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Midnight Cowboy

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I watched Midnight Cowboy this week. This movie was given an “X” rating when it was originally released in 1969, presumably because of a scene in which there is the very vague and obtuse suggestion that the lead male character is receiving a blowjob from another male. The movie doesn’t even have any nudity in it. Nor did you see any other physical evidence that a blowjob happened. After watching the movie, I had to look it up on the internet to make sure I interpreted the scene correctly.

Isn’t that quaint? Before Hollywood became all-gay all the time, the merest suggestion of a man getting a blowjob from another man was considered so shocking that it was illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to view the movie, even with the permission of their parents.

Today, there’s gay stuff on television all the time, as well as implied sex, even implied sex between minors, so that horrific “X” rated scene might even be allowed on regular broadcast television today.

And how was Midnight Cowboy as a movie? Pretty good. All old movies lack the polish and sophistication of modern movies and television shows. Awkward dialog and acting were considered standard back then. However, the high contrast and inaccurate colors of old color film gives the movie the feel of going back in time to the gritty New York City of 1969. Unlike modern Hollywood where gays are glorified, homosexuality was not presented in a very flattering light. That gays hung out in New York City seemed like an additional testament to the moral and physical decay of the city. The word “fag” was used often. That’s a word that’s considered “hate speech” today and would be considered much worse than the suggestion of a guy getting a gay blowjob.

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April 17, 2014 at 1:46 pm

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The problem of gold diggers in New York City

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A reader said that I should highlight more articles from the NY Post.

So today, an article from the NY Post about gold diggers:

For Robin Kassner, a 30-something CEO of her own firm, Haute PR, her future husband’s wallet, like his heart, can never be too big.

“As a successful woman, I’m looking for someone of my caliber — not some schlump off the street, but someone as successful as me — or more.”

The flaxen-haired vixen is heaving with desire, and has the décolletage-baring dresses to prove it.

“I want to go from a First Avenue princess to a Park Avenue princess,” says the UES singleton, who is unequivocal about her choosy checklist. “I’m looking for a perfect 10 — someone who’s 5 on the looks scale with $5 million in the bank.”

She earns in the top 1 percent, but she’s not interested in a parasite who’s not earning his own keep.

“Some people may call me a gold digger, but I call myself a goal digger — I’m goal-oriented, I have a really nice lifestyle, but I need a husband who can move me into the next tax bracket, together. There’s no shame in my game.”

Because all of the women in New York City are like Robin Kassner, nice guys like Ross Den are unable to find romance:

Ross Den, a 30-year-old entrepreneur and photographer, has a lot to offer — a job, his own apartment and wheels (including a car and a motorcycle). But he has yet to find success in the brutal NYC dating pool.

“‘Do you live in the city?’ is one of the first questions to come up,” says Den, who lives in geographically undesirable Midwood, Brooklyn.

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April 17, 2014 at 10:44 am

NPR says that photography is racist

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According to NPR, photography is racist.

When Syreeta McFadden was a child, she dreaded taking pictures after a family photo made her skin appear dulled and darkened.

“In some pictures, I am a mud brown, in others I’m a blue black. Some of the pictures were taken within moments of one another,” she , digging into an “inherited bias” in photography against dark skin.

No wonder why blacks do so poorly on the SAT. The racism of Kodak and other big corporations must have lowered their self-esteem and prevent them from correctly answering math and reading questions.

A lot of [the design of film and motion technology] was conceived with the idea of the best representation of white people.

Some of you are wondering whether or not this matters? The author of the article says it does:

I think it matters because we’re talking about a saturation of images of darker skinned people that somehow we’ve accepted in our popular culture that kind of diminishes our humanity, and we’re in an era where we’re seeing a wider representation of black and brown life, particularly in American life.

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April 17, 2014 at 9:37 am

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Tesla and value transference

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Tesla is prevented from selling cars directly to consumers in Arizona, Texas and New Jersey because of laws requiring that cars be sold by dealer franchises. Car dealers are the places where poorly dressed prole salesmen try to scam you into overpaying and trick you into purchasing dubious add-on products such as extra rust-proofing.

