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NY Times sneers at the #pizzagate believers

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The NY Times has an article debunking the #pizzagate conspiracy. While debunking it is a fine thing to do, the tone of the article is full of sneering and condescension for the people who believe in it, and therefore it will be dismissed as just more liberal media propaganda.

* * *

It has occurred to me over the past week how the huge culture gap between people in flyover country and liberal elites in D.C. (as well as other liberal coastal cities) contributes to the #pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Art: All elites believe that any art that proles find pretty is “kitsch” and not worthy art. And furthermore, there’s a art-culture movement which supports art that truly disgusts the proles. The proles pushing #pizzagate don’t get this, and imagine the only reason people would display disgusting art is because they are personally into disgusting things. They are unable to understand the subtle messages of irony and cultural superiority.

Hipster subculture: They don’t get that the Comet restaurant is a hipster hangout that combines things that hipsters love such as weird artwork and a gay-friendly atmosphere, and enjoying prole activities like ping pong and eating pizza but only in an atmosphere that’s hip so they can believe they are only enjoying them ironically. Now why would anyone take children to a restaurant where gay people hang out instead of Chuck E Cheese? The answers is hipsters who got married and have children, and who don’t stop being hipsters just because that happened.

Pierre Charles L’Enfant: There’s a gay-friendly restaurant named after L’Enfant, the French architect and civil engineer who designed the street layout of D.C. and whose name is all over the place in D.C. Anyone who has ever lived in the D.C. area understands that naming something after “L’Enfant” does not indicate anything having to do with children.

Gays: Well I don’t know that I understand them either, but in places like Northwest D.C. or Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan, they are much more open about their lifestyle than they are in flyover country, and the #pizzagate proles are reading too much into this.

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December 10, 2016 at 12:18 pm

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Obama administration once again accusing Russia of hacking

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In 2012, when Romney said that Russia was the biggest geopolitical threat, Obama mocked him and said “the 1980s are now calling and they want their foreign policy back. Because the Cold War has been over for 20 years.”

Hillary told us that Trump is too dangerous to be in charge of the nuclear codes, but now they are telling us that Russia wanted to help Trump win the election even though all of our nuclear weapons are pointed at Russia.

U.S. intelligence agencies are known to provide fake intelligence when asked for by the president. When Bush wanted to gin up support for war against Iraq, intelligence agencies provided “proof” that Saddam was hiding nuclear weapons, and Colin Powell even showed us videos of it on a television address to the American people. (And I admit that I fell for it and believed that Powell was telling me the true facts.)

That Russia is responsible for Trump winning the election is just too convenient for the Democrats to be believed. It sounds too much like propaganda to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and blame the Russians for their loss instead of their own failure to connect with the voters.

There was obviously hacking going on, but people’s emails are hacked into all the time by non-governmental hackers. If it was really a super-sophisticated government spying operation, then maybe it would have been sophisticated enough so that it couldn’t have been traced to the Russian government. It’s easy enough for me to believe that non-governmental hackers supported Trump because hackers are prole and the proles love Donald Trump: even proles in foreign countries. This foundation of support for Trump is something that liberals still don’t get.

Let’s wait and see what the intelligence agencies say about this after Trump is in charge of them.

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December 10, 2016 at 11:48 am

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Kevin Drum needs to make his case in more detail

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Kevin Drum has a column in Mother Jones where he admits that urban educated liberals seer at less-educated non-urban white people, the kind of white people who love Donald Trump.

He ends his column:

Anyway, I’m curious: do you accept this? Is it as obvious to you as it is to me? Or do you think I’m overstating things? Do I really need to make my case in more detail?

Based on the comments, it’s obvious that his readers don’t get it, so he needs to write more and more columns about this.

As I’ve previously explained, educated liberal whites view blue-collar whites as deserving of their economic plight because they were too stupid or too lazy to take advantage of their white privilege to get ahead. People like that deserve to be sneered at, don’t they? In contrast, it’s racism (which is the most evil thing in the world) to sneer at blacks because they are victims of a racist society and not to blamed for their economic and social predicament.

