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Q&A with a semi-famous model

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I happened to come across a Q&A interview with the semi-famous model who used to live in my apartment. The question I really wanted answered was “why are you so lazy that you can’t even be bothered to tell the Post Office that you moved?” but unfortunately that wasn’t one of the questions. (Yes, still getting her mail.)

Instead, there were dumb questions like “how do you stay fit?” I don’t even think she’s all that fit, she just has genes for being skinny. I don’t see her running a marathon or lifting heavy weights or other out-of-the-ordinary fit stuff. (Although that fitness stuff is probably overrated anyway.)

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February 2, 2018 at EST pm

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Should male models get equal pay for equal work?

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Female models make vastly more money than male models.

Why isn’t anyone demanding equal pay for equal work when it comes to male models?

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January 29, 2018 at EST am

And now we first find out about this

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NY Times reports:

A senior adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign who was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a young subordinate was kept on the campaign at Mrs. Clinton’s request, according to four people familiar with what took place.

Hillary Clinton, what a disgusting hypocrite, pretending to be the champion of women.

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January 26, 2018 at EST pm

It pays to be a dominatrix

Based in Paris, Theodora has been working as a dominatrix for eight years and accepting cryptocurrency for four. She also specializes in “femdom hypnosis,” a process through which she says she’s able to dominate men using hypnotism. Her clients, all men, are in their late 30s to early 50s and usually come from the U.S. and the U.K., she said. They include a core group of 20 to 25 regular big spenders who make donations as high as $100,000 at once — some of whom she does “real time” sessions with in person — as well as 200 to 300 people who make smaller contributions online, most of whom never meet her in person. She communicates with them mostly online and by phone (she charges $25 a minute to call her and be ignored; $69 a minute to actually be spoken with).

But note: My past experience blogging about dominatrixes (that was two blogs ago) is that they are liars and mentally unstable. So the boast about making over a million dollars could be bullshit.

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December 23, 2017 at EST pm

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Funny emails about former Miss Americas

I got a kick out of it. Too bad the guy has to be fired. That’s why I always use instant messages and not emails to discuss those sorts of things. I’m just a lowly cubicle worker and I know that. This just demonstrates that you don’t have to be smart become a CEO.

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December 22, 2017 at EST pm

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The end of high heels

Fashions come and go, if this one ends it doesn’t mean as much as people think. The first high heels were worn by noble men, not women.

I think the death knell for high heels has been Melania Trump. They are now seen as prole because Melania likes them.

I predict that if high heels are replaced by something, it will be boots.

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December 17, 2017 at EST am

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This is just Trump being Trump

Trump got a lot of flack for this tweet.

But he said or tweeted the same about Mitt Romney in March 2016, and I think I was the only person who noticed. I tweeted about it too:

Trump is guilty of treating men and women exactly the same way! (Equally prole and unpresidential.)

Women are too damn sensitive. If they want to be like men and do man things like be Senators, then they need to be able to take the heat the same way as a man.

* * *

If you don’t get the Midnight Cowboy reference, read what I previously wrote about that movie.

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December 15, 2017 at EST pm

Why hire women at all?

In this story, the Congressman in question:

Did not have sex with any staffers
Did not inappropriately touch any staffers
Did not ask any staffers to have sex with him, at least not directly, and I honestly don’t think it’s what he meant
Did not threaten any staffers with career consequences or any consequences at all

But somehow he has still done something wrong.

Seems to me like you are better off only hiring men. Then you don’t have to worry that you might accidentally say the wrong thing and get sued and have to resign from Congress.

* * *

gothamette writes:

Why hire women?

Because you can hire them for less.

A friend once told me about a clever solo practitioner atty/accountant, one of those Orthodox Jewish high IQ autistic men, who hired only highly intelligent, obese women. He figured correctly that they would be excellent, loyal employees, because they could not stand the humiliation of job interviews, and would be forever pathetically grateful.

I don’t believe that women can actually be hired for less, not women who can do the same quality work as a man.

Except maybe for the older ugly women. In fact, hiring ugly people of both sexes is probably a good hiring strategy, because ugly people are discriminated against so you can pick them up for less money and they will be more loyal employees.

On the other hand, pretty young women are the WORST type of employees to have.

* * *

Magnavox writes:

You shouldn’t enjoy watching men get persecuted and purged because they belong to the other, equally stupid political party. Don’t be a cuck and put your own interests above those of the party you happen to vote for.

This purge only applies to men in politics and media/entertainment. It has nothing to do with regular cubicle workers who have already had these rules applied to them for a long time.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

December 8, 2017 at EST am

Gay genes found!

To this, as an HBD blogger, I say duh! But strangely, every time the topic comes up, there are commenters who insist that gayness isn’t genetic.

I’ve also previously written that there must be some sort of benefit from gay genes that outweigh the obvious survival disadvantage of not being interested in sex with women, otherwise the genes would have be culled out of the gene pool long ago. For example, gays dominate in certain activities (such as theater), and I assume the gay genes make them better at those activities.

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December 8, 2017 at EST am

Gay men and opportunity

I suspect this is a lot more common than let on by the mainstream media. Milo said it was common (and the reason he became persona non grata is because he supported it).

Society has structures to prevent adult men from getting in contact with young girls, and young girls are warned by their mothers to be extremely cautious of being alone with adult men. But there has been naïveté with respect to gay men. It’s assumed that boys are more capable of handling themselves than girls, and that if a man is interacting with a boy he is doing so in a fatherly mentoring sort of role and it’s not perceived with the same suspicion as a man interacting with a girl.

Therefore, it’s a lot easier for a gay man to get with a boy than it is for a heterosexual man to get with a girl.

* * *

Also, the media has been protecting gay men by not reporting on this, because they don’t want to cause prejudice against gays. The only exception is gay priests, because mainstream media dislike of religion trumps their protection of gays. But if this behavior is widespread among Catholic priests, who presumably have a higher code of morals than non-religious gay men, it only makes sense that this would be even more widespread among gays outside of the Catholic church.

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December 4, 2017 at EST am

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