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A comment from a reader about growing up prole

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“Red pill aspie” wrote an excellent comment about growing up prole.

My opinion, however, is that the Czech girls mentioned in the comment may have seemed more polite and feminine because they were out of their element and didn’t know the commenter’s social status in the United States, but they may have been total bitches to low-status boys back home in Czechoslovakia.

I also have a lower opinion of “salt-of-the-earth” types from Staten Island than the commenter does.

Also, Staten Island was not the least bit rural in the 1980s. Maybe in the 1950s. If you are looking for a specific date when Staten Island went to crap, that day is November 21, 1964.

* * *

My parents are immigrants from the Czech Republic, who fled the Soviet invasion that crushed the Prague Spring in 1968. They settled first in Astoria, Queens, then in Staten Island (the Arden Heights area, which is not too far from where the SI dump used to be.). They were educated in gymnasiums (pre-college schools in the Czech Republic), but given the new environment, had to start their own businesses. They were sort of unlucky in the respect that their fellow Czech friends succeeded earlier than them and made it out to the suburbs in NJ, while they made do in Staten Island. Although incidentally, they moved there because SI was still very rural in the 1980’s. Our townhouse unit had a picturesque green scenery that was unfortunately ruined with more townhouse eyesores that were built there shortly after my parents moved in.

I grew up in what Lion would call a “high prole” environment, where parents worked as teachers, cops, firemen and had the working class ethic accompanying it. I was seen as the “nerd” of the neighborhood since I was very good in math and was at the top 1% of my class. Despite this, my parents didn’t focus on putting me to special schools as they wished for me to focus on practical applications (get a schooling good enough for a good job, think of basically getting a good enough schooling for Rutgers). While I was bullied, I was still friends with people in my neighborhood. It was not uncommon for me to be invited by my “gang” for baseball, basketball, swim pool meets, etc. While I wasn’t high social status, I was still seen as part of the “gang”.

Obviously, this group was more salt-of-the-earth and concentrated on popular culture, going-ons with the Yankees, etc. While it was easily accessible for us to take the subway to the SI ferry and go to Manhattan, our group only went for a few times and that was mainly to see the Yankees. Otherwise, our group never really went for cultural outings and the like. It was more movies, pool parties, neighborhood parties, etc.

I did get an inkling early on how upper middle class life was as my parents regularly visited their successful friends in NJ. I got along pretty ok with their sons on these playdates, but I could tell the environment was not as salt-of-the-earth as I was used to in SI. The living seemed more atomized and didn’t have the community vibe as I was used to in SI. I also could see the environment was more competitive in terms of academics, sports, etc. From my perception, people seemed to focus more on their track teams, academics, etc. than on a relaxed living I was used to.

One big thing that stood out were the suburban girls. My parents had two Czech friends who both had daughters. The talk of hypergamy about girls and such? I saw that very early on. There was a bitchiness, stuck-up quality to them that shocked me very much. True, there were bitchy girls in SI, but they seemed pretty rare. Girls in SI could be mean, but it was more of a salt-of-the-earth variety, not the entitled way I saw the NJ girls carry themselves.

What was even more shocking were the Czech girls my parents took in. My parents regularly hosted friends who came to visit from the Czech Republic when they wanted to travel in the US. Some of these had daughters. They were a real pleasure to interact with! They treated me very nicely and like an actual human being. There seemed a quality to them that they were natural while the suburban girls were very artificial. It mitigated the feeling that there was something wrong with me for the girls in the suburbs to act so stuck up.

Eventually my parents succeeded in their businesses and saved up money for a house in NJ. We actually rushed to move out as my townhouse neighborhood was starting to fill up with “low-proles” and NAMs. My parents were careful to select a neighborhood in NJ where the high school was one of the top 10 in all of NJ.

The move and high school years were some of the worst years of my life. I had been the top person in my school, but now I was in a high school with Indians, Chinese, and upper middle class whites. My grades suffered when I realized I was no longer the top student and I had to work hard to bring them up again. The new environment was very demotivating as everything was so atomized. The only way to make friends in such a suburban environment was with playdates, something my parents were not used to. I only managed to make friends from the tennis team I was part of and the quiz bowl team. I had thought of myself as a nerd, but the nerds outcasted me with their snark. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had brought my working class mentality which didn’t rub well with the upper middle class one. Everyone took poorly to the salt-of-the-earth humor I had.

I also noticed early on that people had all these “fake” personalities and were passive-aggressive. In NYC, we could mess with each other talking with PC humor, but in my new environment, it rubbed off poorly on people. The implication was that you were an uneducated boor with such talk. I didn’t realize how insular suburbs were because of such things as helicopter parenting, groupthink, cognitive bias, etc. I frankly didn’t know the extent of such insularity until I saw the SJW phenomenon starting in 2013 and realizing they were a product of it.

My time was miserable in the suburbs, but because of my high intelligence (my IQ is 152), I managed to get good grades and go to a prestigious STEM school. I was still miserable as I was still surrounded by upper middle class types. My friends were usually foreigners, intellectuals, or the odd working class person who like me was lucky to go to the school.

All of these experiences left me with a sour taste and confusion. It wasn’t until the rise of the red-pill and blogs like these that I could make sense out of this new class system, a system that Charles Murray wrote about years earlier and to which I’m kicking myself for not reading him soon enough. I now have been able to fit in with upper middle class/hipster types since I know how to fake the socializing, but to me it still doesn’t feel authentic. I still have 1-2 working class friends who I’m grateful for as I can drop my PC exterior and feel authentic around.

[ ] I feel that my working class background has given me unique insights and real world experience that people of the upper middle class are either unaware of or dismiss out of hand.

