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New York City will probably be Wuhan virus epicenter in USA

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New York City has half a million Chinese people, more than anyplace else in the country. There were a large number of flights between China and NYC until the travel ban, and we are STILL letting people come here from China (but not Hubei province) as long as they have no symptoms and agree to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Given how the Wuhan virus has popped up in other countries with a lot of passenger travel with China, such as Japan and Singapore, I find it hard to believe that the virus is completely absent from New York City, which is the ideal place for it to spread. The population density is very high, and people crowd into subways. We probably get more international visitors than any other city in the United States (but that’s just a guess).

As far as I know, the CDC isn’t testing anyone unless they’ve been to China, but we see that today in Japan, four people were discovered to have the virus who had never been China. Every Chinese person in the hospital with pneumonia should be tested for the virus. If the virus is spreading anywhere, it would be within the Chinese community in New York City.

I’m very worried.

* * *

The CDC must have been reading my blog! Or maybe they just have some people there with common sense. Maybe they were spooked by the sudden appearance of four cases in Japan who had no contacts to China or to anyone previously known to be infected.

New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles are the cities with the three largest Chinese populations. I don’t understand why Atlanta is on the list. Maybe just because it’s close to CDC headquarters so it’s easy for them to test there.

* * *

Japan traced the the infection of the doctor in Wakayama Prefecture to a 70-year-old man who was treated for pneumonia. So that’s the 5th confirmed case to appear in Japan (not including cruise ships) in less than 24 hours.

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February 13, 2020 at EST am

Goodbye Fairway?

Files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That’s theoretically a financial reorganization rather than a closing down of operations, but who knows if they will survive?

If you live outside of NYC, you probably never heard of this supermarket and don’t care, but it was a very SWPL place before the term “SWPL” even existed. But they can’t compete with Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

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January 23, 2020 at EST pm

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Gardiner-Tyler house on Staten Island

Google Street View link.

Pretty weird, this house (27 Tyler Avenue) on a normal block on Staten Island is actually where First Lady Julia Gardiner Tyler lived after her husband died. (The plastic fencing is obviously a recent addition and not something that’s historically associated with the house.)

I never knew it was there. It’s only a few hundred feet from where my Muslim friend from high school lived. (The Muslim friend was way more privileged than me because his father was a doctor while my parents were proles.)

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January 14, 2020 at EST pm

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Squeegee men are back

In case you don’t know what that is, they are scum who use a squeegee to do crappy job of cleaning the windshield of a motorist waiting for a traffic light, and then demand a donation.

Rudy Giuliani put the kibosh on that activity by ordering the cops to arrest them. And they totally disappeared. But today, I saw a squeegee man operating in midtown. Has De Blasio ordered the cops to stand down and let these scum operate with impunity?

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January 4, 2020 at EST pm

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NY Post reports another anti-Semitic hate crime

The 66-year-old victim of Tuesday’s assault was approached by three men at the intersection of S 4th and Keap Streets in Williamsburg at 3.58 p.m. on Tuesday, the source said.

The three assailants launched into an anti-Semitic diatribe, yelling “Jew Hitler burned you, I’ll shoot you,” but did not make any physical contact with the victim, the source said.

The NY Post does not say the race of the perps, but this happened in a Puerto Rican neighborhood (and very close to the housing project where my mom lived when she was a little girl).

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January 2, 2020 at EST pm

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Explaining the black anti-Semitic crime wave

The liberal-controlled fakestream media has been telling the blacks to blame all of their problems on outside forces. There’s no problem with black crime, instead there’s a problem with police who are discriminating against the blacks. Blacks are poor not because they blow off school, because they have kids out of wedlock, because they are too lazy to work (and certainly not because of genetically lower IQ), they are poor because of pervasive white racism that’s keeping them down. Blacks are encouraged to have a huge chip on their shoulder.

