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April 27 Coronavirus update: No light at the end of the tunnel

Too many people are taking about re-opening the economy soon. Let me remind you that nothing has changed:

Not enough people with antibodies to have herd immunity. Not even close. Not even in New York City where it’s estimated that 21% of the population caught the virus. And we don’t even know for sure that antibodies guarantee immunity. Scientists are unsure.

No proven scalable cure. (But it’s been proven that the malaria medicine that was hyped by the bozo in the White House doesn’t work.)

No vaccine.

We have not totally eradicated the virus like China was able to do. It’s all over the United States, and no state has locked everyone down to the extent that the virus could disappear as much as it did in China.

Massively incompetent leadership, and they are not being replaced until January 2021. The massive incompetency at the top goes beyond just the bozo in the Oval Office. Even Dr. Fauci, the seemingly wisest member of the coronavirus team, said on March 9th, that it’s OK to go on a cruise, when clearly it was not OK. On February 8th, I wrote “all cruises need to be canceled immediately.” As you can see, I was more than a month ahead of Fauci on the virus, and Fauci is considered the best of the team. There was total incompetency at the CDC which couldn’t test anyone and denied tests to anyone who hadn’t traveled to China even when it was obvious to me that the virus was silently transmitting. Total incompetency at the FDA which wouldn’t let anyone create their own tests. Total incompetency all over, and those same people are still running things.

* * *

Also, I hold to my previous statement that the need for more testing, at this stage, is being overstated. Anyone who has any sort of flu-like symptoms should be assumed to have the virus and be required to quarantine. Even if it’s another less deadly virus, it’s not acceptable at this time to allow any respiratory viruses to spread around. And for people without symptoms, it’s impossible to test everyone every day. At least I can’t imagine how that would be possible within the next year.

Although, ideally, we should be able to test medical workers every day so they don’t infect other staff members and patients. Yes, that would be very valuable if we could do that.

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April 27, 2020 at 9:28 AM

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