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MBTI types of people who read this blog

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I believe that most of my readers are INT-

The E-I axis is a typical measure of extraversion vs. introversion, the most dominant of all personality factors. No matter what type of stuff is published on the internet, introverts are more likely to be reading it. Reading stuff is, generally, an introvert activity.

Neuroticism is the second-most important personality factor, but it’s missing from MBTI.

The S-N axis (Sensing vs. iNtuition) is said to correlate most with the Big Five factor of Openness, but I believe that there is a huge difference between the two factors. I don’t believe that Openness is a real personality factor because it primarily measures SWPLness which is a social class and not personality factor. On the other hand, the MBTI test does a much better job of isolating a factor relating to intellectual curiosity and creativity. People high in curiosity and creativity are “N,” so most readers are N. I suspect that the racist readers are more likely to be “S.”

The F-T (Feeling vs. Thinking) axis is a poorly named factor. It corresponds to Agreeableness which is also a confusing name (so maybe Accommodation is a better name). People who are type T (or low in agreeableness and accommodation) are less susceptible to peer pressure and groupthink (in other words, they Think for themselves), which is necessary for being a believer in HBD. I think that just about every reader is going to be T. Donald Trump is a strong type T.

The J-P (Judging vs. Perceiving) axis is correlated with conscientiousness and orderliness. For example, J types like formal to-do lists and always keep their bathroom clean, while P types are the opposite. I personally fall in the middle, which is why the concept of 16 personality types is bogus, because most people will be average for each personality axis. There should really be at least 243 MBTI types, acknowledging three levels for each axis instead of only two. And then if you add neuroticism into the mix, there would be 729 types.

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July 15, 2018 at EDT pm

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The benefits of psychopathy

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In a 1946 article, [American psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley] wrote that the typical psychopath will have ‘often outstripped 20 rival salesmen over a period of six months, or married the most desirable girl in town, or, in a first venture into politics, got himself elected into the state legislature’. [source]

The article I wrote about yesterday talked about psychologists who taught psychopaths “cognitive morality.”

In order to be successful, normal people must learn what we might call cognitive psychopathy. For example, PUAs are teaching a type of cognitive psychopathy to their clients, especially with respect to shady PUA tactics like “negging.”

It’s too bad we live in a society where it’s beneficial to be a psychopath.

* * *

21% of corporate CEOs are in the top 1% of psychopathic traits.

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July 13, 2018 at EDT pm

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The most important video game on the planet

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Video games are more important than most of my readers realize, therefore an article about “the most important video game on the planet” is worth reading, plus it’s good to see an article in the mainstream media that’s not about bashing Trump.

However, I think that Overwatch is a better video game for the middle aged gamer.

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July 13, 2018 at EDT am

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When your child is a psychopath

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One of the best reads this week. (And a rare Atlantic article that has nothing to do with bashing Trump.)

Psychopaths not only fail to recognize distress in others, they may not feel it themselves. The best physiological indicator of which young people will become violent criminals as adults is a low resting heart rate, says Adrian Raine of the University of Pennsylvania. Longitudinal studies that followed thousands of men in Sweden, the U.K., and Brazil all point to this biological anomaly. “We think that low heart rate reflects a lack of fear, and a lack of fear could predispose someone to committing fearless criminal-violence acts,” Raine says.

The psychopath is the total opposite of someone like Elliot Rodger. As I previously explained, Elliot Rodger had extreme high neuroticism (one of the so-called “Big Five” personality traits, but really the most important trait after Introversion-Extroversion). I also remind you that kids with extreme high neuroticism are commonly misdiagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome.

Extreme high neuroticism is obviously bad, but what happens when someone has extreme low neuroticism? The result is not as good as one might think, it would appear to be one of the key components of a psychopathic personality.

Psychopath Carl explains how he enjoyed hurting his mother:

I remember when I bit my mom really hard, and she was bleeding and crying. I remember feeling so happy, so overjoyed—completely fulfilled and satisfied.

Psychopaths can be placed into two buckets: (1) those so unable to control their urges that they end up in prison; (2) those who develop a “cognitive morality,” meaning that they still don’t care about whether or not people get beaten up or killed, but they understand it’s to their personal benefit not to do that.

I have an issue with the goal of the people in the article to turn type 1 psychopaths into type 2 psychopaths. At least the first type is safely locked behind bars, while the second type is set free to do evil.

