

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October 1, 2019 at EDT pm

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Mass shootings in Texas

In the most prole parts of Texas, Odessa and Midland.

Shooter is said to be a white man in his mid thirties, who hijacked a mail truck.

Beta-males don’t hijack mail trucks, so this is some sort of alpha-male violence and not beta-male rage.

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August 31, 2019 at EDT pm

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Not your normal NAM/immigrant crime

As reported by CNN, a large number of Nigerians were charged with internet scams, and 17 of them have been arrested in the United States.

They were running all of the scams you are probably already familiar with, but strangely the most profitable scam was posing as good looking men in the military seeking romance from older women, who were suckered into sending large amounts of money to their fake younger online lovers to help them out of made-up jams.

I’d have figured that men would be more easily conned (because some way that men think with there penises), but apparently older men are more likely than women to realize that a beautiful young woman being interested in them romantically is too good to be true and therefore must be a scam.

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August 23, 2019 at EDT pm

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Ghislaine Maxwell photo was taken by her friend Leah Saffian

Did I not write, yesterday, that the pictures were taken by a friend a not some random person who happened to spot her? And that the friend likely used a cheap digital camera? In fact, other sources say that EXIF data in one version of the photos say it was taken with a Canon Canon PowerShot SX530 HS.

The Daily Mail article, however, does NOT tell us WHEN the photos were taken, or explain the photoshopping. I still go with the explanation that the photos were taken some time in the past and Ghislaine was not in Los Angeles last week. If she’s SMART, she’s in France and not in the United States.

It is said that the friend, Leah Saffian, sent the photos to the NY Post. We don’t know if she did that on her own or if Ghislaine asked her to do it.

We don’t know to what extent the NY Post is complicit. Talk about fake news.

Regarding the Daily Mail headline that the photos were “staged,” I disagree with that. I think that her friend just took them when they were hanging out together sometime in the past, sometime well before last week, and then the photos were utilized to try to deceive people into thinking she’s currently in Los Angeles. After photoshopping to add the Good Boys poster. Plus there is additional really sloppy photoshopping seen in one of the photos that is not explained.

But at least we can credit a tabloid in the United Kingdom for doing some real investigation that no newspaper in the United States is interested in doing.

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August 20, 2019 at EDT am

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Ghislaine Maxwell photos proven false!

Yesterday I wrote:

There’s a poster for the movie Good Boys in the background, which conveniently demonstrates that the photo was taken recently, because the first day the movie was in theatres was yesterday. Maybe it’s too convenient. Maybe that background was deliberately selected in order to quell doubts about whether the photo was an old photo.

According to the Daily Mail:

But when The Mail on Sunday visited the area on Friday, the bus stop was displaying an advert for a local hospital.

Advertising agency Outfront Media said the hospital ad had been there since July 28 – with Ms Maxwell said to have been photographed on August 12.

Spokeswoman Carly Zipp said: ‘We think the poster in the Maxwell picture was photoshopped in.

We checked… and we have no evidence or record of Good Boys ever being there.’

I think it’s now extremely likely that Ghislaine Maxwell is NOT currently in Los Angeles, and the photo was a fake* to throw off the FBI or whomever else might be looking for her.

*Fake in the sense that Maxwell was likely at that In-N-Out Burger sometime during the last few years, and the photos were taken at that time, but she was not there during the last few days when the photo was claimed to be taken, and the bus-stop poster was photoshoppped to create the false impression that it’s a recent photo.

However the Daily Mail is totally wrong that the photo was taken with a “sophisticated camera and long lens.” The person writing that article knows nothing about photography. The most likely scenario is that the person Maxwell was eating with took both photos (since he or she is not in either picture), and at the time they were just the sort of regular photos that friends take of each other to remember that they ate lunch together at an In-N-Out burger. Because there are two smartphones on the table, I’ll just assume that the friend had a CHEAP standalone digital camera and definitely not a “sophisticated camera and long lens.” Maybe a camera like this. The sort of unsophisticated camera that a woman might carry around in her handbag to take these types of photos. And that camera has a 5X zoom lens, so it would explain why the two photos have different fields of view.

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August 18, 2019 at EDT am

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The mysterious photos of Ghislaine Maxwell

The New York Post article has two photos of her. The bottom photo could have been taken surreptitiously without her permission, but the top photo is definitely a posed shot.

The New Yorker has the same posed shot, but without being cropped and without the New York Post logo blocking her food tray.

There’s a poster for the movie Good Boys in the background, which conveniently demonstrates that the photo was taken recently, because the first day the movie was in theatres was yesterday. Maybe it’s too convenient. Maybe that background was deliberately selected in order to quell doubts about whether the photo was an old photo.

