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Ric Ocasek, R.I.P.

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Not a good weekend for 80s musicians. First Eddie Money, and now Ric Ocasek.

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September 15, 2019 at EDT pm

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Logan’s Run (the first 20 minutes)

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This is not a case of getting bored after 20 minutes. Logan’s Run is a movie worth watching in it’s entirety. But there was already so much to write about in the first 20 minutes, so I decided to stop and write down my thoughts.

We are introduced to the concept of “Carousel.” When people become 30 years old, they are required to participate in a quasi-religious ceremony where they float in the air and explode, in large circular stadium packed with people shouting, “Renew! Renew!” They believe that they aren’t getting killed, but they are being renewed and will be born again, or something like that.

Some people, back when this was filmed, may have though, “no way would people be so stupid to let themselves be slaughtered like cattle.” But two years later, at Jonestown, 900 people committed suicide by drinking poisoned Kool-Aid, and thus was born the phrase “drunk the Kool-Aid” to describe a true believer. Almost everyone in the City of Domes where Logan’s Run takes place have figuratively drunk the Kool-Aid.

But there are a few free thinkers who think the religion of the City of Domes is a lot of bunk, and they try to escape. The police force, called “Sandmen,” call these people runners.

In the second scene in the movie after the Carousel scene, Logan and his partner Francis are capturing a runner. The city is empty because everyone is still at the Carousel watching people get renewed. Logan laughs with glee as he intentionally shoots at the runner to miss him. I didn’t remember the cruelty that Logan displayed in this scene. Eventually, the runner falls from a balcony several stories above the ground and falls to his death. (The City of Domes looks very much like a multi-story shopping mall.)

Then Logan takes out of his pocket a small device that he uses to call in his report to his headquarters, and then there’s also a color videoscreen on the device. I totally missed this the last time I saw the movie, but yes, Logan’s Run predicted the smartphone! (Although the movie smartphone is bigger and chunkier than real-world smartphones. But damn, it was pretty prescient for 1976.)

He brings up a picture of the deceased on his smartphone, and then suddenly becomes worried that he killed the wrong person, because the guy he killed doesn’t match the picture. But then he phones in an “identity check” and he gets a text message (yes, Logan’s Run also predicted text messages) that the runner had a “face change” at a place called “New You.” Later on, we will learn more about this on-demand automated plastic surgery center.

Logan then goes back to his apartment, and uses the future version of Tinder. But better than Tinder because it’s like Tinder combined with the transporter from Star Trek. When he sees someone he likes, they are instantly transported to his bedroom for casual sex. (A much better use for transporter technology than Captain Jean-Luc Picard dourly teleporting down to yet another planet while smugly moralizing about the Prime Directive, don’t you think?) The first person who shows up is a shirtless man, and Logan sends him back. The implication, however, is that gay sex is common and out in the open in the City of Domes. When Jessica shows up (played by the beautiful actress Jenny Agutter, wearing a green robe that doesn’t hide very much), and she doesn’t seem into him, Logan asks if it’s because she prefers women. Once again implying that lesbianism is a normal thing. Remember, this is was filmed in 1976.

The reason that Jessica isn’t into Logan is because Logan is a Sandman, and Jessica apparently thinks that all Sandmen are fascist pigs. Which is indeed pretty close to the way it is. As we saw in the previous scene, the Sandmen take great joy in “terminating” runners.

Then Logan’s Sandman partner Francis walks in with two giggly blondes, and Jessica huffs out of there. Then Francis throws a globe into the air that breaks upon hitting the ceiling and emits a huge amount of pink smoke and the girls start giggling even more as they both embrace Logan. The implication is that the pink smoke makes everyone extra horny and giggly. This was in 1976, before most people ever heard of Ecstasy. This movie was so much ahead of its time.

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September 15, 2019 at EDT pm

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Yesterday (2019)

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Watched this movie tonight. I very much enjoyed it. Thumbs up.

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September 14, 2019 at EDT pm

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Eddie Money R.I.P.

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Concert footage from 1987, somewhere in the San Francisco/San Jose metropolitan area.

Some bands, like Genesis and Hall & Oates, were much better in concert than in studio. Eddie Money was not. Although I still enjoyed this video. Also enjoyed the brief glimpses of girls in the audience with big eighties hair.

Eddie Money (birthname Mahoney) was born to prole Irish parents in Brooklyn, and was a trainee in the NYPD before he moved to Los Angeles and became a musician.

Also, you can watch Shakin’, a music video about a tryst with a fast girl in a beautiful car beautiful girl in a fast car.

