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Daughter’s Instagram in the NY Times

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So there’s the article, but where’s the link to the daughter’s Instagram feed so you can figure out what the heck the mother is talking about?

Well, here it is:

I assume the mother wanted it to be unknown, but if she didn’t want people seeing it, she SHOULDN’T HAVE WRITTEN AN ARTICLE ABOUT IT FOR THE NEW YORK F***IN TIMES.

I agree that it’s way more artistic than the typical 15-year-old girl’s Instagram feed. It’s evidence of above-average IQ.

But not artistic enough for her to win any fame as a photographer. For comparison, look at what Olivia Bee was posting on Flickr when she was only 13.

* * *

And this is Pauline’s semi-infamous father, victim of #MeToo, and as far as I can tell, still married to her mother. One wonders if maybe the reason that Pauline was locking herself in her bedroom had to do with family drama around her dad being #MeTooed. What happens when a girl is raised with liberal Kool-Aid, and then learns that her dad is one of the evil toxic males she’s supposed to hate?

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December 9, 2018 at EST pm

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7-year-old kid makes $22 million/year

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This is why you want to start your kids out early on the road to being a social media influencer.

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December 4, 2018 at EST am

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War against THOTs

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Didn’t know this was happening until I read the article in Wired.

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December 3, 2018 at EST pm

Do you need to be a pretty woman to be successful on Instagram?

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Some of the comments to the last post said something like, “be a pretty woman, duh!”

I think the answer is more nuanced than that.

There are many niches on Instagram where people are successful that don’t require any humans to be in the photos (food, pets, art, etc.), and the sex and physical appearance of the photographer doesn’t matter for those niches.

I have seen some accounts on Instagram that have lots of followers and engagement and the only thing going for the account is that the young woman is astoundingly beautiful. Not just above average, but more like top 1% hotness. But that doesn’t mean it’s a profitable niche to be in. Having a bunch of horny male followers is the worst thing for making money on Instagram, because men don’t look to Instagram to figure out how to spend their money, it is women who do that.

An example of a very profitable account is @gypsea_lust, owned by Lauren Bullen. She’s certainly not ugly, but she’s not the hottest woman on the planet either.

She does have blonde hair, and it’s my impression that blonde hair does better on Instagram (although not 100% sure that’s not my own bias), but pretty blonde hair something that can be obtained by paying a hair stylist. I don’t think that Ms. Bullen is a natural blonde. She’s quite slim, but I’ve seen some women on the chunkier side also do quite well on Instagram.

I think that in order to succeed in the most profitable lifestyle/travel niche, all that’s required is for a woman to be under the age of 40 and not be in the bottom 50% looks-wise. The rest can be made up for with good hair, fashionable clothes, and most importantly the right photography. Remember that most of the followers will be women, and women don’t necessarily want to look at top 1% hotness, they want to follow a woman whose style they can more realistically aspire to.

Most notably, Ms. Bullen’s boyfriend is a photographer (with his own highly followed Instagram account), and that’s one of the keys to success. I think that behind most successful women on Instagram there’s a boyfriend/husband photographer.

I believe that #fitness is an underserved niche. The quality of photography in this niche is pretty dismal. My theory is that women into fitness have musclehead boyfriends, and there’s truth in the stereotype about muscleheads being stupid. They obviously make dismal photographers. I think that an account featuring a fit woman with the same quality of photography as @gypsea_lust would really take off.

* * *

Of course it goes without saying that an account featuring a male influencer has a much harder time taking off. Heterosexual men don’t want to follow other men, at least not other men who feature themselves the way that female influencers do. Men will follow other men who take pictures they are interested in; for example, men who are into fishing will follow men who take fishing-related photos.

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December 3, 2018 at EST am

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How to succeed on Instagram, part 1

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There are two basic principles:

1. You have to post content that people want to follow.
2. You have to get people to see your feed so they have the opportunity to follow it.

There are a billion users of Instagram, and at least ten million of those users, if not twenty or thirty, have dreams of becoming Instafamous, so the competition is intense.

Does anyone want more posts on this topic?

* * *

A commenter writes:

I like your blog posts about Instagram. I feel like a dinosaur for not being on there, but enjoy experiencing it vicariously through your knowledge and experiences.

You’re not too old. 86-year-old man has 110K followers!

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December 2, 2018 at EST pm

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No, Linux isn’t a useful OS for regular people

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1. There’s no Microsoft Office for Linux. Why do you need Office? Because nothing else is compatible with it. I tried various open-source alternatives, and none of them would correctly support docx files that used various advanced features of Word, like comments. If the people at work are using Office, then you have no choice but to conform.

In fact, I say that a big downside of Mac is that Microsoft Visio doesn’t run on it, and that’s a program I use for work. (The Mac alternatives to Visio are quite expensive [$297 for SmartDraw], and I already own Visio 2016 thanks to the Microsoft Home Use Program that lets you buy Office and Visio for $15 each if your employer has the deluxe support plan. You may already qualify, check it out!)

2. There’s no Adobe Photoshop for Linux, and that’s my favorite program that I use for my photography hobby. And for me, here is a personal reason to prefer PC, because I already own Photoshop CS6 for PC which still works. It would cost $99/year to get Adobe Creative Cloud so I can use Photoshop on the Mac.

