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Robots are milking cows

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There’s a NY Times article about cow-milking robots.

The Bordens and other farmers say a major force is cutting labor costs — health insurance, room and board, overtime, and workers’ compensation insurance — particularly when immigration reform is stalled in Washington and dependable help is hard to procure.

The machines also never complain about getting up early, working late or being kicked.

This article demonstrates that the economy doesn’t need immigrants, who cost the taxpayers lots of money because we have to provide for their Obamacare, education for their children, and other expensive government benefits. The economy needs more robots.

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April 23, 2014 at 11:18 am

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The coming liberal Supreme Court

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As you probably know by now, the Supreme Court, in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, held that (1) affirmative action in college admissions is not required by the Constitution, and (2) a voter referendum is a constitutionally permissible way to set state affirmative action policy.

Sounds perfectly reasonable, right? The fact that it was a 6-2 decision may cause you not to be too worried about this. But had Elena Kagan not recused herself, she probably would have voted with the dissenters. So if only if two of the six majority judges were to be replaced by liberal judges, that would give the liberal side a 5-4 majority. Justices Scalia and Kennedy are both turning 80 in 2016. How much longer can they hold on if there’s another Democratic president ready to nominate more left-wing judges? Also, Justice Breyer, who is generally considered liberal but who voted with the majority, will turn 80 in 2018.

I think that eight more years of a Democrat in the White House could mean an activist liberal majority that will say that the Constitution requires affirmative action, and anything else liberals think should the law but that they can’t get past Congress. Liberal Supreme Court Justices have a track record of ignoring stare decisis when more “important” issues are at stake.

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April 23, 2014 at 11:08 am

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A career in computer programming sucks in China

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A Chinese commenter writes:

I’ve lived in Mainland China and worked there as a Biz Analyst/PM, so in IT. Here is what I can tell you. Wages are low. There is an oversupply of programmers because too many people studied that for the market, so in Shanghai the average programmer probably gets only 10,000 rmb month (not much in such an expensive city), I was making 3X that, and over the age of 30, something strange happens…if they don’t move up to management or laterally to some other area (like Systems Analyst, Business Analyst) they disappear. It is rare to see a computer programmer in China over 35, VERY RARE. The reason why is pretty obvious, companies in China focus on cost over quality, and they will hire cheaper younger people and take the hit on quality. It is not just Mainland China, Taiwan is similar, IT job (including programming) are very low pay. Comp Engineers and designers who work on circuit boards are a bit different, but this is also a waning industry in Taiwan as they lose competitiveness to Mainland China, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.

Since most Mainland Chinese families require a man have a house and a car before they can marry (at least a university educated woman) and property prices around the big cities are similar to U.S. levels or higher (although wages are 1/4 the U.S. level) programming SUCKS. Women know this. If you say you work in IT and you are not a manger, most women don’t want to talk to you, unless it is a university sweet heart or maybe a peasant girl.

Computer programming in China sounds a lot like computer programming in the United States. In both countries, it’s a career with a limited lifespan. If you are unable to get promoted to a better job before you turn 35, you are screwed.

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April 19, 2014 at 6:49 pm

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Katy Perry’s Dark Horse music video

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The video has already been viewed 237,540,860 times on YouTube, so I guess I must be one of the last people on the planet to watch it.

Wow! What an amazing video. Is Katy Perry a secret fan of the science fiction TV series Stargate SG-1? Because that’s what the song and the music video are obviously borrowing from. A search of the internet reveals that hardly anyone has noticed the connection besides me.

I am sad that Katy has marred her otherwise perfect arm with an ugly tattoo. This must be what the late Paul Fussell meant by “prole drift.”

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April 18, 2014 at 11:49 pm

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Diaosi in The Economist

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Thanks to reader Fiddlesticks for pointing me to The Economist article about diaosi.

Diaosi is a term that went vial in China in early 2012. The consensus English translation is “loser,” but the literal translation is “male pubic hair” or “penis hair.” Diaosi have no hope of finding a girlfriend, because girls in China are apparently only interested in men who are tall, handsome, and wealthy. Diaosi spend most of their free time playing online computer games.

90% of China’s IT workers consider themselves to be diaosi. (According to The Atlantic, a whopping 97.39% of programmers consider themselves diaosi.) I find this a little surprising because I thought that IT and computer programming would be more respected in China than it is in the United States, but apparently IT work is the lowest status white-collar occupation all over the world. The highest-status jobs in China are “civil servants, working for the government or the Communist Party” because those are the job categories in which those surveyed are least likely to identify as losers.

One difference between the United States and China is that in the United States we embrace the philosophy of relentless optimism, so even losers are not likely to call themselves losers. In China, people are allowed to be more honest about their station in life.

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April 18, 2014 at 12:48 pm

Immigration reform is coming from John Boehner

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The day after Mitt Romney lost the presidential election, I predicted that the Republicans would pass immigration reform, because the lesson they would learn from the loss would be that they can only win elections in the future if they convince Hispanics they are on their side, and they would do that by passing immigration reform.

This does not mean that I believe that Republicans need to pass immigration reform to win elections, it means I believe that party leaders have convinced themselves of that. In fact, what I really believe is that Romney lost because too many prole whites perceived him as being for the rich and not for regular white people. And I also believe that Republicans will sign their own death warrant by passing immigration reform, because the immigrants who become citizens will vote Democratic. But Republicans aren’t interested in that sort of analysis.

It would seem that this was one of my predictions that failed, because a year and a half later there is still no immigration reform. But the Wall Street Journal reports:

Speaker John Boehner and other senior House Republicans are telling donors and industry groups that they aim to pass immigration legislation this year, despite the reluctance of many Republicans to tackle the divisive issue before the November elections.

Many lawmakers and activists have assumed the issue was off the table in an election year. But Mr. Boehner said at a Las Vegas fundraiser last month he was “hellbent on getting this done this year,” according to two people in the room.

So there you see, John Boehner is working his hardest to make sure my prediction comes true.

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April 18, 2014 at 11:39 am

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Black leaders say that De Blasio has utter disdain for black community

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From today’s NY Post:

The ministers, led by the Rev. Dennis Dillon of the Brooklyn Christian Center, took to City Hall’s steps Thursday to demand that the mayor appoint more African-Americans to high-ranking positions.

They claimed that by not doing so, Mayor de Blasio — who has made his biracial family a centerpiece of both his campaign and his administration — was displaying “utter disdain” toward the black community.

This is an example of the saying “give them and inch and they’ll take a mile.”

And there’s also this interesting point at the end:

He refused to give the mayor credit for appointing a Spanish-speaking schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, because he said, “Latinos is not a race. It happens to be a language designation by the US Census in this age.”

Fariña was instead marked in the report as white because her parents emigrated to America from Spain.

Wow, how did black leaders learn that some “Hispanics” are actually white Europeans? Maybe they have been reading blogs like Steve Sailer?

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April 18, 2014 at 9:24 am

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