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The new McDonald’s experience

I walked in, and there was this section of eight huge self-service kiosks with touchscreens.

I was able to choose exactly what I wanted, and then pay for it with a credit card. I got a receipt with my order number on it printed real big so even someone with bad vision could easily see it. This was a massive improvement over the old method where I had to wait in a line and then give my order to a surly unhelpful cash register person.

Shortly afterwards, my order was called.

And it was only $2.18 for two hamburgers. Anything I might have cooked at home would have been a lot more expensive. How can they stay in business with prices so low?

The first hamburger was delicious in its own right, but I decided to experiment on the second hamburger by adding hot sauce to it. Yum! Spicy!

The only downside is that McDonald’s gives you the order in a bag with their logo stamped on it all huge. Nothing screams “PROLE!” more than a McDonad’s bag. So the secret to McDonad’s takeout is to bring your own bag with you. An npr totebag would be perfect for this purpose. No one would suspect that within the most SWPL of bags there was actually the most prole culinary treat.

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November 9, 2018 at 6:05 PM

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Republicans’ Pennsylvania problem

Pennsylvania with its large prole white population (as well as other demographically similar Rustbelt states) was the key to Trump winning the election in 2016.

But the prole whites in Pennsylvania did not turn out for Republicans yesterday. (I am not sure, yet, if they just stayed home, or if they voted for Democrats.)

The prole whites in Pennsylvania are not motivated by the traditional Republican messages of banning abortion, lowering taxes for the top 1%, and union busting. Prole whites in Pennsylvania are not as religious as the prole whites in the Midwest or the South, and they have a long tradition of being sympathetic to the Franklin D. Roosevelt type of liberalism.

I believe that Trump’s focus on immigration, and merely being the guy that elites hate the same way that they hate all prole whites, is what carried the state for him.

But obviously, no one in the Republican Party knows how to tap into non-religious prole white populism. And this is even true for Trump, who did it by accident rather than because he’s an expert at understanding our nation’s demographics and social divisions.

Waiting for the comments where people angrily explain to me that my analysis is wrong.

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November 7, 2018 at 11:50 AM

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I used to go to the one on Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona (which is no longer there). It was an OK place to buy a hamburger and french fries. Maybe wings. I think they had a steak sandwich. I don’t remember eating anything else there.

The waitresses were nice.

I haven’t been to a Hoooters in 17 years. I feel sad about that.

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November 2, 2018 at 4:20 PM

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Fight over a parking space

Lot’s of stupidity and proleness here.

Two women steal the fat guy’s parking spot.

Fat guy gets out of his car to let them know he’s pissed that his spot was stolen. Women ignore him. (He probably should have let bygones be bygones and just went in search of another spot.)

Fat guy, pissed off, fake-kicks at someone else’s car. (Looking at the video, I don’t think he actually made contact with the car.)

The shorter of the two women then runs up to the fat guy and punches him in the face. At this point in the confrontation, the fat guy was walking away. Physically attacking someone who is walking away is a legally unjustified escalation.

He goes a little overboard in defending himself.

But then short woman gets back up and attacks him again while he is trying to walk back to his car.

Fat guy pushes here away again and defuses the situation by getting into his car and driving away.

No one is blameless here, but I think the women, especially the short woman who punched him, have more blame than the fat guy.

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October 28, 2018 at 7:47 PM

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Proles love America

I was in Staten Island this weekend, and there were American flags everywhere. Yes, it was the end of July 4th week, so people were being extra patriotic, but back in Manhattan there are no flags anywhere. Except one building with two flags on top of it, but I am sure that a prole superintendent placed them there.

Proles love America. Elites love being elite. Liberal elites hate America because they believe that America is a racist country, and racism is the most evil thing in the world.

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July 9, 2018 at 9:13 AM

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Grandma has a tramp stamp

The approximately 60-year-old woman on the elevator (in a white-collar office building) with me had a circular tattoo on her upper back.

Yes, I know that technically, to be a tramp stamp, it has to be on the lower back, but who knows how many other tattoos she has that I couldn’t see?