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December 10, 2016 at 10:54 am

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Was Sulu gay? Or just the actor who played him?

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Gothamette asks a good question:

Is Sulu gay? I know that the actor who plays him is, but I wasn’t aware that the character is also supposed to be gay.

There were episodes in which Kirk, Scotty, Dr. McCoy, and even logical Mr. Spock, all had romantic encounters with females. In the case of Kirk, every other episode. Even Chekov once had an old girlfriend show up in an episode. But never a woman for Sulu. I think the hints were there.

The alternate universe Sulu had the hots for Uhura in the episode Mirror Mirror, but that just demonstrates that the alternate-universe Sulu is hetero, while the real Sulu is gay. That was a huge hint of Sulu’s gayness that was overlooked at the time.

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December 9, 2016 at 1:48 pm

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New York Times front-page headlines, 2008 vs 2016

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You can look at the front pages here (although the images are low-res so you can’t read any of the smaller text).

I’ve been looking at headlines in the same time period as now, and there’s a dramatic difference in the coverage of the Obama transition vs. the Trump transition.

The Obama transition was actually not covered that much on the front page. On most days, the front page has no story about Obama. On the other hand, this year, just about every day there’s a front-page story about the Trump transition.

When the Obama transition was mentioned on the front page, the headlines contained positive words, or just-the-facts. On the other hand, every Trump headline contains negative words. Let’s examine a few.



The first sentence uses the word “calm” to describe what Obama is doing. Although “volatile” is a negative word, it is used to describe the market which got that way because of nothing Obama did, but one might blame the outgoing administration for it. “Obama and Bush working” demonstrates cooperation.

The second sentence is just-the-facts, with no commentary about whether the aides are good or bad.



The first sentence is just-the-facts.

The second sentence uses the word “accord” which is a positive word implying cooperative efforts and agreement.

Obama Aide: From a Marine to a Mediator
National Security Pick Known as Moderate


The first sentence uses the word “Mediator,” a positive word. The second sentence describes the aide as a “moderate” which is a calming word.

A Handpicked Team for a Foreign Policy Shift


Notice the word “team” which is about people cooperating with each other. And “shift” is used to describe the change in foreign policy. I think that “shift” is the least-scary way to say that things are going to change. Shift implies safe moderate change and not scary extreme change.

Physicist is selected to Lead Energy Department


Not the first Obama headline to use the word “team” which is a positive word and continues the theme of Obama as guy who encourages cooperation and working together.

The second sentence is just-the-facts.

Now let’s switch to some 2016 headlines



The first sentence is critical of Trump’s choices, and the second sentence starts with “at odds,” a negative word which shows discord.

If the Times wanted, they could have made the story sound positive: “TRUMP TAPS WALL STREET EXPERTISE FOR CABINET CHOICES”

Obama’s Gift to Successor: The Economy


Amidst all of the negative Trump headlines, the Times sticks in something positive about Obama. Obama good, Trump bad. Nothing positive was said about Bush in 2008.



The first sentence is critical and uses the negative word “muddies.”

In the second sentence, “breach of protocol” demonstrates discord. The theme of Trump is that there is discord, the very opposite of Obama who was the teamwork and cooperation president.

If they wanted to report on this more neutrally, they could have used the word “shift” like they used when reporting about Obama’s change in foreign policy: “SHIFT IN PROTOCOL WITH TAIWAN CALL” and just leave out the second sentence.

Vowing to Squeeze Businesses, Trump has Tactics Challenged


Trump is challenged, there is discord, not harmony. Lots of people on the right challenged Obama’s policies but the Times chose to ignore those challenges on its front page in 2008.

A positive way to headline the same story: “Trump vows to keep jobs in the United States.”