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May 23, 2018 at EDT pm

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Proles love Trump, even black rappers

While I don’t think we are at the point at which blacks will defect, en masse, to becoming Trump supporters, because there’s a strongly established framework of blacks being loyal to the Democratic party. But Trump’s prole and masculine personality (he behaves a lot like a rich basketball player) is a much more natural fit for blacks than wimpy SWPL liberal politicians.

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April 27, 2018 at EDT am

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John Bolton has a weird mustache

Very prole.

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March 23, 2018 at EDT pm

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Heinlein and the psychology of guns

This is also a quote from the Robert Heinlein novel Tunnel in the Sky. Rod Walker, the main character, is asking his older sister (a captain in the Corps of Amazons) advice for his upcoming survival test on an unknown planet:

“Uh, Sis, what sort of gun should I carry?”

“Huh? Why the deuce do you want a gun?”

“Why, for what I might run into, of course. Wild animals and things. Deacon Matson practically said that we could expect dangerous animals.”

“I doubt if he advised you to carry a gun. From his reputation, Dr. Matson is a practical man. See here, infant, on this tour you are the rabbit, trying to escape the fox. You aren’t the fox.”
“What do you mean?”

“Your only purpose is to stay alive. Not to be brave, not to fight, not to dominate the wilds- but just stay breathing. One time in a hundred a gun might save your life; the other ninety-nine it will just tempt you into folly. Oh, no doubt Matson would take one, and I would, too. But we are salted; we know when not to use one. But consider this. That test area is going to be crawling with trigger-happy young squirts. If one shoots you, it won’t matter that you have a gun, too- because you will be dead. But if you carry a gun, it makes you feel cocky; you won’t take proper cover. If you don’t have one, then you’ll know that you are the rabbit. You’ll be careful.”

I completely didn’t understand this when I read it as a teenager. It didn’t make any sense. Why would you not want to take a gun if you were going to be stranded for up to ten days on a strange planet with wild animals?

But now, I’m old enough to have the wisdom to understand this advice. For example, if George Zimmerman had not been carrying a gun, he probably wouldn’t have gone looking for the dangerous-looking ghetto black kid, he would have waited for the police, but the gun made him feel powerful, like bigshot who could take care of himself.

A lot of the pro-gun proles who say they need a gun for “protection” just don’t understand this psychology. Furthermore, I believe that owning an AR-15 contributed to the Florida kid going on a shooting rampage. Having the AR-15 made him feel powerful, and he caressed his gun and had fantasies about how he could use the power of the AR-15 to go to his old high school and get back at all the kids and teachers he hated. If he had not been able to obtain an AR-15 in the first place, he never would have had those dark fantasies.

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March 19, 2018 at EDT pm

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Proles love Trump

Stormy Daniels’ mother is a Trump supporter!

This is not surprising at all. The mother of a porn actress is obviously going to be prole, and we all know from reading my blog that proles love Trump!

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March 15, 2018 at EDT pm

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Teacher with gun accidentally shoots student

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March 14, 2018 at EDT am

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If you think that arming teachers is a good idea

Then you’re a prole. And not the smart kind of prole.

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February 22, 2018 at EDT am

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The NEW digital divide

Remember the old days when op-ed writers worried that poor children were being left behind because they didn’t have enough access to computers?

Well now, things are reversed. An op-ed writer frets that poor children are being left being because they spend TOO MUCH TIME using computers (including smartphones) and not enough time doing healthy activities.

Why can’t poor people ever behave the right way? It’s almost like they’re an entirely different social class and can never be reformed.

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February 15, 2018 at EDT am

Prole advice in the NY Times?

I Want to Cut My Kids Off Financially. Does That Make Me Mean?

Dear Sugars,

My spouse and I supported our two now-“grown” children through college. One graduated; one moved back home due to failing grades. It’s now five years later, but we’re still paying for their cell phones, cars and health insurance. The one who graduated got a good job, but she’s about to be fired and she wants to move back home. We’re saying no. Are we mean parents? Should we continue to support our children well past their teenage years? When should we cut the strings and let them fend for themselves?

Still Paying

I think the “Sugars” gave some pretty bad advice to this writer (agreeing that there’s nothing mean about not letting the daughter move back home).

For starters, it’s a uniquely 20th century American custom for unmarried children to live on their own. People in India would find it crazy. The custom came about during a time when the younger generation had much better economic opportunities than the older generation, but that has now reversed. Today, it’s rare for children in their twenties to be able to earn as much money as their parents, especially if their parents are middle class or higher.

Kicking out your children as soon as they are 18 is something that proles do, it’s not what the upper classes do. (The real upper class will buy an apartment for their children in Manhattan, but we don’t know if that’s affordable for the person who wrote the letter.)

Of course, I agree that parents should help lead their children to self-actualizing careers and not sitting at home playing videogames, but it’s unlikely that kicking them out of the house and cutting off their car and smartphone payments will do that. The last thing you want is for them to take a job as a sales clerk at The Gap because they are desperate for any income. Yet I am aware that for many proles, it makes sense that their kids should work any crappy job. It’s how proleness is passed from one generation to the next.

But lacking any personal experience as either a parent in this situation, or a child who received good advice and support from my parents, I don’t have any specific advice to offer.

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December 26, 2017 at EDT pm

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More reasons to avoid cruises

As if being stuck on a ship full of proles and the relatively common stomach virus epidemics aren’t enough to make you avoid this sort of “vacation,” there’s also the danger of dying in a bus crash while on overpriced off-ship sightseeing excursions.

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December 20, 2017 at EDT am

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