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More free speech in Russian than New Zealand

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New York Times reports:

One man, Philip Neville Arps, appeared in court in Christchurch on Wednesday on two charges related to reposting the killer’s video. Mr. Arps was denied bail and is facing almost a month in custody until his next court appearance.

A Christchurch teenager, whose name has not been released, was denied bail on Monday over charges that he had posted a photograph of Al Noor Mosque, one of the two that were attacked, a week before the shootings, with the caption “target acquired.” He was also charged with reposting the video.

Each could spend as much as 14 years in jail if found guilty.

Up to 14 years in prison for sharing a newsworthy (albeit macabre) video. Sounds like a totalitarian police state, not a democracy.

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March 22, 2019 at EDT pm

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The REAL reason there are so few blacks at Stuyvesant High School

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And not, it’s NOT just an HBD thing. Although of course, the fact that blacks are genetically less intelligent than whites (on average, on average, of course there are unusually smart blacks like Obama, and Staten Island is full of dumb prole whites) and Asians is a big factor.

The real story is that the city’s elite private schools give out scholarships to poor minority students, and private organizations exist to find the best and brightest minorities and channel them into these opportunities.

According to a NY Post article, “at least 1,500 talented minority and immigrant kids from the city’s poorest neighborhoods currently enrolled in ritzy private and boarding schools — most for free.”

Any black kid who is smart enough to get into Stuyvesant can get a free ride at a much better private school. It would be pretty stupid if they gave that up to attend Stuyvesant.

The media is now full of articles, like this crap fake-news article at The Atlantic about the discrimination that minorities face. The discrimination is totally false. Being a poor but smart minority is so much better than being a poor but smart white.

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March 20, 2019 at EDT pm

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Meat Loaf – Paradise By The Dashboard Light

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They don’t make music like this anymore. One of the greatest duets ever.

A guy who looks like Meat Loaf would never make it big today.

It’s so old fashioned that he has to promise to marry the girl in order to have sex with her. That would never happen today.

Karla Devito has such an interesting look. She’s not the woman who recorded the vocals on the album. She’s lip-syncing to Ellen Foley who was a conventionally cute blonde.

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March 19, 2019 at EDT pm

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Who is Mony Preap?

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He’s one of the litigants in the Supreme Court decision released today.

People who are arguing for sympathetic enforcement of our immigration laws say that it’s not fair to deport him back to Cambodia for the minor crime of possession of marijuana. Didn’t Obama smoke some joints? Everybody does it!

However, this guy was convicted TWICE for possession of marijuana and went to prison twice. This is pretty unusual and indicates to me that there were more circumstances than him just being a mere user of marijuana. And then, several years later, he goes to prison again for the crime of “battery.” I presume that means he beat someone up.

So this guy is not a law-abiding citizen. I’ve never been to prison once, but this guy has been convicted and sentenced to prison THREE times.

As a “permanent resident” and not a U.S. citizen, his stay in our country is subject to his good behavior. He should have known that and been more law abiding. Especially after going to prison the first time, he should have had a wake-up call.

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March 19, 2019 at EDT pm

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Supreme Court supports Trump on immigration (again)

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It was a 5-4 decision. This is a reminder that if only a single Supreme Court Justice switched from conservative to liberal, we’d have Supreme Court mandated open borders. Which would have been the case if Hillary Clinton became President instead of Trump.

And by the way, our immigration laws are totally screwed up if government can’t just immediately deport an illegal alien as soon as he is let out of prison, and instead another time-consuming legal process is required.

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March 19, 2019 at EDT pm

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Released details of Michael Cohen warrant show bogusness of it

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According to the NY Times:

The April 8, 2018, search warrant said that the F.B.I. and Manhattan federal prosecutors were investigating Mr. Cohen for a range of crimes, including defrauding several banks dating back to 2016 and a scheme “to make an illegal campaign contribution in October 2016 to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.” The warrant also indicated they were investigating him for wire fraud and conspiracy.

“Wire fraud” and “conspiracy” mean nothing, they are just ways to add more jail time for underlying crimes.

And the alleged underlying crimes are bogus.

The “illegal campaign contribution” is based on the assertion that Michael Cohen paying Stormi Daniels with his own money is actually a contribution to Donald Trump’s campaign. The purpose of campaign finance laws is to prevent rich donors from owning politicians and influencing legislation. But Michael Cohen is Trump’s employee and not a rich donor. His apparent goal was to keep his number one client happy, and Cohen doing this sort of stuff appears to be his business-as-usually working relationship with Trump that predates Trump’s campaign for President.