Tangle Awaits 3 Trump Children Molded for Business Since Birth


This entire article is part of an MSM scheme to attack Trump because he owns a big business. There is no rule that immediate relatives of top government officials can’t work and do their own thing at the same time as the officeholder. In fact, what commonly happens is that the husband becomes Senator, and then the wife suddenly has a huge increase in income at whatever they are doing. For example, after Obama became a U.S. senator, Michelle suddenly got hired to be a vice president at a hospital earning $316,000 year. But this kind of good luck was not unique to Michelle Obama, just about every spouse in the Senate has the same kind of career good fortune.

While George H.W. Bush was President, his son George W. Bush was a board member and significant shareholder of Harken Energy and managing general partner of the Texas Rangers, and no one made that big of a deal about it. Not to say that it was ignored by Democrats, but the mainstream media didn’t become unhinged that George H.W. Bush was violating the Constitution because his son had a bunch of business interests.

Also “molded for business since birth” seems to imply some sort of sinister Hitler-like approach to child rearing.



Uses the word “battles” which continues of theme of Trump headlines using words that imply discord. And of course “climate change denial” is a propaganda term from the left. My rewriting of the headline: “CHOICE FOR E.P.A SKEPTICAL OF CLIMATE CHANGE.”

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December 9, 2016 at 12:30 pm

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Star Trek, S01E21, The Return of the Archons

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It begins with Sulu (who we now know is gay, but when I watched this episode as a kid I had no clue) and some random crewmember desperately calling the ship asking for emergency beam up. But there’s a really long delay before someone activates the transporter, and by that time it’s too late, this robed guy touches Sulu with a long rod and Sulu becomes this mindless religious fanatic.

So Kirk, Spock, and a bunch of random crewmembers beam down to the planet to figure out what’s going on, and to find out what happened to the USS Archon which disappeared here a hundred years ago. The question of why it took Starfleet a hundred years before they could finally spare resources to investigate the Archon’s disappearance is never explained. Perhaps because Starfleet is a huge inefficient bureaucracy?

They wander around a quaint 19th century style town where everyone is a mindless religious fanatic like Sulu, but then at exactly 6 PM everyone goes crazy and they start fighting and having sex. We don’t exactly see anyone having sex, but I assume that’s what was really going on and explains why “Landru,” the god of this world, lets his people run wild for twelve hours every so often. It’s so they can reproduce.

The religion is very reminiscent of Catholicism. Star Trek was a very atheist show, because it shows every planet having a stupid religion, and the smart non-religious people of the Enterprise look down upon the idiocy of the natives. I credit Star Trek for opening my eyes to the fallacy of religion when I was a little kid. Thank you Gene Roddenberry.

Then they stay overnight at an inn. I wondered why they didn’t just beam back to the Enterprise to go to sleep. How did they pay for the inn if they didn’t have any local currency?

It was a lucky coincidence for Kirk and Spock that two of the innkeepers were not brainwashed by Landru, and they give them some help, but despite the help the Kirk, Spock, and the other random crewmembers are captured and put into a medieval-looking prison. Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, Scotty is on the bridge and the ship is under attack from “heat beams” coming from the planet surface which prevent the ship from leaving orbit.

Eventually, Kirk and Spock figure out that Landru is a computer, and Kirk leads the computer down a logic trap, and faced with cognitive dissonance, the computer starts smoking and then flames come out of it. I am 100% certain that when we eventually do create sentient machines, you won’t be able to destroy them by out-logicking them in a verbal conversation. But Gene Roddenberry or whoever was writing these scripts really loved that plot device, I recall a whole bunch of episodes where Kirk took down the evil computer by leading it into a cognitive dissonance trap.

This is said to be the first episode where the “Prime Directive” is mentioned, and thus the first episode where Kirk ignores the Directive to get results, as he does in every other episode where the Prime Directive is brought up. In this case, Kirk makes up the rule that the Prime Directive doesn’t apply when the society is run by a computer with mind-control powers.

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December 8, 2016 at 11:45 pm

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A double-standard that the unhinged right is guilty of

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I call out things like this when the left does it.

