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The coming end of a nerdy hobby

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The Wall Street Journal reports that more police department are doing away with analog police radios that can easily be listened to by scanners that you could buy at Radio Shack (which no longer exists).

A “scanner” is a radio receiver with a keypad so you can enter any frequency that it is capable of receiving, and it can receive a lot of different frequencies. You can program it with a list of frequencies that it will scan, and stop when it finds a broadcast on one of the frequencies in the list.

I bought a scanner at Radio Shack in the 1990s, and it was great back then because half the people had analog cordless phones that you could pick up. You could even hear some mobile phone calls.

Today no one sells analog cordless phones anymore. Mobile phones went all-digital around the year 2000. It’s surprising that there are police departments still using analog broadcast technology. Even back in the 1990s, many police departments had already moved to technology that made it harder to listen in on them.

Anyway, in a few more years, scanners will be pretty useless and completely obsolete. The sad end of a cool nerdy device.

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May 18, 2018 at EDT am

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Analysis of the Ellen K. Pao tweet

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Clearly the tone of the tweet is that it’s outrageous that tech CEO’s have “incels” working at their companies, and they aren’t doing anything about it.

But what does K. Pao expect the CEO’s to do? One interpretation is that they can create programs to help their celibate employees get laid. But does anyone seriously think that’s what she means? Nope, it’s clear that she means the “incels” should be fired.

But what does she think an “incel” is? I have always assumed that it’s just shorthand for “involuntarily celibate” and applies to any male who isn’t having sex because he can’t find a girl who wants to have sex with him. Under this definition of “incel,” the CEO’s should devise some way to figure who among their male employees are not having sex with women despite not being gay or true-believing fundamentalist Christians, and fire them.

However, the fake-news media has been using the term “incel” more specifically to mean males who complain about the problem on the internet. Under this more narrow definition of “incel,” she wants CEOs to monitor employees’ internet usage, even when they aren’t at work, and if they ever write anything anywhere on the internet about being “incel,” then they should be fired.

The latter explanation is actually more likely what she means, but it’s still pretty chilling and Nazi-like that big corporations should police everything their employees do in private when they aren’t at work, and destroy their careers if they ever express “incorrect” political opinions, or simply confess the wrong information about their private sex lives.

I would say that the SJW-left correctly realizes they can crack down on all dissenting opinion with a crackdown on anonymous internet posting and the career destruction of anyone caught writing the “wrong” things. This is the McCarthyist communist purges on steroids.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

May 4, 2018 at EDT am

AI-based censorship now on Instagram

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Last September I wrote:

One of the reasons why the internet has become such a bastion of free speech is that there is such a massively huge volume of stuff on the internet that it’s impossible for human censors to censor everything (even though Facebook has been trying by hiring thousands of human censors).

The future of censorship is AI-based, and it’s very scary indeed. Once AI can be trained to detect “racist” writings, it can go through the billions of postings on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and delete everything “racist.” Google could even put this technology into Gmail, thus preventing you from sending or receiving any email that’s deemed “racist.”

And today, AI-based censorship is more real than ever. Instagram announces the new anti-bullying filter:

Last year we announced our offensive comment filter, which automatically hides toxic and divisive comments, particularly those aimed at at-risk groups. This new filter hides comments containing attacks on a person’s appearance or character, as well as threats to a person’s well-being or health.

How long before this blog is censored by AI?

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

May 1, 2018 at EDT pm

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My favorite social media

My favorite social media is obviously this blog.

The reason why I don’t like Facebook is that, with a few exceptions, it only shows me posts written by people I know (or once knew, or briefly met) in real life. Those real life contacts are boring people. Or not as smart as they think they are. Or if they are smart, then they are smart enough not to say anything interesting when they are using their real name.

So obviously my preference is for social media that is both (1) anonymous (so I say whatever I want without losing my job) and (2) able to interact with people whom I don’t know in real life.

I prefer Instagram over Facebook because it allows me to interact with people whom I don’t know in real life, or at least get my content out to a bigger audience than I could with Facebook because Instagram encourages interaction between strangers.

Instagram is like a blog except that every post requires a photo, and you can’t put links into your posts. And probably only 2% or so of the people bother to read the text that’s associated with the photo, so it’s mostly about the photo.

However, unlike with WordPress, it’s dangerous to think of Instagram as being anonymous. Zuck will figure out who you are based on using Facebook from the same device, and will then suggest as Instagram friends all the people you are connected to directly or indirectly on Facebook.

* * *

In other social media news: Baby’s first Instagram account.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

April 20, 2018 at EDT pm

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Should you let your 13-year-old kid use Instagram?