3. Can’t play Overwatch on Linux. Or on Mac. Not that I recommend that you waste time playing videogames.

If you just want a computer to surf the web and watch Netflix, then Chrome OS is better for you, not Linux.

* * *

I think that iOS is the stablest OS I use, and I still have to reboot my iOS devices from time to time because they do weird stuff.

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December 2, 2018 at EST am

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Mac vs. PC

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I do believe that the Mac OS has much greater stability than Windows. The reasons are: (1) Apple only makes its OS for its own very limited set of hardware options, so it doesn’t have to support thousands of different configurations which is the case for PCs which run Windows; (2) Apple places much less emphasis on backwards compatibility when it rolls out new devices and new version of its operating system (with the downside being that software may break after you upgrade the OS).

The benefits of Windows PCs are that they cost a lot less, half the price for the same level of hardware, plus there are a lot more options available. And if you buy a desktop PC they are easily upgraded. (For example, I upgraded my desktop PC, which I bought in 2010, by installing an SSD and a new graphics card, and since then it runs a lot faster and can handle the latest 3D games.) And generally, there’s more versatility with respect to what software you can install on a PC; just about all software that’s for Mac also has a PC version, but the opposite isn’t true.

This is not intended to be pro-Windows. Given the huge hassle imposed on you when Windows does something weird, if you can afford a Mac, you like Macs, and you don’t need any of the versatility mentioned above and don’t care about playing video games on your computer, then you should definitely buy a Mac. (On the other hands, if you’re used to how Windows works, the Mac way of doing things can seem very annoying. As I wrote a few days ago, I realized that I never liked using the Mac.)

I certainly don’t recommend Windows for old people who aren’t technically savvy. My dad is not able to maintain his PC by himself. Chromebooks are more suited for him.

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December 1, 2018 at EST pm

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Asus technical support

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Second day owning the computer. No sound from the headphones plugged into the jack, but they worked last night.

Asus technical support answered the phone right away. A foreign woman trying to fake an American accent (which is way better than an Indian call center worker not trying to fake an American accent) helped walk me through going into Device Manager, deleting the speaker and microphone devices, then booting into the computer’s Bios (using the F2 key) and then using F9 to restore defaults and F10 to save the changes, which caused the devices to come back and start working again.

Problem fixed!

I never had this problem with Apple. I’m not sure if the problem happened because Asus sucks, or because Windows sucks. (The cure is a troubleshooting tip on the official Microsoft support website, so it’s probably a Windows sucks issue and not an Asus sucks issue.)

What did I do to my computer between yesterday and today? Only two things: (1) installed a lot of Windows updates; (2) installed Civilization 4, which is a really old game and could have screwed something up.

* * *

I learned that I’ve been mentally mispronouncing Asus. You pronounce it ay-SOOS.

Jughead on Riverdale uses a MacBook. He’s way too cool to use an Asus. But given that he’s supposed to be poor, how did he afford the MacBook? Realistically, a poor kid like Jughead should be using a Chromebook or something cheap like that.

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November 30, 2018 at EST pm

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Instagram is ruining natural wonders

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I’ve previously done posts about articles like this (which are kind of jokes, but not entirely jokes):

Things that Instagram is ruining
More thinks that Instagram is ruining

I’m surprised to see the New York Times stoop to this nonsense. If a particular hiking trail suddenly becomes popular, I don’t necessarily see this as a big problem. Aren’t the purpose of hiking trails that people can hike on them?

* * *

Fiddlesticks writes in a comment:

This is certainly an about-face from (pre-Instagram mania) 2010, when the NYTimes was concerned that national “parks’ very survival” hinged on attracting more American NAMs, and there was also hand-wringing about occupancy rules hindering “extended Latino families” from enjoying big banquets on the land.


Good catch!

How about this quote from the article:

Park Service officials have identified factors like cost, travel distance and lack of information — for example, ignorance about what activities the parks offer — as barriers to visits.

But now that Instagram is supplying information about what’s offered at a park, now that’s said to be “ruining” the park because too many people are visiting!

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November 30, 2018 at EST pm

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Asus Zenbook, first impression

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Link to Zenbook at and it’s STILL on sale!

Ran the Octane 2.0 benchmark using Google Chrome, it scored 35,856. Wow! The crappy Dell at work only scores half that, even though it has a Core i7 in it and this Asus “only” has a Core i5. My desktop computer scores only 21K. This little tiny notebook computer is a screamer. The 6-year-old MacBook Air scored 17,921, not bad considering its age. It still beat the crappy Dell at work.

Moore’s law has definitely ended. Computers have only doubled in power in 6 years, they have not doubled every 18 months like they used to. (If Moore’s law were still in effect, this computer would be eight times faster than the older computer instead of only twice as fast.)

The Asus Zenbook looks very much like a clone of the MacBook Air. Chinese people, even Chinese people in the free democratic country of Taiwan (where Asus is based), could never invent a MacBook design themselves, but once Apple led the way, the Chinese demonstrate that they can make the same for cheaper. Almost half the price. (Although the “Retina” screen on the lastest MacBook is probably better than the Asus screen, but the Asus screen is still pretty nice, it looks nice to me, and reviews say it has the full sRGB color gamut and very high color accuracy for a notebook computer.)

So far, don’t see anything to complain about. Except for an annoying Windows update that’s taking forever to download, but that’s not Asus’ fault.

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November 29, 2018 at EST pm

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