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White working class in NY Times op-ed

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Found in a NY Times op-ed, an excerpt from a book by Joan C. Williams:

[For working class whites] valuing hard work means having the rigid self-discipline to do a menial job you hate for 40 years, and reining yourself in so you don’t “have an attitude” (i.e., so that you can submit to authority). Hard work for elites is associated with self-actualization; “disruption” means founding a successful start-up. Disruption, in working class jobs, just gets you fired.

It’s in line with stuff I’ve previously written on my blog. Both the parts about how the elites have self-actualizing jobs, and that elite values are bad for the working class. I wonder if Joan C. Williams is a reader? (Besides Lion, no one else uses the term self-actualizing job.)

* * *

A short while ago I wrote:

Prole whites have genetically lower IQs and lower self-control compared to elite whites. (A fact not acknowledged by elite whites who don’t believe in genetic IQ, nor is it even acknowledged very much by commenters on HBD blogs.)

Despite these genetic shortcomings, the prole whites have the WISDOM to realize they’d be better off if some external force imposed stricter behavior on them. The elite whites don’t understand this, because they are already born with genes that give them internal self-control, so they don’t need it imposed by outside forces.

I haven’t read Joan C. Williams’ book, but I would guess with close to 100% certainty that she doesn’t mention anywhere that lower-class whites have, on average, genetically lower IQs than elite whites.

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July 20, 2017 at 7:22 am

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Trump Jr. news

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I had insomnia so I read a lot of mainstream media stories in the middle of the night.

The impression I get is that the mainstream media is elated because they think they’ve finally caught Trump red-handed, confirming everything they always believed.

Ignoring the reality that there was only a short one-time meeting with someone who is just a private lawyer and not a Russian government official, who as far as we know provided zero help to the Trump campaign and only wanted to lobby the campaign about the Magnitsky Act and Russian adoptions.

Donald Trump Jr.’s “crime” is that he didn’t have a proper sense of paranoia regarding the carrot of obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton. This may be a failing of him being born rich. Regular people like me are much more paranoid. I never write anything in an email that would get me in trouble if it were leaked to anyone.

What about the real mysteries here?

1. How did the Times get Donald Trump Jr.’s emails? My first guess was that the Mueller investigation obtained them, and someone from that group leaked them to the Times. But now I read that CNN says that Mueller didn’t know about the emails until now.

So who could have had the access and the motive to leak them?

2. Why was Donald Trump Jr. set up to meet the Russian lawyer in the first place? Was the Goldstone guy who played a key role the duper, or was he duped by someone else?

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July 12, 2017 at 8:27 am

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Russian journalists in the New Yorker

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Excellent article in the New Yorker about what Russian journalists think of the U.S. media’s coverage of Trump and Russia. Bottom line is that they see no proof that Putin is responsible for the hack, and they think that the American media has lost its marbles.

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July 7, 2017 at 9:08 pm

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Fake news about voter records

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I hate to use the term “fake news,” but how else do you describe a sudden rash of “news” stories about how Trump wants your private voting records? Hello! Voter registration records have always been public, and that’s what Trump’s commission asked for. And if the information is available to anyone at all, then it should certainly be available to a government commission investigating voting integrity.

Here’s another case of people in supposedly responsible positions spreading disinformation to make political points to drive outrage against President Trump.

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July 1, 2017 at 7:13 pm

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Some angry prole white men with guns are Democrats

It’s notable that yesterday’s shooter is 66 years old. Once upon a time, the Democrats were the party of prole whites. That was the Democratic party of FDR. My prole grandfather who drove a delivery truck only voted for Democrats, and hated Republicans because they were the party of the rich, and he would never read the New York Times because that was the newspaper of rich Republicans. (Or so my father told me. The one thing that has remained constant is that the New York Times is still the newspaper of the wealthiest New Yorkers, and proles still read the Daily News and the New York Post.)

If the shooter has been in his 20s, he probably would have been a Republican.

It’s worth pointing out that if someone shot up an abortion clinic, liberals would have blamed conservative anti-abortion rhetoric. So it’s equally fair in this case, if not more fair, to blame anti-Trump rhetoric from liberals for this shooting.

* * *

The rent for the apartment in Brooklyn (near the Belt Parkway in Brighton Beach) where my grandparents used to live is now $1975/month. I doubt that a delivery truck driver could afford it today.

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June 15, 2017 at 6:59 am

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Shooting in DC

A congressman was injured.

If this is Islamic terrorism, then maybe Congress will finally do something now that one of their own is a victim.

Or maybe it’s just a crazy guy. In which case, it will turn into a gun-control moment.

* * *

The attack was on a REPUBLICAN baseball practice. Most crazy white militia types would prefer to shoot Democrats. This either means that this was Islamic terrorism, just a crazy guy, or a white militia type who’s mad at all of Congress and the Republicans were easier to shoot at.

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June 14, 2017 at 8:07 am

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Is Alan Dershowitz reading my blog?

He wrote at Fox News:

I think it is important to put to rest the notion that there was anything criminal about the president exercising his constitutional power to fire Comey and to request – “hope” – that he let go the investigation of General Flynn. Just as the president would have had the constitutional power to pardon Flynn and thus end the criminal investigation of him, he certainly had the authority to request the director of the FBI to end his investigation of Flynn.

That sounds very much like what I wrote this morning:

Constitutionally, I don’t see how [obstruction of justice is] possible, because the President has the authority to tell DOJ and the FBI who to investigate and who not to, and furthermore Trump has the power to pardon anyone he wants for whatever reason, so surely he has the lesser power to do whatever it is that liberals think he did.

Notice that we both mention the President’s pardon power.

* * *

Barrack Obama should know very well that the President has the power to tell federal law enforcement what NOT to do. He directed federal agencies not to enforce the immigration laws.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

June 8, 2017 at 6:48 pm

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Reality Winner, one buff chick

Look at those muscles.

I thought that girls who were into bodybuilding were more likely to be prole Trump supporters. Guess I was wrong about that.

* * *

Gothamette writes: “You have nothing to say about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman?”

She’s very pretty, but she doesn’t look half as strong as Reality Winners.

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June 6, 2017 at 7:06 pm

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I predicted this

On November 26th I wrote that the MSM was trying to set Trump up for impeachment.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

May 18, 2017 at 7:46 am

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Steve Sailer in New York Magazine

Read article here.

Don’t have time right now to say more.

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May 1, 2017 at 8:01 am

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