In the music video The Big Crash, Eddie Money plays a New York City police detective, and there’s a slutty guidette with awesome eighties hair, but the lyrics don’t seem to match the video at all. The lyrics say “she’s running with the white trash,” but in the music video she’s with a Puerto-Rican looking guy.

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September 14, 2019 at EDT am

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Debate results

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According to the fakestream media, Warren is now a top-three contender along with Biden and Sanders. But Biden is still in first place, despite saying that “record players” can solve the problem of segregation and inequality in schools.

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September 13, 2019 at EDT am

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Emerson New Hampshire poll

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Sanders Slips in New Hampshire; Biden, Warren Take Lead

The Emerson New Hampshire poll should make Democrats (and their stooges in the fakestream media) shake with fear and bring joy to Trump supporters. The poll shows that Trump beats Warren by 2 points. This is in a state that Trump lost to Hillary in 2016, and is next door to Warren’s home state of Massachusetts and shares the same media market.

Yet it looks like Democrats may very well be stupid enough to give the nomination to Warren. Warren is the favorite at prediction markets, probably for the reasons I previously stated (regarding Biden’s predicted fall).

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September 12, 2019 at EDT pm

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Polls are all over the place

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One poll has Warren tied with Biden, another has Biden with a 15-point lead over Warren.

One poll shows Warren stomping everyone in the New Hampshire primary, another had Sanders stomping everyone.

I think what’s consistent is that Biden does best against Trump, Sanders second, and the women do much worse. A Wisconsin poll shows that Trump is tied against either Warren or Harris.

Luckily for Trump supporters, it’s likely that Democrats will wind up with the unlikable Warren rather than Uncle Joe, because Warren has the momentum. We will see if something happens at tonight’s debate that will shake things up.

* * *

Some more thoughts.

“The party decides” didn’t work for Republicans in 2016 (the party wanted Jeb or Rubio, not Cruz, and definitely not Trump, but Trump one and Cruz was in second place), but I think it still applies to Democrats which have a smarter party and a nominating process that gives the party more power than with Republicans.

I think the party likes Biden, Harris, and Buttigieg. They definitely don’t want Bernie. But the party isn’t powerful enough to boost Buttigieg from single digit polling into first place, so they have to choose between Biden and Harris. Biden is liked for his electability, but if he demonstrates that he’s too senile, the party will drop him for Harris.

But what about polls the recent Wisconsin poll that shows Trump beats Warren by 2 points? Trump beat Hillary in Wisconsin by only 1 point in 2016. Current polls show the strong possibility that a Warren nomination means four more years of Trump. If Bernie demonstrates that he’s too senile, will the party support Bernie as the best chance to defeat Trump? Or will they refuse to believe the polls that show Bernie doing better against Trump than Harris?

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September 12, 2019 at EDT am

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Should I buy a huge iPhone 11?

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It looks huge. Can I live with such a huge phone? Does something that size still fit in a pants pocket?

But the only smaller iPhone that’s a reasonable price is the iPhone 8 which is now ancient technology, no thanks.

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September 11, 2019 at EDT pm

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Advice for taking your kids to visit colleges

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I wish I could say that you should never do this. It’s a scam by the educational-industrial complex to get your kid to fall in love, for totally irrational reasons, with a school that’s bad for them because it’s overpriced and/or not the best school they could get into. It’s totally bogus that your naïve 17-year-old kid can make any useful judgments based on a three hour tour of some campus. (Colleges also push the bogus notion that there’s a special college, no doubt one that has very expensive tuition but doesn’t offer any great prestige, that’s a special “fit” for your kid.)

However, the reason to visit a college is that it’s a plus on the application because it shows interest. So unfortunately, you should take your kid to visit Cornell if your kid has a legitimate shot of getting into Cornell, and your kid should definitely go to Cornell if that’s the best school they get accepted to, but no way should you let your kid fall in love with Cornell and go there if Princeton also accepts him (or her). Princeton is the better school, regardless of whether the person who gave the campus tour was an ***hole or if the campus looked ugly that year because a building was under construction.

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September 11, 2019 at EDT pm

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Advice to parents of children about to go to college

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Ivy or near Ivy schools are worth it, so do whatever it takes to send your kids there.

But if your kids aren’t Ivy material, don’t let them trick you into wasting your money and their future money on a mediocre private school or out-of-state tuition at a crappy state school. Send them to the in-state state school. If they aren’t smart enough to get admitted to an in-state state school, you probably aren’t a blog reader.

Unless you’re rich and the tuition at a place like Trinity College is no big deal, then you should send them there, but not to Trinity College specifically because that place is dropping in the rankings like a brick.

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September 11, 2019 at EDT am

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