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Maureen Dowd op-ed

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A rare Maureen Dowd op-ed worth reading.

First, she makes the case that if Hillary had won the election, this wave of sexual assault accusations would not be happening. (I agree, but I don’t think Dowd explained it entirely correctly.)

And then she writes:

Time and again, Hillary was a party to demonizing women as liars, bimbos, trailer trash or troubled souls when it seemed clear they were truthful about her philandering husband. She often justified this by thinking of the women as instruments of the right-wing conspiracy.

Plus, my addition, is that Hillary is simply a hypocrite when she talks about “believing women” and she places her own personal power ahead of anyone and anything else.

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November 19, 2017 at 11:09 am

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Beverly Nelson’s stepson has publicly stated that he believes that Beverly is lying. That’s pretty damning.

“I know for a fact that there is a lot that that woman does not tell the truth on,” Nelson claimed in an in-person interview with Breitbart News. “Do I think that Beverly is trustworthy? No, I really don’t. Could I see her making it up? …The odds are in that favor.”

And the yearbook signature is very mysterious. Gloria Allred refuses to release the yearbook to independent handwriting experts or allow her client to answer questions about it.

How did they even get together in the first place? Why does the accuser need a lawyer? There isn’t anyone to sue. The statute of limitations has long since expired. Is Allred being paid anything? Is she really representing her client, or is she representing her own hatred of conservative Republicans and using her client as a pawn?

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November 17, 2017 at 3:01 pm

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Washington Post explains why you should support Roy Moore

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It’s an op-ed and thus not the official position of the paper, but nevertheless, we have a Democrat explaining why she supports Al Franken and Democrats no matter how lecherous they are.

This applies triple to Roy Moore. Dumping Al Franken just means that the liberal Democratic governor of Minnesota appoints another Democrat to replace him. Yet you have Democrats who still support him. But with Roy Moore, if he drops out of the race, or if people just don’t vote for him, we lose a precious Senate seat for three years to an open-borders tranny-rights Democrat (who for all we know may have done a lot of bad things himself that the media just hasn’t reported on).

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November 17, 2017 at 9:23 am

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Perverted vs. lecherous

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Perverted: abnormal or unnatural sexual desire.

Mother Nature created our sex drive so we would reproduce. There’s nothing unnatural about a man whose sperm is still good being sexually attracted to a sexually mature 14-year-old girl (presumably old enough to have healthy baby).

What’s abnormal and unnatural is a man sticking his penis into another man’s anus!

Lecherous: unrestrained or excessive indulgence of sexual desire.

Yes, lecherous would be a good adjective for a man in his early 30s who constantly hits on teenage girls. Even though it’s natural to be attracted to teenage girls, trying to get with them violates social norms.

Of course, it should be pointed out that Congress is full of old lechers who like their women a lot younger than them. Traitor Johh McCain’s wife is 18 years younger. Bill Clinton got blow jobs from Monica Lewinsky who’s 27 years his junior. Dennis Kucinich is married to a woman who’s 31 years younger. Elliot Spitzer (governor, not a member of Congress), was into having sex with a prostitute who was 27 years younger.

Even good liberal Al Franken kissed and groped a woman young enough to be his daughter without her consent.

All of the above seem to have avoided girls under the age of 18 (as far as we know), but the thing about girls under the age of 18 is that it’s really hard for men over a certain age who don’t work in a school to interact with them socially. That’s sort of intentional. Society doesn’t want older men and teenage girls to have any social contact with each other. The only way, I guess, before the internet, would be to cruise malls, a place where teenagers used to hang out without their parents. I wonder, had there been a White House intern under the age of 18 who wanted to give Bill a blow job, if he would have turned her away?

Today, older men can meet teenage girls on the internet. That’s where former Congressman Anthony Wiener met the 16-year-old girl to whom he emailed a photo of his penis. (Which is considered a major crime, even though there’s an abundance of easily viewed penis photos on the internet for any teenager who wants to see them. I feel bad for Wiener, who I met in person a few times and seemed like a decent guy for a Democratic politician.)

One more lecher in the Senate isn’t going to mean the end of democracy. On the other hand, one more Democrat in the Senate could open the floodgates of massive third-world immigration that would indeed end our nation as we know it. Had this news come out before the primary, I would certainly have endorsed Strange over Moore, but the liberal Washington Post made sure to release the story at a time when it would do maximum damage to Republican control of the Senate.

Creepy: causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.

The 30-year-old Moore could also be described as creepy, although I don’t like that word because women often accuse beta-males of being “creepy” merely because they had the audacity to ask them out.

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November 16, 2017 at 1:12 pm

Gloria Allred refuses to allow handwriting expert to see yearbook

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Moore denies writing the yearbook inscription, Jauregui said Wednesday, and added that Moore’s lawyers have tasked a handwriting expert with evaluating the yearbook. He demanded that Allred and Nelson release the yearbook to a neutral party for examination.

“We’ll find out: Is it genuine, or is it a fraud?” Jauregui said.