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July 2, 2018 at 9:06 AM

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Yes, we need to do something about dumb proles who borrow money for vacations

Many commenters’ reaction to the previous post was joyous schadenfreude that some of the dumb proles would face financial ruin when they lose their job and can’t pay back the 20%+ interest rate loan for their unnecessary vacation.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. People are born stupid because of their genes, they don’t magically become smart because of life lessons learned. Don’t become an SJW who thinks that with the right “education” they will become great scientists, only replacing college education with school-of-hard-knocks education.

Furthermore, susceptibility to peer pressure is also genetic, related to the personality factor called “agreeableness.” Only those with low agreeableness (like Donald Trump) are able to resist the siren call of peer pressure that says they are a loser unless they go on an expensive vacation.

Only people with high IQ and low agreeableness have true free will, the rest of the masses need to be benevolently directed towards self-beneficial behavior and not be handed nooses that they can use to hang themselves.

And then when the economy crashes because everyone is over-levered and financial institutions have to be bailed out again because they are too big to fail, it’s YOUR TAXES that will be used to pay for the bailouts! So yes, you are doing yourself a favor by supporting laws that protect the dumb proles from themselves.

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June 22, 2018 at 9:36 AM

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People buying vacations on credit

Article at Marketwatch about new finance companies like Affirm which allow people to buy all sorts of crap they don’t need on installment plans, with usurious rates of interest.

The article provide a quote from a “financial expert”:

Still, financing a vacation is “a terrible idea all around,” Podnos said. “It’s one thing to finance your education or home purchase, or even a car purchase in some situations … but to finance a vacation is to me just insane. If you can’t afford to pay for your vacation out of cash on hand, don’t take a vacation.”

But it doesn’t go far enough. This is why we need laws against usury. Not only to protect the proles from themselves, but too many proles leveraged up to their eyeballs increases the riskiness of the entire economy and can lead to severe recessions or even depressions. And that’s true even when proles lever up to buy more worthwhile long-term assets like houses and college degrees. Well, a college degree isn’t an asset because it can’t be sold.

This is an example of where the libertarian model of economics fails.

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June 21, 2018 at 9:27 AM

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Piper Palin, fourth Palin kid in a row not to go to college?

Can’t even go to college and get a real bachelor’s degree in nursing?

At least Piper is ahead of her older sister Bristol who briefly attended a certified nursing program but dropped out.

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June 20, 2018 at 8:14 PM

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A comment from a reader about growing up prole

“Red pill aspie” wrote an excellent comment about growing up prole.

My opinion, however, is that the Czech girls mentioned in the comment may have seemed more polite and feminine because they were out of their element and didn’t know the commenter’s social status in the United States, but they may have been total bitches to low-status boys back home in Czechoslovakia.

I also have a lower opinion of “salt-of-the-earth” types from Staten Island than the commenter does.

Also, Staten Island was not the least bit rural in the 1980s. Maybe in the 1950s. If you are looking for a specific date when Staten Island went to crap, that day is November 21, 1964.

* * *

My parents are immigrants from the Czech Republic, who fled the Soviet invasion that crushed the Prague Spring in 1968. They settled first in Astoria, Queens, then in Staten Island (the Arden Heights area, which is not too far from where the SI dump used to be.). They were educated in gymnasiums (pre-college schools in the Czech Republic), but given the new environment, had to start their own businesses. They were sort of unlucky in the respect that their fellow Czech friends succeeded earlier than them and made it out to the suburbs in NJ, while they made do in Staten Island. Although incidentally, they moved there because SI was still very rural in the 1980’s. Our townhouse unit had a picturesque green scenery that was unfortunately ruined with more townhouse eyesores that were built there shortly after my parents moved in.

I grew up in what Lion would call a “high prole” environment, where parents worked as teachers, cops, firemen and had the working class ethic accompanying it. I was seen as the “nerd” of the neighborhood since I was very good in math and was at the top 1% of my class. Despite this, my parents didn’t focus on putting me to special schools as they wished for me to focus on practical applications (get a schooling good enough for a good job, think of basically getting a good enough schooling for Rutgers). While I was bullied, I was still friends with people in my neighborhood. It was not uncommon for me to be invited by my “gang” for baseball, basketball, swim pool meets, etc. While I wasn’t high social status, I was still seen as part of the “gang”.