Carl was “rehabilitated” and had his own funeral home business (a great occupation for people who aren’t disturbed in the least by dead bodies) and a wife and a kid, but then when the reporter went to visit Carl, he was in prison again for domestic violence. Seems to me that Carl’s wife would have been a lot better off if Carl had been kept locked away his whole life. Carl probably also rips off his customers while he fakes empathy for their loss.

Psychopaths do not get truly rehabilitated, they just learn how to control it enough so that the evil they do doesn’t get them put back in prison.

PUAs would surely tell us that women like psychopaths because they confuse their fearlessness for confidence, and confidence is confused with having high social status.

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July 12, 2018 at EDT pm

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Roosh is banned from England

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July 11, 2018 at EDT pm

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Lena Dunham, fat and happy joyous & free

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As reported by the NY Post Lena Dunham (who is 5’3” tall according to internet sources) was miserable at 138 and “happy joyous & free” at 162, an increase of 24 pounds.

Maybe her genes are just meant to be fat (colloquially speaking, of course).

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July 11, 2018 at EDT am

Hasidic BO?

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I smelled something bad this morning, and there were Hasidim in the area.

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Praise for Trump

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The rumor is that the Trump administration had been negotiating with Kennedy for months about retiring, and there was an assurance that Kavanaugh, his former law clerk, would be picked to replace him. If this is true, a brilliant move for Trump, who gets to appoint a new Justice before elections in November.

I also praise Trump for sticking with Kavanaugh despite a campaign from both the mainstream media, and anti-abortion extremists on the right, to trick him into picking someone else.

There are complaints by some that Kavanaugh is a “Washington insider” who has close ties to the previous Republican administration. In that, Kavanaugh’s background is a lot like Antonin Scalia, who worked for the Nixon and Ford administrations, and who also served on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Kavanaugh needs to be judged on his record of conservative jurisprudence and not on who he previously worked for, which really is a plus and not a minus. Clarence Thomas was also a Washington insider. David Souter was a Washington outsider. I’m so glad that Trump wasn’t tricked into nominating Amy Coney Barrett who felt to me like a Souter except on the abortion issue.

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July 10, 2018 at EDT am

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President Trump must have been reading my blog!

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July 9, 2018 at EDT pm

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Kudos to Trump administration on breastfeeding

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The notion that breastfeeding benefits IQ has been debunked. This is what I previously wrote on this topic:

Der, Batty and Deary study

The Der, Batty and Deary study uses data from the 1979 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. It looks at the children of participants in that study, who were tested between the years of 1986 and 2002, so these children were fed formula before supplementation of infant formula with DHA and ARA fatty acids (which are supposed to better duplicate the effect of human breast milk) were available in the United States.

The Der, Batty and Deary study notes the major confounding factor in breast-feeding analyses is that women who breastfeed are usually of higher intelligence and social class than those who don’t breastfeed. In the NLSY79 data, breastfeeding mothers scored about one standard deviation higher on the Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT).

A multiple regression analysis of the NLSY79 data, which includes 5475 children, shows that breast feeding has no statistically significant impact on children’s cognitive assessments. Factors having the strongest correlations with children’s cognitive assessments are the mother’s AFQT score, the HOME cognitive stimulation score (which is probably a good surrogate for the father’s IQ and a host of other socioeconomic factors), and strangely enough, birth order.

The study also did an analysis of 332 sibling pairs where one was breastfed and the other was not. The results show that the formula-fed sibling had an IQ that was 0.63 points higher than the breastfed sibling. The authors didn’t bother to point out that this result was the opposite of the expected pattern. The P value is 0.506, so the authors probably figured this is just a statistically insignificant fluke and not worth mentioning.

There is additional evidence in the study, beyond what I’ve written about here, confirming the conclusion. Based on the Der, Batty and Deary study, I am convinced that the hypothesis that breast feeding causes higher IQ has been proven false. The cause and effect go the other way. Breast feeding predicts having parents with higher IQs and higher socioeconomic status.

Probably, any other alleged benefits of breastfeeding are distorted by the same biases, that is that breastfeeding has become highly desired by high-IQ high-social-class mothers, while formula is now primarily used by the lazy poor.

So I give kudos to the Trump administration for sticking up for formula feeding . Only Trump can stand up to the SJWs on junk science like breastfeeding and global warming.

* * *

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July 9, 2018 at EDT pm

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