The right was outraged by speculation that Donald Trump’s youngest son might have Asperger’s Syndrome (which, if true, is a medical condition that’s no one’s fault), but they seem to think it’s perfectly OK to publicly speculate that some specifically-named woman’s 7 to 11-year-old grandchildren (or maybe nieces) are participating in sex orgies with old men on Hillary’s campaign staff.

What about the harm this has done to the innocent girls, who may now be teased and bullied at school because of this?

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December 8, 2016 at 1:38 pm

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More news than is fit to print

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The writer of this Washington Post column explains that she’s a single mother of two, who goes on as many as six dates in a single week (with six different men), but now that Trump won the election she can no longer date anyone.

I’ve lost the desire to attempt the courtship phase. The future is uncertain. I am not the optimistic person I was on the morning of Nov. 8, wearing a T-shirt with “Nasty Woman” written inside a red heart.

Is anyone shocked that the father(s) of her children left?

Is this the most worthless excuse for “news” ever to appear in the Washington Post?

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December 8, 2016 at 9:46 am

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Debunking more #pizzagate nonsense

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Conspiracy theorists have gone bonkers over this email.

I see absolutely nothing there at all except a grandmother (I presume that’s her relation to the children) bragging about her grandchildren, who genuinely enjoys watching them play in a swimming pool (because grandmothers like that stuff), and who overestimates how much anyone else cares.

That people think she’s acting as pimp to her own grandchildren so that HRC’s top staff can sexually abuse them is the most unhinged thing I’ve ever heard. Get real.

When people believe stuff like that, it’s hard to take anything else they believe seriously.

* * *

Seth Largo has the following comment that I agree with:

The Lolitas on the Lolita Express were, as far as I’ve read, in the 14-18 range. Young women of misfortune, sure enough, and rich men have always taken advantage of such young women. It’s tragic and, in some jurisdictions, illegal, but it’s not abnormal. If Epstein’s documented use of young whores is the glue that holds this theory together, then there is absolutely nothing to suggest that anyone is keeping 8 year olds locked up in pedophile dungeons

Although to clarify “not abnormal,” I think he means that prostitution is found just about everywhere (even though it’s illegal in most places) and wherever there are prostitutes you will find that some of them are under the age of 18. And I would hazard a guess that the younger prostitutes are more popular with a large-enough percentage of the clientele.

In contrast, a grandmother (or maybe great aunt) offering up her pre-adolescent girls for sexual abuse is extremely abnormal, and it’s really impossible to believe that a successful SWPL-type woman in the United States would do something like that.

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December 7, 2016 at 11:03 pm

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$125 billion of waste at the Pentagon?

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There’s an investigation in the Washington Post which says that the Pentagon buried a report which showed that there was $125 billion of bureaucratic waste (over a five-year period).

I believe it. I worked for a year as a government contractor for the U.S. Army, and the project I was working on was a complete waste of the taxpayers’ money. Plus in the building where I worked, none of the government employees there seemed to be doing anything useful, if they were doing anything at all.

But I wouldn’t take this to mean that the entire government is like that. Before the U.S. Army job, I worked for a division of another government agency which was running a pretty tight ship in fulfilling its mission, and was providing good value for the taxpayer. It was more efficient than the private company I worked for in New York City which had a bloated and inefficient IT department staffed mostly by Indians, and customer service and marketing which had no clue what they were doing. But the company was profitable because they had a monopoly, and monopolies don’t have to be efficient or well run to be profitable.

Going back to the military bureaucracy, it’s probably the most inefficient bureaucracy in government because it’s the largest bureaucracy in government and the bigger a bureaucracy gets the more inefficient it becomes. And there’s less of a political check on Pentagon waste because the Republicans, who are normally suspicious about government spending, love government spending when it’s being done by the military; this is a point of view that’s a remnant of the politics of the Cold War which those of you under the age of 40 don’t remember.

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