“Defrauding several banks” is based on the assertion that Cohen used money borrowed from home equity loans to pay Stormi Daniels, and that when Cohen opened the home equity lines of credit, he never told the banks he would use the money to pay hush money to porn stars, and therefore it’s bank fraud. But no banks actually lost any money or complained to the FBI about Cohen. It’s generally expected that people can use home equity lines of credit for whatever they want (because the loans are guaranteed by the value of a home). And this is actually a legitimate business expense for Cohen. As I’ve pointed out before, it’s not illegal to pay hush money. There was no intent by Cohen not to pay back the loan, nor any evidence that Cohen was under financial distress at the time (he might be now because of the Mueller investigation financially ruining him), he was just using the home equity lines of credit for liquidity purposes.

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March 19, 2019 at EDT pm

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HBD in the news

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The incoming class at Stuyvesant High School, which uses only a competitive test for admissions, nothing else, no affirmative action, no “holistic” crap, only 7 blacks were offered admission out of 895 students.

66% of the admission offers went to Asians. 22% to whites. The other 11% went to Hispanics and “Other,” with “Other” outnumbering the Hispanics.

That’s what meritocratic race-blind money-blind class-blind admissions looks like!

New York City as a whole, according to Wikipedia, is:

White: 44.6%
Hispanic: 27.5%
Black: 25.1%
Other races: 16%
Asian: 11.8%

Which adds up to 125%!

Non-Hispanic whites are 35.1% of the population, which I think is what the Stuyvesant High school article means by “white.”

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March 19, 2019 at EDT am

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Wheel investors should have read my blog

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This is old news, but somehow I didn’t know about it until someone mentioned it a comment this weekend.

Back in June 2014, I wroted:

Giant Ferris wheel, giant boondoggle

Every time I hear about the project to build a giant Ferris wheel on Staten Island, I think how stupid the idea is. Nobody wants to go to Staten Island, and that’s not going to change just because there’s a giant Ferris wheel there.

Yet people who live on Staten Island actually think that the giant Ferris wheel will usher in a new era of prosperity. For real. You can’t make this stuff up.

In October 2018, the Staten Island Advance reported the death of the wheel:

“After years of planning, the developers of The New York Wheel announce, with great disappointment, that the dream of building a world class attraction in Staten Island will unfortunately not come to fruition,” said Cristyne Nicholas, spokesperson for the New York Wheel.

It’s further reported that of $400 million was spent on this giant boondoggle and the only thing that got built was an ugly parking lot. The Advance also reported that $250 million of that $400 million went towards the parking lot. Which is a huge amount of money to spend on a lousy 950 parking spaces. That’s $263,000 per parking spot. Each parking spot costs ten times the price of a car.

If only people had read my blog, $400 million wouldn’t have been thrown out!!!!

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March 19, 2019 at EDT am

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Robocalls: Has Andrew Yang been reading my blog?

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A while back, I wrote:

Why doesn’t Donald Trump do something about this?

Why can’t we create a system where it’s impossible to spoof caller ID?

Why can’t phone service providers figure out that a huge number of robocalls are coming from a certain entity and put a stop to it?

But Andrew Yang talks about the issue on his website:

It’s ridiculous that companies can call us all day every day pitching us unwelcome services, particularly when the calls are automated. Our time is the most valuable resource we have. Companies need to value our time the same way that we do. If you call me you’d better be human.

You may say, no way is he reading the blog, this is just an obvious problem. Andy politician with common sense would address it.

But if it’s so obvious, why has no other politician besides Andrew Yang ever mentioned the issue? Donald Trump has ignored the issue. He obviously doesn’t read my blog. Is Andrew Yang the only politician with common sense?

* * *

Andrew Yang actually hasn’t addressed the technological and legal issues. That the calls come from outside of the United States, they spoof caller IDs, and our telecommunications network, for whatever reason legal or technical, is unable to stop them. But at least he mentions it as a problem for government to solve.

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March 18, 2019 at EDT pm

The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards

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Every article about this new shopping mall has been written by some hipster who whines and complains that New York City is being ruined by expensive shopping. As if expensive shopping hasn’t existed in New York City since before everyone writing those articles was born.

So what was once a dismal neighborhood now has a really nice shopping mall. Big deal? Or hip, hop hoorah if you happen to live in that dismal neighborhood and now there’s more going on there.

I personally liked the mall at Columbus Circle (aka The Time Warner Center) a lot better when there was a Borders and a Samsung Experience there. Malls no longer have any fun stores.

I am suspicious that this new mall at Hudson Yards is going to be dead after the excitement of it being there has passed. Not many people live in that neighborhood compared to the Columbus Circle neighborhood, and I don’t think that tourists walking on the High Line are going to be big consumers at Neiman Marcus. The executives at Neiman Marcus may wish they had moved into Soho instead. But hey, that’s not my problem.

My one complaint is that the various fast food places (like Citarella, Shake Shack, some place selling Asian chicken sandwiches, a bunch of coffee and desert places) are scattered throughout the mall, with inadequate seating. They should have created a food court like they used to do in suburban malls.

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March 18, 2019 at EDT am

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