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Is Akihabara Majokko Princess racist?

This is my favorite music video ever, but is it my white privilege that likes it?

The Japanese men in the video are depicted as short with bad teeth and with a perverted interest in sexualized anime girls with gigantic breasts. The Japanese women in the video passively dress up as anime characters to appease those perverted men.

And then along comes Kirsten Dunst, super-hot white woman who revels in her white superiority over the Japanese. Japanese men want her, and Japanese women want to be her, but all know that she is hopelessly out of their league and all they can do is stare at her brilliant glory like deer transfixed by headlights.

Or maybe I’m just imagining all that.

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June 16, 2020 at 5:35 PM

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If Kuwait can close mosques, why can’t we do that in the developed world?

According to the Anadoula Agency:

Kuwaiti authorities have temporarily closed mosques and amended the adhan (Muslim call to prayer) as part of its efforts to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Muezzins (the person who calls for the prayer) changed the adhan to include the words “pray in your homes” instead of “come to prayer”.

On Friday, authorities in the Gulf nation temporarily suspended the five daily prayers and weekly Friday prayers at mosques as part of its fight against the disease.

This is a smart move. Religious services have been shown to be the biggest vector for transmission of the virus outside of healthcare. (Strangely there is no evidence that schools spread the virus, but it’s unknown if that’s because children just aren’t very contagious, or if we aren’t looking hard enough. I’d still recommend closing schools or at least encouraging all parents who can homeschool to do so, in order to be safer rather than sorry later. Kuwait suspended schools two weeks ago.)

If a third world country like Kuwait can be smart, especially considering how seriously the Muslims take their religion, why are we so stupid in the developed world? Why are we still allowing religious services to continue? Only the Mormon church (officially the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) has done the right thing and closed its churches.

I think the reason for this complacency in developed countries is that we have gotten into the mode of thinking that bad things happen in crappy third world countries and not here. But crappy third world countries don’t have that superiority complex, so they are able to be smarter and more proactive in containing the spread of the virus.

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March 14, 2020 at 10:05 AM

Virus outbreak in Iran

At least two confirmed dead from the virus and 5 additional infections confirmed by the government of Iran, but rumors on the internet are that the situation is a lot worse. The military is moving into Qom to quarantine a hospital, and impose a curfew on the entire city. Developing story. Not yet reported on fakestream media. Note that, unlike China, Iranians are not banned from using Twitter.

The two dead are Iranians from Qom who did not travel outside the country, which means the local transmission would have happened three to four weeks ago based on what we know about the timing of the virus. This also disproves the conspiracy theory that only east Asians can die from the virus.

Qom is a holy city to Shi’ites, home of the Jamkaran Mosque and the Fatima Masumeh Shrine. Twenty million religious tourists visit the city each year. It’s only 90 miles from Tehran, which is the capital of Iran and the country’s largest metropolitan area.

UPDATE: According to this tweet (from a checkmarked Iranian news source), five are confirmed dead from the virus:

If the virus has a fatality rate of 2%, that implies that there are another 250 non-fatal cases out there.

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February 19, 2020 at 7:19 PM

Exclusive report from inside China

Commenter Bruno writes:

A chinese friend of mine 29 yo has retired parents who are close to the regime elite in Urumqi, very far from Wuhan.

They are locked in their house since 2 weeks.

As this is the region with camp for Uighur, maybe there are special care because contagion is much more risky. I forgot to ask him if it was a special regime for this region.

He says they are very annoyed by the situation.

Because of China’s total censorship of all reporting about the virus, this is as close to real news reporting as you are going to get. And totally exclusive to the Lion of the Blogoshere!

Urumqi is almost as far away as you can get from Wuhan and still be in China (3300km according to Bruno). According to the official Chinese news, only 55 people have tested positive for the virus in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and there have been no deaths. So this type of draconian measure doesn’t make sense unless the Chinese are lying about the extent of the epidemic. A similar number of confirmed cases in Singapore hasn’t caused Singapore to go martial law, or even to move to a “red alert” which means they cancel school and public gatherings, even though the virus is more likely to spread in Singapore because of its much higher population density compared to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Meanwhile, a New York Times article tries to make the virus epidemic anti-Trump (like the Chinese Communist Party, the New York Times always takes advantage of a crisis to advance its narrative) and writes:

He demanded draconian measures like canceling flights, forcing quarantines and even denying the return of American medical workers who had contracted the disease in Africa.

If a travel ban from selected countries is “draconian,” then what do you call what China is doing, declaring martial law and not letting anyone at all leave their homes? Super-duper-duper draconian, perhaps?