Ghislaine is clearly accompanied by someone, because in the non-cropped photo you can see that there’s a second smartphone on the table, a second tray of food on the bench, and there are two drink cups on the table. But why aren’t we told anything about who her companion is? The type of person who would sneak a photo of a celebrity would surely not shy away from also sending the NY Post a photo of the person she was eating with?

How was she even recognized? I just see a dumpy older woman wearing grandma glasses. Although there are some people who are just really good at recognizing faces. Once upon a time, I thought I photographed Meghan McCain, but everyone insisted I had merely photographed some random blonde who dresses like Meghan McCain and shared her fondness for oversized handbags.

If I were Ghislaine and wanted to share a photo with the world, maybe I’d chose an In-N-Out Burger next to a car dealership in a middle-class neighborhood in order to show the world I was just a regular person and not a rich bitch.

I would say that Ghislaine’s companion was the photographer, except that there are two smartphones on the table, and it looks like the photo was taken with a smartphone. Of course, it’s possible that there was a third photo-capable device. Maybe Ghislaine’s companion had an iPad or a cheap standalone digital camera.

Assuming there really was a third person who happened to spot Ghislaine because he or she is really good at recognizing faces, then it’s clear that Ghislaine agreed to pose for a shot, and the unknown photographer was somehow convinced not to include a photo of her dining companion.

* * *

View the area on Google Street View:

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August 17, 2019 at EDT pm

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NAM violence in Philadelphia

There was a mass shooting in Philadelphia, but because the shooter is a violent NAM rather than a beta-male white, the MSM will soon forget about this.

Also, I suspect the shooter was using a handgun rather than a rifle (because his criminal record includes illegally carrying handguns). The MSM has been on a tear to ban assault rifles, even though most gun violence is committed with handguns. The news stories don’t even mention what kind of gun the shooter was using. The MSM doesn’t care about handguns, despite their use in the overwhelming majority of violent crimes involving guns, because they aren’t used by white beta-male shooters.

This is a good opportunity to review the differences between violent NAM shooters and white (as well as Asian) beta-male shooters.

1. The blogger Whiskey infamously said that women hate hate hate beta-males. Not the case for alpha-male violent NAMs. The shooter, Maurice Hill, has a baby daughter, a teenage son and a wife. Women aren’t turned off by violent evil-doers, they are only turned off by beta-males.

2. White beta-male shooters are usually suicidal, but violent NAMs are not. The shooter called his lawyer to help arrange his surrender to the police without him getting shot, because he wanted to live. Epstein conspiracy theorists asked, why is it that so few people in MCC committed suicide? The answer is typical violent criminal scum aren’t suicidal.

3. Beta-male white rage shooters rarely have a criminal record. Maurice Hill has a massive criminal record, but for some reason he keeps getting put back on the streets where he just commits more crimes.

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August 15, 2019 at EDT am

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Clinton, Epstein, the MSM, conspiracies, and blogger Steve Hsu

Read Steve Hsu’s blog post.

Steve Hsu writes:

A side-effect of my history as a Clinton supporter (and gradual enlightenment thanks for my brother!) is that I became quite interested in the tendency of the media to hide obvious truths from the general public. We Americans accept that foreign governments (e.g., the Soviets and “ChiComs”) successfully brainwash their people to believe all sorts of crazy and false things. But we can’t accept that the same might be true here. (The big difference is that people in PRC — especially intellectuals — know they are being deceived, whereas most Americans do not…)

The big difference between propaganda in China and the former Soviet Union, compared to the United States, is that in the United States the propaganda isn’t primarily coming from the government. It’s our mainstream media voluntarily propagandizing us.

It’s a reversal of the Russian reversal joke: In Russia, government controls the media. In America, media controls the government.

The media doesn’t have complete control over the government, but Ronald Reagan warned us that the media was the fourth estate, and they do have extraordinary power over the government, and in many ways the media’s soft power is more powerful than the hard power of Congress or the judiciary.

Steve Hsu talks about false conspiracies and true conspiracies. Once again, I am almost certain that there was no conspiracy to murder Epstein. But there is a really big true conspiracy: the conspiracy of the mainstream media to promote a Narrative, and part of that Narrative includes keeping anything anti-Clinton out of the news.

Here’s another joke for you:
Question: How do you know when Bill Clinton is lying?
Answer: When his lips are moving.

Whenever Bill Clinton had a “bimbo eruption” (to use a phrase coined by Betsey Wright while working as deputy chair of the 1992 Clinton presidential campaign), he lied his way out of it, and the mainstream media cooperated by publicly believing him. And then when he was caught lying, which has happened many times, the MSM ignores it or downplays it as much as possible. (This is the opposite of how the MSM treats Trump, they publicly believe nothing he says, and when they think they caught him lying or doing something shady, they never drop it.)