Obviously, this group was more salt-of-the-earth and concentrated on popular culture, going-ons with the Yankees, etc. While it was easily accessible for us to take the subway to the SI ferry and go to Manhattan, our group only went for a few times and that was mainly to see the Yankees. Otherwise, our group never really went for cultural outings and the like. It was more movies, pool parties, neighborhood parties, etc.

I did get an inkling early on how upper middle class life was as my parents regularly visited their successful friends in NJ. I got along pretty ok with their sons on these playdates, but I could tell the environment was not as salt-of-the-earth as I was used to in SI. The living seemed more atomized and didn’t have the community vibe as I was used to in SI. I also could see the environment was more competitive in terms of academics, sports, etc. From my perception, people seemed to focus more on their track teams, academics, etc. than on a relaxed living I was used to.

One big thing that stood out were the suburban girls. My parents had two Czech friends who both had daughters. The talk of hypergamy about girls and such? I saw that very early on. There was a bitchiness, stuck-up quality to them that shocked me very much. True, there were bitchy girls in SI, but they seemed pretty rare. Girls in SI could be mean, but it was more of a salt-of-the-earth variety, not the entitled way I saw the NJ girls carry themselves.

What was even more shocking were the Czech girls my parents took in. My parents regularly hosted friends who came to visit from the Czech Republic when they wanted to travel in the US. Some of these had daughters. They were a real pleasure to interact with! They treated me very nicely and like an actual human being. There seemed a quality to them that they were natural while the suburban girls were very artificial. It mitigated the feeling that there was something wrong with me for the girls in the suburbs to act so stuck up.

Eventually my parents succeeded in their businesses and saved up money for a house in NJ. We actually rushed to move out as my townhouse neighborhood was starting to fill up with “low-proles” and NAMs. My parents were careful to select a neighborhood in NJ where the high school was one of the top 10 in all of NJ.

The move and high school years were some of the worst years of my life. I had been the top person in my school, but now I was in a high school with Indians, Chinese, and upper middle class whites. My grades suffered when I realized I was no longer the top student and I had to work hard to bring them up again. The new environment was very demotivating as everything was so atomized. The only way to make friends in such a suburban environment was with playdates, something my parents were not used to. I only managed to make friends from the tennis team I was part of and the quiz bowl team. I had thought of myself as a nerd, but the nerds outcasted me with their snark. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had brought my working class mentality which didn’t rub well with the upper middle class one. Everyone took poorly to the salt-of-the-earth humor I had.

I also noticed early on that people had all these “fake” personalities and were passive-aggressive. In NYC, we could mess with each other talking with PC humor, but in my new environment, it rubbed off poorly on people. The implication was that you were an uneducated boor with such talk. I didn’t realize how insular suburbs were because of such things as helicopter parenting, groupthink, cognitive bias, etc. I frankly didn’t know the extent of such insularity until I saw the SJW phenomenon starting in 2013 and realizing they were a product of it.

My time was miserable in the suburbs, but because of my high intelligence (my IQ is 152), I managed to get good grades and go to a prestigious STEM school. I was still miserable as I was still surrounded by upper middle class types. My friends were usually foreigners, intellectuals, or the odd working class person who like me was lucky to go to the school.

All of these experiences left me with a sour taste and confusion. It wasn’t until the rise of the red-pill and blogs like these that I could make sense out of this new class system, a system that Charles Murray wrote about years earlier and to which I’m kicking myself for not reading him soon enough. I now have been able to fit in with upper middle class/hipster types since I know how to fake the socializing, but to me it still doesn’t feel authentic. I still have 1-2 working class friends who I’m grateful for as I can drop my PC exterior and feel authentic around.

[ ] I feel that my working class background has given me unique insights and real world experience that people of the upper middle class are either unaware of or dismiss out of hand.

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May 23, 2018 at 5:06 PM

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