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Is Les Wexner Epstein’s only blackmail victim

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It has been hypothesized that Epstein became rich by blackmailing multiple people, but it’s a lot easier to get away with blackmailing a single person than blackmailing a whole bunch of people, and if your blackmail is really good, then it only takes blackmail of a single multi-billionaire to live the lifestyle of someone who appears to be worth about half a billion dollars.

Perhaps the blackmail had nothing to do with statutory rape, but Les Wexner did something a lot worse than that?

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July 16, 2019 at EDT am

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Euphoria S01E01

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It has its Crying Game moment when you can see a bulge beneath Jule’s panties that shouldn’t be there if Jules were a real girl. Gross!!!

* * *

I may point out that people are all pissed off at Epstein for having sex with underaged girls, but in the first episode of Euphoria we have a middle-aged man graphically having anal sex with a 17-year-old tranny, and this is all presented as just a normal day in the life of Gen Z.

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July 15, 2019 at EDT pm

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So cool that Epstein has fake passport, so sad it was discovered

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Whenever a really rich guy is caught, I always ask, “why didn’t he have a plan to flee the country?”

Well it looks like Epstein DID have such a plan, but the FBI found it. Hopefully he has another secret cache of money and a fake passport somewhere else that the feds don’t know about.

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July 15, 2019 at EDT pm

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Solo: A Star Wars Story

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This is the best Star Wars movie since the original trilogy. Yet weirdly, at Rotten Tomatoes, it only has a 70% rating, compared to 91% for the absolutely horrible The Last Jedi. This just goes to show you that critics rate movies based on whether it promotes SJWism. There’s nothing especially SJW about Solo. The three main characters are two white men (Han Solo played by Alden Ehrenreich, and his mentor in crime played by Woody Harrelson), and a beautiful white woman (Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen) who mostly plays a traditional femme fatale role. There’s no LGBTQ propaganda. There’s a robot that seems to me like a parody of a sassy black woman, but the robot is actually voiced by a white woman. It’s a fun movie, inspired by Westerns, and it perfectly recreates the grungy dystopian feel of the original Star Wars movie from 1977. Nothing deep, but a fun diversion, especially when you’re stuck in your apartment during a blackout.

Nevertheless, I think it’s time to stop making Star Wars movies. Instead of trying to recreate something from the 1970s, how about some new original science fiction which reflects a more modern understanding of what the future will be like?

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July 14, 2019 at EDT pm

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Stuck in a dark apartment

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There’s no power. It’s way too high up to think about walking down the stairs. The downside of Manhattan living.

11:25 update: according to an FM radio station, power is supposed to be restored by midnight. I can see the lights on to the north and south, but I’m still in the dark. Watching the Han Solo movie. So far, it’s way better than the crappy previous movie.

11:40 Power back on! Writing this from my desktop computer. Yahoo.

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July 13, 2019 at EDT pm

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Jeffrey Epstein, Dalton teacher

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The New York Times crack reporting reveals photos of Jeffery Epstein from the Dalton high school yearbook. And it’s reported that he was overly friendly with the girls. (Although who can blame him? A 21-year-old guy with an over-sized sex drive, surrounded by high school lovelies. Remember that in 1974, a 21-year-old with a high school girl was less socially unacceptable than it is today, although of course it was always socially unacceptable for high school teachers to hit on the students. But for a Jew from prole Brooklyn suddenly being surrounded by high school shiksa goddesses, it was like the movie Manhattan, but five years earlier and with a much younger and much better looking male protagonist. In fact, Woody Allen is said to have been friendly with Epstein and a regular guest at his parties.)

Why exactly was he fired? How did he get hired in the first place, at one of the most elite high schools in the country, without a college degree? These questions are poorly answered, especially the question of how he got hired. Although maybe the simple answer is that someone who can talk people into investing billions of dollars in his hedge fund can also talk himself into a high school teaching job despite lacking the normally expected credentials.

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July 13, 2019 at EDT pm

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Latest Emerson Poll

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Shows Trump beating Harris by 2 points.