There is every reason to believe that “Troopergate” is true. In case you don’t know what “Troopergate” is, it’s allegations from Arkansas state troopers that they helped Clinton cheat on his wife with a very large number of women. Oral sex was specifically mentioned by the troopers.

And Clinton’s m-o is that he liked getting blowjobs. Ken Starr proved that he got blowjobs from Monica Lewinsky, but Democrats in the Senate determined that Clinton lying about that under oath was not a reason to convict him (and maybe they were right and Republicans were wrong, but many who were outraged at Republicans for impeaching Clinton want to impeach Trump because he wrote dumb tweets). Notice how the allegations by Juanita Broaddrick match Clinton’s known m-o. She says that he took his penis out and asked her to service it orally. I totally disagree that we should always believe women, but when the man in question has been known to lie multiple times about his sexual activities, and the allegations against him match his known m-o (and I believe that Broaddrick first told her story before his m-o was public knowledge), then in that case I do believe the woman over the man.

What’s the point of going over these salacious details about Clinton that are long in the past? One point is that the MSM has been covering for the Clintons for a long time. It’s part of the MSM conspiracy. But there’s also a point about Clinton and Epstein.

1. It’s known that Clinton flew with Epstein on Epstein’s plane, and there’s even a photo of the two of them in the 2003 Vanity Fair article (more on the photo later).

2. It’s known that Clinton likes getting oral sex from women who aren’t Hillary. Especially much younger women: Monica Lewinsky is 27 years younger than Clinton and she was only 22 when she started giving him blowjobs.

3. It’s known that Epstein had a lot of girls in his entourage who were sort of like prostitutes.

4. It’s totally plausible, given the facts above, that Clinton could have availed himself of one of Epstein’s girls, and it’s also totally plausible that the girl could have been under the age of 18. And just because Clinton says nothing like that happened means absolutely nothing, because Clinton is a known liar when it comes to those types of accusations.

Let’s be clear about #4. Just because it’s plausible doesn’t mean it’s true, or even that it’s more likely true than not. But it’s the logic of #4 that has led to a lot of conspiracy-mongering at right-wing sites like QAnon, and the wishful thinking that there would be proof that Clinton had sex (technically sodomy, not sexual intercourse, because that’s Clinton’s m-o) with under-aged girls and Clinton would finally be brought to justice. There’s a lot of wishful thinking there.

I believe that the MSM doesn’t know anything about #4 that QAnon doesn’t know, but they understand the possibility that there could be some truth there, and that’s the reason why they have been keeping the Epstein story as quiet as possible. (On the other hand, if some people in the MSM do know, for certain, something bad about Bill Clinton, they would probably keep it secret, because so many people in the MSM are more committed to the Narrative than to breaking a big and salacious story. Just as they’ve done what they can to suppress Troopergate and Juanita Broaddrick, they would suppress a story about Bill Clinton getting a blowjob from an under-aged girl.)

And then the Epstein story blew up anyway, and the MSM successfully deflected Clinton’s “connection*” with Epstein by repeatedly showcasing Trump’s “connection” with Epstein. A huge percentage of MSM articles about Epstein show the picture of Trump and Epstein together, but not a single MSM article (that I am aware of) has shown the picture of Clinton and Epstein together, even though Clinton’s “connection” with Epstein seems a lot stronger. Clinton flew around multiple times with Epstein on his personal jet airplane, and there’s that picture to prove it. The MSM seems to be trying to hide the exact number of times that Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane. It’s something that the MSM doesn’t want to find out because they are afraid of the possibility of finding something damaging to the Clintons, and as I wrote above, keeping anything anti-Clinton out of the news is part of the MSM Narrative conspiracy.

Trump and Epstein were at the same party on more than one occasion, but Epstein managed to insert himself into a lot of rich-people parties. Trump once said some nice things about Epstein, but by all accounts Epstein was a fun guy to pal around with, that was part of who he was and why he was so successful at getting invited to and hosting so many rich-people parties. Everyone liked Epstein, until they all stopped liking him because he pled guilty to being a sex offender.

* I put quotes around the word “connection” because I think it’s a bullshit word that’s used by the MSM (as well as others) to imply guilt where there isn’t any or at least where no guilt is known.

* * *

Click here to watch Bill Clinton lie.

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August 14, 2019 at EDT pm

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The warden of MCC is…

The warden of MCC, the prison where Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, is named at the NY Times (as well as other news sources).

Morons on the web have been shouting that it’s a conspiracy of some kind, while I point to Hanlons razor, which says that you should never attributed to a conspiracy that which is easily explained by stupidity or incompetence. There have been articles well before Jeffrey Epstein was being held there that MCC was a poorly run hellhole.

Not surprisingly, we learn that the warden of MCC has a black name. Probably an affirmative action promotion.

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August 13, 2019 at EDT pm

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