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Bogus lottery lawsuit

No one forced this woman to buy a lottery ticket.

And it seems that she doesn’t even have to claim her prize if she doesn’t want to, in which case she can keep her privacy.

I completely agree with the open access law that requires winners’ identity to be public information to ensure fairness of the lottery.

There’s no involuntary invasion of her privacy.

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February 6, 2018 at EDT pm

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The DACA injunction

The extreme-liberal judge’s injunction against Trump ending DACA will eventually be overruled by the Supreme Court.

Until that happens, I predict the following:

1. Trump, who gets very angry when he’s not respected, will insist that much more on ending DACA.

2. The Democrats will never agree to a deal that keeps DACA gut gives Trump other restrictionist immigration laws because now they think they can win in the courts.

Therefore, thanks to this extreme-liberal judge, nothing gets passed, and DACA will eventually be dismantled after it gets to the Supreme Court, although liberal judges can delay the dismantling for at least another two years.

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January 10, 2018 at EDT pm

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Federal law and marijuana

It seemed surreal to me that people thought they could operate marijuana businesses in the open when production and sale of marijuana is illegal under federal law. It doesn’t matter that states legalized it. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the Supremacy Clause? (Besides law professor Zachary Bolitho who teaches at a bogus toilet tier law school.)

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January 5, 2018 at EDT am

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Matthew Petersen The headline for this article is “Trump judicial nominee fumbles through painfully awkward confirmation hearing gone viral.”

I wouldn’t have been able to answer those questions either.

Petersen graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law where he made law review. I am sure that, based on his previously proven ability to make law review at a Top 14 law school, he can re-learn the rules of procedure and evidence that he has since forgotten, if that’s what he wants to do.

The problem I personally would have with being a district judge is that you have to pay attention to a lot of boring testimony. I don’t know if I could handle it without zoning out. I’d prefer a higher paying job as an in-house attorney for a big corporation, where you can spend half the day goofing off and surfing the web.

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December 15, 2017 at EDT am

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Alan Dershowitz experiences Trump hatred

It’s interesting that this article even appears in the Washington Post at all. I recommend reading it, it shows how Alan Dershowtiz has been ostracized and hate by liberals because he has said on various TV shows and in writing that the President of the United States cannot be convicted of “obstructing justice” for firing an executive-branch employee or pardoning someone. Those are just his Constitutional powers as President.

The article demonstrates the extreme Trump hatred of the liberal elite that blinds them to basic principles of Constitutional law and how our system of government has always worked.

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December 7, 2017 at EDT am

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New York Magazine explains why you should vote for Roy Moore

An article in New York Magazine explains the huge success that Trump has had in appointing conservative judges.

And then the article gloats that if Roy Moore loses in Alabama and then Democrats capture just two more seats, they will have a majority in the Senate and the “tide of right-wing judges” would recede quickly.

Vote for Roy Moore. Know that liberals would never dump one of their own in such a crucial election. Heck, liberals are still insisting that the Juanita Broaddrick allegation that Clinton forced her down on the bed is just a right-wing smear that never happened, and liberals wouldn’t even lose any political power by believing her.

Liberal judges have been blocking Trump’s sensible and lawful executive orders on immigration. Liberal judges will eventually rule that children (who are too young to consent to sex) have a right to sex reassignment surgery. Some people may say “that’s just paranoid crazy talk,” but that’s what they said about gay marriage 20 years ago. Liberal judges must be stopped. No wonder why liberals are gloating about Roy Moore losing the election. Voters of Alabama, don’t let liberals gloat! Vote for Roy Moore who supports Trump’s plan to build a wall.

* * *

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November 22, 2017 at EDT am

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The other half of Griggs v. Duke Power Co., 401 U.S. 424 (1971)

On HBD blogs, commenters only seem to remember that the Supreme Court held that Duke Power was not allowed to use an IQ test to hire workers. They forget that the Court also held that Duke could not use high school diplomas.

The facts of this case demonstrate the inadequacy of broad and general testing devices, as well as the infirmity of using diplomas or degrees as fixed measures of capability. History is filled with examples of men and women who rendered highly effective performance without the conventional badges of accomplishment in terms of certificates, diplomas, or degrees. Diplomas and tests are useful servants, but Congress has mandated the common sense proposition that they are not to become masters of reality.

So people who say that employers use “diplomas or degrees” to hire because they’re not allowed to use tests, they have not bothered to read the case or understand it.

Employers use degrees to hire because it’s what they do, it’s a business tradition, an established way of doing things. Tests never caught on outside of computer programming.

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November 13, 2017 at EDT am

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Advice for Harvey Weinstein

Get the hell out of the country ASAP, before it’s too late.

This is a strategy that worked out very well for Roman Polanski.

Now that you’re public enemy #1, every girl you ever pissed off with your sexual perversity is going to come out of the woodwork, every prosecutor in the country is going to want a piece of you.


Weinstein has taken my advice!

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October 10, 2017 at EDT pm

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Ford pardoned Nixon

Just reminding people. And Ford wasn’t even elected for the job. I’ve heard so much “it’s insanely unprecedented for a President to pardon someone.” I think people have already forgotten the 1970s.

Andrew Johnson pardoned every Confederate soldier.

George Washington pardoned some people who took up armed rebellion against the new federal government (in what’s called the Whiskey Rebellion).

In comparison, Joe Arpaio’s pissing contest with the federal government over whether the states can enforce immigration laws (in my opinion Arpaio is right that the states should be allowed to enforce immigration laws) was small-time stuff. And kind of ironic: unlike past rebellions against federal law, Arpaio’s small personal administrative rebellion was in favor of enforcing federal law.

* * *

We Still Have Zero Evidence That Trump Colluded With Russia (long read, but excellent)

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August 30, 2017 at EDT pm

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ACLU: White Supremacists no longer entitled to all First Amendment rights

While the ACLU continues to support “peaceful” free speech, the statement implies that the ACLU believes that “white supremacists” are inherently violent and thus not entitled to the freedom to assemble.

One also gets the impression that actual facts (as to whether or not they really are violent) don’t matter. “White supremacist” automatically means violent person. (On the other hand, I do support banning weapons from protests, which needs to be enforced against both protesters and counter-protesters. We’re lucky that, so far, people haven’t started shooting at each other.)

The Jew-hating Daily Stormer website is still off the internet. The Russian internet companies joined the global crackdown. I don’t particularly like Jew-haters, but it’s the beginning of the slippery slope that will eventually lead to blogs like mine being removed from the internet, cheered on by the ACLU.

* * *

And in other news, a 145-year-old statue of Chief Justice Taney in Maryland was spirited away overnight.

How are we any different than ISIS?

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

August 18, 2017 at EDT am

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