Allred released a statement after the Moore event on Wednesday, saying they would agree to have the yearbook examined by “an independent expert or experts” after a US Senate committee — either the judiciary or the ethics committee — agrees to conduct a hearing into the accusations about Moore.

In other words, she will only let experts examine the handwriting if some events happen that are unlikely to happen before the election takes place. In other words, “no, handwriting experts can’t see it.”

This particular allegation has the stench of slander.

(On the other hand, it’s looking more and more believable that Moore was into teenage girls when he was in his late 20s and early 30s.)

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November 15, 2017 at 10:24 pm

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You should have listened to Trump

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Trump endorsed Luther Strange from the beginning.

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November 15, 2017 at 11:29 am

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Lock her up!

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A New York Times article says that a new Clinton investigation would “shatter longstanding norms,” but norms have already been shattered by this Mueller investigation. When has a president already been under investigation as soon as he took office for an alleged crime for which there is only the barest thread of any evidence? On the other hand, getting indictments against the Clintons and their cronies for the Uranium One deal ought to be a slam dunk. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Fight fire with fire. Go for it.

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November 14, 2017 at 9:11 am

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A fifth woman?

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According to the NY Times:

The new accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, told a news conference in New York that Mr. Moore attacked her when she was 16 and he was a prosecutor in Etowah County, Ala. Ms. Nelson was represented at the news conference by Gloria Allred, a lawyer who has championed victims of sexual harassment.

“I tried fighting him off, while yelling at him to stop, but instead of stopping, he began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch,” Ms. Nelson said in a statement she issued at the news conference. She said Mr. Moore warned her that “no one will believe you” if she told anyone about the encounter in his car.

This accusation sounds fake to me. Her story is inconsistent with the Washington Post article where it appeared that Roy Moore liked them young, but approached those teenagers with nice-guy beta-male white-knight game, and was completely non-violent. I got the impression that he saw himself as a good guy (yes, even though most people reading the Washington Post story seem eager to get the impression that he’s a creep/pervert/child molester/whatever).

This new story sounds just like the sort of fake accusation that someone would make up for political reasons, which is why I find it less believable.

That Gloria Allred is already involved is also highly suspicious.

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November 13, 2017 at 4:00 pm

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Did Moore really do it?

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But it’s justified to be suspicious given the timing of the release to do maximum damage to Republican control of Congress, and so far the woman who accuses him of touching her breasts when she was 14 has not spoken to anyone besides the Washington Post reporter.

Except for that one incident, everything else he is accused of involves legal consensual activities with females old enough to consent under the laws of Alabama. Some people may think it’s icky, but I think that gay sex is icky, yet there are loads of homos serving in Congress. Moore never even had sexual intercourse with any of the girls.

If the women were going to make up fake stories to torpedo his campaign, why not make up a fake story with some real meat to it? Why not say that Moore raped her in the traditional non-consensual meaning of the word? The one story where he allegedly committed a crime sounds so innocent. On a second date, he briefly touched her breast while she was wearing a bra and he had stripped down to his underwear, and then he drove her home when she didn’t want to continue. He never even pulled out his penis, it was under his underwear the whole time.

If the incident had been reported to authorities at the time, they probably wouldn’t have bothered to prosecute it. The Alabama statute was normally used to prosecute those the authorities thought of as bad actors, boyfriends of the girl’s mother, people who worked at schools, people who did a bunch of illegal things and that statute was thrown in as a lesser offense. Or at minimum, cases where the “sexual contact” was more sustained and repeated.

* * *

I think it was very unwise for Moore to get in that situation with a 14-year-old girl (if that actually happened). There’s a reason that the term “jailbait” came into being. He should have known better!

But I don’t think it’s “perverted” for a man to be sexually attracted to a 14-year-old (perverted in the sense of abnormal or unnatural), especially if she’s mature-looking for 14.

Homosexuality is perverted.

* * *

Dan writes in a comment:

There is no evidence. Don’t be a Mitch McConnell, Lion.

If anything significant occurred, there were 40 years to bring it up including the many, many years when Moore was a controversial judge.

I’m not a Mitch McConnell. I am absolutely opposed to Moore dropping out and letting a Democrat win. And as another commenter pointed out this weekend, it would reward liberal dirty tricks and encourage more of the sort in the future.

That said, I don’t want anyone to get too attached to the idea that Moore didn’t do it, because you might be very disappointed in the future.

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November 13, 2017 at 11:57 am

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Trump is having huge success in appointing judges

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As this NY Times article explains, Trump and the Republicans are having HUGE success in appointing conservatives federal judges.

Remember that liberal federal judges think that Muslims have a constitutional right to immigrate to the United States. Among other SJW things. Liberal judges will probably soon discover that the Constitution gives children the right to have sex-change operations. Liberal judges are bad news.

That’s why it’s so important for Roy Moore to win, regardless of what gave him a hard-on 35 to 40 years ago. If Republicans lose control of the Senate, then the pipeline of conservative judicial appointments gets shut down.

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November 11, 2017 at 8:39 pm

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