If all the other kids are using Instagram, and you want your kid to grow up normal, that is normal for your kid’s generation and not your generation, then yes you have to let them do what the other kids are doing.

I knew a guy whose mother was a Christian nut and raised him in a strict religious environment. He wasn’t allowed to watch any secular media, etc. He wound up dying from complications from drug abuse before he turned 40. You don’t want that for your kids.

Furthermore, the future could be like Super Sad True Love Story where everyone is judged by how many social media followers they have and their credit score. You want your kids to get a head start in acquiring followers.

Your kid could even acquire so many followers that he or she (but most likely she) could become an “influencer” and make a living from it!

However, if your teenage girl posts selfies on Instagram and her account is public, then yes, she’s going to get inappropriate DMs from inappropriately aged men.

* * *

Today on Instagram I received the DM “Hi” from a hot babe young enough to be my daughter’s younger sister. Using the principle that if something is too good to be true then it’s not true, I assumed it’s some kind of scam, so I tapped the “Decline” button.

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April 16, 2018 at EDT am

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Why does Facebook privacy matter?

So Facebook “knows” who’s into radio-controlled drones, and who’s into handbags, and if someone selling radio-controlled drones wants to advertise, then Facebook shows those ads only to the people known to be into radio-controlled drones.

Why is this such a big deal all of a sudden?

Of course the answer is that the only reason people suddenly care is because people somehow think that this data helped Trump become president. This is total bullshit, but the Trump haters keep finding new people and entities to blame for Trump winning the election.

People should be more concerned about the data that credit-reporting agencies have on then. That data has real consequences and can prevent people from buying a house and even prevent them from getting hired for a job. And unlike with Facebook, you can’t opt out from credit-reporting agencies.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

April 12, 2018 at EDT pm

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Diamond and Silk shadowbanned by Facebook

Remember the two sassy black women who support Donald Trump? They are shadowbanned* by Facebook. I’ve watched their videos and didn’t see anything ban-worthy about them. I guess if you support Trump in a way that’s too successful, Facebook shadowbans you.

Republicans need to step in and require the MONOPOLIES of Google (which includes YouTube) and Facebook (which includes Instagram) to respect free speech and give banned accounts due process. The electric company can’t turn off your electricity without due process. Free speech is just as integral to Democracy as electricity.

*They are able to still use Facebook, but they are prevented from appearing like normal on the feeds of those who follow their page.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

April 8, 2018 at EDT pm

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Female bodybuilder and Instagram influencer was also drug trafficker

Warning: the pictures in the article are barely safe for work.

My thoughts are

1. You can’t make a decent living as an Instagram influencer with only 60,000 followers. So turn to drug trafficking?

2. Those breast implants are obscenely over-sized, she looks like some freak.

3. Female bodybuilding seems to attract a very low-class type of woman. (Not to say that I think women shouldn’t do that, it’s just an observation of the type of women who do.)

* * *

IHTG writes in a comment: “I thought this was a reference to the YouTube shooter at first.”

Indeed, I’m starting to see a trend! Women who are minor social media influencers, into bodybuilding, and not completely mentally stable.

I don’t know why, other than mental instability, a sexy girl like that would get into drug trafficking when surely she could easily snag a beta-male-provider husband. But then, I’m not a young woman, so I probably just don’t understand.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

April 5, 2018 at EDT am

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The shadowban rage shooting, part II

Here’s some more info:

On a March 18 Instagram post, she railed at YouTube: “All my youtube channels got filtered by youtube so my videos hardly get views and it is called “merely relegation.” This is also happening to many other channels on youtube. This is the peaceful tactic used on the internet to censor and suppress people who speak the truth and are not good for the financial, political … gains of the system and big businesses. I recently got filtered on instagram too and maybe its related to youtube and youtube staff asked instagram to filter me here too!!?”

I previously wrote about the shadowbanning problem.

Also, I know how it feels when Google demonetizes you. I used to have Google AdWords on my previous blog (I made a little more than $100/month), and one day the ads stopped with only a vaguely worded email about a problem with my content. Absolutely no specificity about what I did wrong or how I could correct it, no way to talk to anyone from Google, no appeals process.

People will say she was crazy (and in some ways, absolutely yes, crazy woman), but if she says her views declined and she stopped receiving ad revenue, then I believe that’s exactly what happened.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

April 4, 2018 at EDT am

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Cats and dogs on Instagram

Cat and dog pictures are very common, but I think that there are at least twice as many cat pictures as dog pictures.

Is it because more people have cats as pets than dogs? Or because, although dogs may be more loyal animal companions, cats look a lot cuter?

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

March 30, 2018 at EDT pm

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