Libertarian-economist types would refer to car dealers lobbying the government to retain the right to be middle-men even though their dubious services are not needed or desired as “rent-seeking behavior.”

The problem with libertarian-economist types and the term “rent-seeking behavior” is that the term is only used to refer to this type of political lobbying, also called “crony capitalism,” because it fits in with the libertarian-economist-type worldview that if only government would get out of the way, then all economic activity would be directed towards value creation, and then the amount of money people make would be exactly equal to the value they create.

However, libertarian-economist types are wrong about that. The situation described above is only one of many types of value transference which happens in the modern economy. Value transference is my term for the situation in which people make money even though they don’t create any true value. The way I describe the economy, you have people who create value, and then you have people who make money because the value created by other people are transferred to them. To be rich is to be successful at value transference, because the amount of value that can be created by any one individual person is quite limited.

Then there is also the problem that “rent-seeking behavior” has absolutely nothing to do with rent. “Rent” means to collect money for allowing someone else to occupy your real property. And that’s mostly a value creation activity. People need a place to live. Erecting an apartment complex and then renting out the apartments is a valuable economic activity which should be encouraged. I think that libertarian-economist types purposely choose a confusing name because they didn’t want anyone to dwell on the issue.

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April 16, 2014 at 10:14 am

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Another HBD blog disappears

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I notice that the owner of Gucci Little Piggy shut down access to his blog.

He used his real name on the blog, which is a really bad thing to do if your blog is politically incorrect and you want to get into a good career track. So the move probably makes sense for him.

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April 14, 2014 at 11:30 am

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Parental involvement does not help academic achievement

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A surprisingly informative NY Times blog post talks about research studies which show that parental involvement in children’s education has little effect on children’s academic performance (grades and test scores) and in some cases bad involvement can actually have a negative effect.

Thus the theory that the black/white “gap” is partially caused by black parents not being involved in their children’s education is wrong on two accounts: (1) the research shows that parental involvement has no effect; and (2) black parents are more involved than commonly assumed.

The best way that parents can help a child do better academically is for the parents to demonstrate they value education. Although this is not part of the article, I suspect that “helping” children with homework can demonstrate that the parent values getting the task completed more than the learning opportunity that the homework is supposed to provide.

* * *

To repeat some stuff that was written in the comments, children’s peers (classmates and friends) have a greater influence on their behavior than their parents.

Thus the most important thing you can do as a parent is to make sure you live in a higher-social-class neighborhood and send your children to a higher-social-class school so that they will interact with other children who will be a good influence on them.

Parents have a huge amount of influence on who their children hang out with. They choose the neighborhood and the school, and for younger children they even assign them friends. (High-school-aged children can sometimes be difficult and rebel against their parents and hang out with a bad crowd, which is why it’s important to make sure they attend a school and live in a neighborhood where there isn’t a bad crowd or at least where the bad-crowd influence is minimal.)

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April 14, 2014 at 10:05 am

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White Supremacist kills prole Jews

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Frazier Glenn Miller, the white supremacist who massacred three Jews in Kansas, had a website where he ranted against alleged Jewish control of the media.

But I would point out that instead of killing any of the Jews who allegedly control the media, he shoots at some powerless prole Jews in Kansas, a place where nobody, Jew or gentile, has any control over the national media.

The kid he killed was an Eagle Scout who “loved to camp and hunt” (according to NBC news). The kid’s goyish redneck hobbies apparently offered him no protection from white Supremacists.

And then they wonder why Jews are “paranoid.”

* * *

The kid and his grandfather weren’t even Jewish (which explains the goyish hobbies). They were at the Jewish Community Center to attend a secular activity.

I guess that even an expert on the alleged Jewish conspiracy, such as Frazier Glenn Miller, can’t tell the difference between white gentiles and Jews.

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April 14, 2014 at 7:39 am

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