While liberal fakestream media never explicitly told blacks to hate the Jews, they have definitely told the blacks to hate the “others” who are racist against them, and they see the Jews as the others they should resent and hate. Ironically, while white supremacists see the Jews as non-white, the blacks see the Jews in the opposite manner, as uber-whites, certainly more white than the prole Irish and Italian whites that the blacks normally bump up against. Maybe even more white than the SWPL white gentrifiers. The ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic Jews usually have very pale skin. Instead of the casual street clothes worn by the blacks, the Hasidim dress up in very formal outfits, black coats and hats, the women wear dresses. The ultra-Orthodox and the Hasidim follow a policy of complete separation from the blacks. They only buy food and shop at their own ultra-Orthodox stores, places that no black would feel comfortable going into. Many of them literally speak a different language (Yiddish). Of course this policy of complete separation also applies to other whites, including less religious Jewish whites, but the blacks don’t see that part of it. They only see it as the Jews disrespecting their culture.

At the same time, white society has pulled back from enforcing discipline on the blacks. The teachers are told not to correct the black students when they speak in ebonics, because that would be racist. The teachers are told not to discipline the black students because it’s not that the black kids are misbehaving, is that the teachers are racist against them. In the recent past, when the cops saw blacks who looked like they were up to no good, they would stop and frisk them. De Blasio ordered the cops to stop doing that. And then he told the cops to stop arresting them for jumping subway turnstiles or selling drugs.

It’s as if society has told the blacks that it’s now open season to go out and take revenge against the people they don’t like because the law no longer applies to them, and the people they don’t like are the Jews. That is, the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic Jews.

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January 2, 2020 at EST pm

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The anti-Semitic, black crime wave continues


A Jewish teen riding a bus in Brooklyn was threatened at knife-point by two assailants who snatched his earbuds and yarmulke while making anti-Semitic remarks Tuesday, police said.


Two female attackers yelled “F— you Jew” and “I will kill you Jews” at a Brooklyn man before shoving him to the ground when he tried to film their anti-Semitic screed, law enforcement sources and witnesses said Wednesday.

Obviously all of these perps are black, even though the NY Post doesn’t explicitly say that.

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January 1, 2020 at EST pm

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They’re back!

Someone recently asked in the comments, what happened to the Guardian Angels?

Well they are back and they are going to be patrolling Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods to prevent more criminal attacks against Orthodox Jews.

Based on the picture, the Angels are looking a little long in the tooth.

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December 30, 2019 at EST pm

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The 14-year-old murderer has been caught

Not clear how he was able to evade capture for so long. It appears that he managed to get himself set up with a lawyer.

* * *

And the murderer has been released:

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December 26, 2019 at EST pm

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Brooklyn to become America’s 2nd largest city!

When I was a kid, I always remember seeing that sign when my parents drove off the Verrazano Bridge, the one that read “Welcome to Brooklyn, 4th largest city in America.” I never understood why Brooklyn was calling itself a city. Isn’t it part of New York City?

What the sign means is that if Brooklyn were an independent city, then it would be the 4th largest city by population, behind New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

However, with the population of Brooklyn growing and Chicago shrinking, it’s expected that the 2020 Census will show that Brooklyn will have a larger population than Chicago.

Furthermore, I would propose that if Brooklyn should be considered an independent city for ranking purposes, then so should every other borough of New York City as well. That would make Los Angeles the largest city in America, Brooklyn second, Chicago third, Houston fourth, and Queens fifth.

But at the very least, Brooklyn should buy a new sign that says it’s the third largest city in America, using the traditional ranking system.

* * *

Then the next five cities would be: Phoenix, Manhattan, Philadelphia, San Antonio, The Bronx.

So four of NYC’s boroughs are in the top 10.

* * *

The problem with this kind of list is that some major cities have very large metropolitan areas, like Atlanta, but the political designation of the city of Atlanta is a very small part of that metropolitan area. Other big metropolitan areas where the biggest city within the area understates the true size of the area includes San Francisco, Dallas and Fort Worth, and Washington.

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December 24, 2019 at EST am

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