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The gay germ theory sounds pretty ludicrous to me

If gayness is caused by a germ, then there’d be places where everyone was gay because the germ was widespread in that geographic area, and we’ve never seen anything like that. Furthermore, why there is a huge amount of evidence that behavior is genetic, there’s not much evidence of “germs” causing such a thing.

Gayness as a genetic disorder is more than valid to explain it without bringing in germs. Genetic disorders can be widespread. 1 in 12 blacks are carriers for Sickle Cell Anemia, and 1 in 27 Ashkenazi Jews are carriers for Tay Sachs.

My assumption remains that (1) gayness is a more complicated genetic trait than eye color; (2) it’s partially influenced by environment; (3) the gay genes provide some other benefit to make up for the obvious problem that a man who can’t get it up for a women won’t have any offspring.

Furthermore, #3 may not be true. In a society which viewed gayness to be abhorrent and that strongly urged men and women to get married, many gay men would indeed get married and have children (while imagining having sex with some man while they did the deed with their wife).

Gay men seem to be much better at singing and dancing and wearing dapper clothes compared to straight men, so they would have an advantage in demonstrating higher value (as PUAs call it) and ironically be better at attracting women than non-gay men.

Perhaps bisexual men are more promiscuous and have stronger sex drives than completely non-gay men, and thus they impregnated more women?

Yes, I think there’s adequate evidence that some gay genes provide a reproductive benefit, thus making up for the problem that having too many gay genes is maladaptive, but not as maladaptive in the past when gayness was deep in the closet.

My theory is that now that gay and bisexual men are encouraged to have relationships with men instead of women, their genes will be culled from the population, and there will be far fewer gay genes in the human population in the future. Which may actually be a bad thing if gay genes are associated with creativity in the arts.

Written by Lion of the Blogosphere

February 5, 2019 at EDT am

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