In fact, I highly doubt that we have what it takes to do anything even half as draconian as what China is doing. We think it highly violates people’s rights to deport illegal aliens or to stop-and-frisk suspicious-looking teenagers. So let’s hope we don’t get into a situation where where what China is doing is the only way to stop a deadly epidemic. We’re still letting people fly into the country from China, because Winnie the Pooh says there’s nothing to worry about, outside of Hubei practically no one has the virus, so it’s totally safe.

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February 11, 2020 at 12:51 PM

The Chinese master race

The government of China doesn’t just see itself as the government of a nation with borders defined by international treaties, but rather as the government of the Chinese race wherever they might live. They envision, for the future, a global Chinese empire, where Chinese people have dominant positions in every country of the world.

It’s this viewpoint which explains why China is so outraged that they don’t control Taiwan. According to their way of thinking, as a racially Chinese majority country, Taiwan should naturally be under the control of the global Chinese government.

Unlike the Soviet Union, which prevented its citizens from leaving, China encourages it. They’re seeding the world with Chinese people, sort of like how white people colonized Africa. Today, white people feel very guilty about colonizing Africa, but the Chinese don’t feel any guilt about being Chinese. At least they don’t right now. Maybe the way things progress, in a hundred years Chinese will feel the same sort of guilt that white people feel?

China is already imposing its dominance over Western countries. For example, major international corporations are self-censoring themselves at the direction of China. Probably, the next step will be China’s insistence that they put Chinese people in senior management positions if they want to keep doing business with China.

The Chinese have a long-term plan, while there’s no long-term plan in the United States (or anywhere else in the West). No one in the U.S. government has any plans for what the United States’ role in the world will be in a hundred years, fifty years, or even twenty years. There’s just a belief in American exceptionalism, that America will naturally come out on top because of magic American dirt or something like that, so it’s not something that anyone has to plan for. The difference between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives celebrate American exceptionalism while liberals want to reign it in because of the harm it does to minorities, non-Americans, animals, the climate, and whatever else they can think of.

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February 2, 2020 at 1:56 PM

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Crazy low airfare prices to Asia

If you want to fly to anywhere in Asia, and don’t mind flying on a Chinese airline with a stop-over in a Chinese airport, you’re looking at less than $600 round trip.

Peter from Long Island writes I in a comment:

Everybody’s going mucking fental about this virus when the ordinary, garden-variety flu knocks off at least 15,000 people in the US every year.

So you recommend taking advantage of the cheap airfares?

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January 28, 2020 at 3:35 PM

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GondawanaMan asked me to say something about anime.

My observation of anime is that it’s weirdly sexualized but no one has any actual sex. And the male characters are extreme betas around the opposite sex, even if they have superpowers.

In comparison, in a modern American TV show like Riverdale which is marketed to a teen audience, no one is beta and everyone is having sex with everyone.

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January 21, 2020 at 1:55 PM

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Japan’s suicide rate declining

Japan has historically been known for its high suicide rate, but after ten consecutive years of decline, it’s down to 15.0 per 100,000.

Meanwhile in the United States, the suicide rate has been increasing every year since 2001, and it was last reported to be 14.0 in 2017. So if these trends continue, at some point in this decade the United States will have a higher suicide rate than Japan.

If we look only at the suicide rate for non-Hispanic whites in the United States, it’s already higher than in Japan, at 17.8.

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January 17, 2020 at 1:51 PM

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NPR Poll: More Americans Disapprove Of Trump’s Handling Of Iran Than Approve

I’m not surprised by this. Even though, during the last three weeks, Trump handled Iran better than he has handled just about anything else during his time as President (aside from that one dumb tweet), you would only know that if you watch Fox News or intentionally seek out conservative or pro-Trump online news sources.

The rest of the fakestream media has been telling us how badly Trump screwed everything up in the Middle East.

And this demonstrates why I still think that Trump can’t win re-election.

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January 15, 2020 at 3:37 PM

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Involuntary martyrdom

According to ABC news, an English translation (not clear who translated it) of the official Iranian statement on the accidental downing of the Ukrainian jet has the following nugget in it:

… the plane was unintentionally hit due to human error, which unfortunately resulted in the martyrdom of dear compatriots and the death of a number of foreign nationals.

Let’s parse the meaning of this carefully.

“Compatriots,” which presumably means Islamicly observant Iranians, are designated as martyrs. This is a very important distinction, it means they get a whole bunch of rewards in the afterlife, not the least being 72 houris to have sex with.

But for foreign nationals, they only received “death.”

This validates that the theocratic government of Iran believes in the concept of involuntary martyrdom. This is an official government statement, and not the ramblings of “Islamophobic” right-wing people.

This is why a nuclear-armed Iran is something we should never let happen. Would Iran accept a nuclear exchange that also brought death to Israelis and Americans, because the dead Iranians would be involuntary martyrs?

SWPL Iran-apologists refuse to read or hear Iran’s plain words.

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January 13, 2020 at 1:27 PM

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