Trump still loses to Biden by 6 points, and Biden leads all other Democrats with a commanding 15 point lead over Harris, but if, like in 2016, the Democrats go stupid and nominate the most unelectable candidate (angry black woman) instead of the most electable (grandfatherly white man well liked by blue collar voters in swing states), Trump could win another term! And it looks like the Democrats are definitely heading in the direction of stupid, but we shall see how it pans out.

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July 13, 2019 at EDT pm

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The Dangerous Federalization of Crime

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Read this op-ed by Edwin Meese III written in 1999. It’s worth reading.

Now let’s ponder what Alex Acosta did in the in the Jeffrey Epstein case. He agreed not to prosecute Epstein for crimes committed in Florida that are traditionally state-law crimes (sex with under-aged girls, recruiting them into prostitution, etc), and because Florida already was prosecuting a case against Epstein, prosecuting him again for the same crimes violates the spirit of the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Constitution, even though I am, of course, aware that the Supreme Court believes in a “dual sovereignty” doctrine in which they consider federal government and the state government to be like different nations. (The op-ed by Edwin Meese III also talks about violating the spirit of Double Jeopardy.)

As Trump said today about Acosta (who resigned, the latest innocent victim of #metoo), “He made a deal that people were happy with, and then 12 years later they’re not happy with it.” Up until this month, the topic of Epstein was mostly relegated to far-right conspiracy theorists. Epstein was a lot friendlier with bigwig Democrats, including Bill Clinton, than he was with any Republicans. (When Epstein knew Trump, Trump was just a rich playboy type who was not associated with the Republican Party or with conservatives in general.)

* * *

Check out this 2016 article at the Daily Mail with paparazzi-type photos of all the beautiful young (but not under the legal age in New York) women going in and out of Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse mansion.

Apparently, there are a lot of women out there who like having a billionaire (or at least billionaire-like) sugar daddy.

* * *

Here’s the most compelling thing I’ve read (in New York Magazine) hypothesizing that Epstein was running some sort of blackmail scam rather than a real hedge fund.

And this blog post has an interesting conspiracy theory, almost believable. Especially with the warning at the end: “There’s no need to invoke the Mafia/Russia/Mossad/CIA/etc, that’s just needlessly overfitting.”

So people are obsessing about some girls who were sort of like prostitutes, instead of the real victims who are the extremely rich people who Epstein blackmailed. If this theory is true. Girls being prostitutes are a dime-a-dozen, while a blackmail scheme like this is epic, making Epstein the greatest criminal mastermind of the century.

* * *

My dream scenario is that Epstein disappears after he is let out on bail, becoming the worlds’ most wanted fugitive, but releases all of the blackmail he has on the rich and famous and connected in order to punish them for letting this happen to him, and they all go to prison.

But anything that sounds too good to be true probably isn’t true.

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July 12, 2019 at EDT pm

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PSA: Don’t keep your incriminating evidence on unencrypted CDs in a safe!

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Epstein is supposed to be so smart, yet he kept his incriminating evidence on unencrypted CDs in a safe that the FBI had no problem opening.

Use Veracrypt! It’s free, and it will make it impossible for the FBI (or your wife or anyone else) to know that you have files containing images of underage girls, or instructions on how to make bombs, or whatever else you need to hide from them!

This just proves, once again, that billionaires really aren’t all that smart. I’m poor, and not any kind of cyber-security expert at all, but even I know how to encrypt data.

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July 11, 2019 at EDT am

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Excellent Tucker Carlson op-ed

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Just a few years ago, even the most liberal Democrats in Congress felt obligated to say patriotic things about America. They may not have felt it, but they said it. Now, it’s routine to hear Democratic presidential candidates question the basic legitimacy of the United States.

Even supposed moderates, like Joe Biden, join in.

That should worry you. No country can survive being ruled by people who hate it.

… [skipping some BS] …

Our country rescued Ilhan Omar from the single poorest place on Earth. We didn’t do it for the money, we did it because we are kind people. How did she respond to the remarkable gift we gave her?

She scolded us, called us names, showered us with contempt. It’s infuriating. More than that, it is also ominous. The United States admits more immigrants more than any other country on Earth, more than a million every year. The Democratic Party demand we increase that by and admit far more. OK, Americans like immigrants, but immigrants have got to like us back.

That’s the key, it’s essential. Otherwise, the country falls apart.

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July 11, 2019 at EDT am

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